The List of Ratt Albums in Order of Release

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Having sold over 8 million albums. Ratt was one of the most popular bands of the ’80s hair metal explosion, known for their riff-heavy, double-guitar attack coupled with frontman Stephen Pearcy’s distinctive, gravelly vocals, They have released seven studio albums, six compilation album, 22 singles and 17 music videos.

Their full-length debut, 1984’s triple-Platinum Out of the Cellar, featured a trio of Top 40 hits that earned it a spot on Rolling Stone’s list of the 50 Greatest Hair Metal Albums of All Time. ∙ Almost 40 years after its release, their signature song, “Round and Round,” jumped up the (digital) rock charts in 2020, thanks to its appearance in an insurance commercial that also starred the band. ∙ The 1985 album Invasion of Your Privacy featured the Top 40 hit “Lay It Down,” which also appeared on the soundtrack for the award-winning, metal-inspired video game Brütal Legend. ∙ Serving as the original lineup’s last hurrah, 1990’s Gold-certified Detonator featured a pair of rock radio hits, including their sole power ballad—the fan favorite “Givin’ Yourself Away.” ∙ After a long hiatus, Pearcy returned for 2010’s comeback LP, Infestation, a throwback to the glam metal sound of their ’80s glory days that hit No. 4 on Billboard’s Hard Rock chart. So, if you are a die heart fan of Ratt Albums then check out here we have list of Ratt albums in order of release so far.

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All Ratt Albums in Order: Check Out The List of  Ratt Albums in Order of Release Here!

Here is the list of Ratt Album in Order of Release Date  

  1. Out of the Cellar — February 17, 1984
  2. Invasion of Your Privacy — May 30, 1985
  3. Dancing Undercover — August 9, 1986
  4. Reach for the Sky — November 1, 1988
  5. Detonator — August 21, 1990
  6. Ratt — July 6, 1999
  7. Infestation — April 20, 2010


All Ratt Albums List in Order

1. Out of the Cellar (1984)

Ratt Out of the Cellar Album image


  1. Wanted Man
  2. You’re in Trouble
  3. Round and Round
  4. In Your Direction
  5. She Wants Money
  6. Lack of Communication
  7. Back for More
  8. The Morning After
  9. “I’m Insane
  10. Scene of the Crime


2. Invasion of Your Privacy (1985)

Ratt Invasion of Your Privacy Album image


  1. You’re in Love
  2. Never Use Love
  3. Lay It Down
  4. Give It All
  5. Closer to My Heart”
  6. Between the Eyes
  7. What You Give Is What You Get
  8. Got Me on the Line
  9. You Should Know by Now
  10. Dangerous but Worth the Risk


3. Dancing Undercover (1986)

Ratt Dancing Undercover Album image


  1. Dance
  2. One Good Lover
  3. Drive Me Crazy
  4. Slip of the Lip
  5. Body Talk
  6. Looking for Love
  7. 7th Avenue
  8. It Doesn’t Matter
  9. Take a Chance
  10. Enough Is Enough


4. Reach for the Sky (1988)

Ratt Reach for the Sky Album image


  1. City to City
  2. I Want a Woman
  3. Way Cool Jr.
  4. Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds
  5. I Want to Love You Tonight
  6. Chain Reaction
  7. No Surprise
  8. Bottom Line
  9. What’s It Gonna Be
  10. What I’m After


5. Detonator (1990)

Ratt Detonator Album image


  1. Intro to Shame
  2. Shame Shame Shame
  3. Lovin’ You’s a Dirty Job
  4. Scratch That Itch
  5. One Step Away
  6. Hard Time
  7. Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
  8. All or Nothing
  9. Can’t Wait on Love
  10. Givin’ Yourself Away
  11. Top Secret


6. Ratt (1999)

Ratt Ratt Album image


  1. Over the Edge
  2. Live for Today
  3. Gave Up Givin’ Up
  4. We Don’t Belong
  5. Breakout
  6. Tug of War
  7. Dead Reckoning
  8. Luv Sick
  9. It Ain’t Easy
  10. All the Way
  11. So Good, So Fine


7. Infestation (2010)

Ratt Infestation Album image


  1. Eat Me Up Alive
  2. Best of Me
  3. A Little Too Much
  4. Look Out Below
  5. Last Call
  6. Lost Weekend
  7. As Good as It Gets
  8. Garden of Eden
  9. Take a Big Bite
  10. Take Me Home
  11. Don’t Let Go


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