The List of Imagine Dragons Albums in Order of Release

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Imagine Dragons Albums in Order: Having sold over 46 million albums and 55 million singles worldwide, The American pop rock band Imagine Dragons are best-selling rock bands in history, and Greatest Adult Alternative artist of all time. They has released six studio albums, four live albums, one compilation album, ten extended plays, twenty-seven singles, six promotional singles and twenty-three music videos.

“In 2011, Las Vegas band Imagine Dragons were pulling six-hour shows at local casinos for just enough to cover rent and Taco Bell; a year-and-change later, they were Platinum. Formed in Provo, Utah, by a group of high school and college friends, the band self-released three EPs before making the leap to Interscope Records in 2012, delivering their full-length debut, Night Visions, later that year. Led by a pair of explosive singles (“It’s Time” and “Radioactive”), the band went on to become one of the more singular successes of the 2010s, leveraging stadium-ready indie rock with synth-pop, dubstep, stomping folk, and hints of New Wave—a sound that jumped out of speakers like a bright neon light.

They followed up at a steady clip (2015’s Smoke + Mirrors, 2017’s Evolve, 2018’s Origins), refining their sound without dulling its cathartic edge. Talking with Apple Music about their 2018 track “Zero,” vocalist Dan Reynolds described the role of empathy in both writing and performance—a cornerstone of the band’s success. “I carried around this big tenor saxophone that was bigger than me,” he said, remembering early adolescence. “I was, like, 5-foot-2; I was a tiny kid. So, for me, I look out and I see these people in the crowd and I’m like, Oh, you’re going through that right now. Give it time—you’re gonna come into your own and blossom. So, for me, this song is for all those people.” So, if you are a die heart fan of Imagine Dragons Albums then check out here we have list of Imagine Dragons albums in order of release so far.

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All Imagine Dragons Albums in Order: Check Out The List of  Imagine Dragons Albums in Order of Release Here!

Here is the list of Imagine Dragons Album in Order of Release Date 

  1. Night Visions — September 4, 2012
  2. Smoke + Mirrors — February 17, 2015
  3. Evolve — June 23, 2017
  4. Origins — November 9, 2018
  5. Mercury – Act 1 — September 3, 2021
  6. Mercury – Act 2 — July 1, 2022


All Imagine Dragons Albums List in Order

1. Night Visions (2012)

Imagine Dragons Night Visions Album image


  1. Radioactive
  2. Tiptoe
  3. It’s Time
  4. Demons
  5. On Top of the World
  6. Amsterdam
  7. Hear Me
  8. Every Night
  9. Bleeding Out
  10. Underdog
  11. Nothing Left to Say / Rocks


2. Smoke + Mirrors (2015)

Imagine Dragons Smoke + Mirrors Album image


  1. Shots
  2. Gold
  3. Smoke and Mirrors
  4. I’m So Sorry
  5. I Bet My Life
  6. Polaroid
  7. Friction
  8. It Comes Back to You
  9. Dream
  10. Trouble
  11. Summer
  12. Hopeless Opus
  13. The Fall


3. Evolve (2017)

Imagine Dragons Evolve Album image


  1. I Don’t Know Why
  2. Whatever It Takes
  3. Believer
  4. Walking the Wire
  5. Rise Up
  6. I’ll Make It Up to You
  7. Yesterday
  8. Mouth of the River
  9. Thunder
  10. Start Over
  11. Dancing in the Dark


4. Origins (2018)

Imagine Dragons Origins Album image


  1. Natural
  2. Boomerang
  3. Machine
  4. Cool Out
  5. Bad Liar
  6. West Coast
  7. Zero
  8. Bullet in a Gun
  9. Digital
  10. Only
  11. Stuck
  12. Love


5. Mercury – Act 1 (2021)

Imagine Dragons Mercury – Act 1 Album image


  1. My Life
  2. Lonely
  3. Wrecked
  4. Monday
  5. #1
  6. Easy Come Easy Go
  7. Giants
  8. It’s Ok
  9. Dull Knives
  10. Follow You
  11. Cutthroat
  12. No Time for Toxic People
  13. One Day


6. Mercury – Act 2 (2022)

Imagine Dragons Mercury – Act 2 Album image


  1. Bones
  2. Symphony
  3. Sharks
  4. I Don’t Like Myself
  5. Blur
  6. Higher Ground
  7. Crushed
  8. Take It Easy
  9. Waves
  10. I’m Happy
  11. Ferris Wheel
  12. Peace of Mind
  13. Sirens
  14. Tied
  15. Younger
  16. I Wish
  17. Continual
  18. They Don’t Know You Like I Do


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