The List of Harry Styles Albums in Order of Release

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English singer and songwriter Harry Styles a member of One of the best-selling boy bands of all time “One Direction”, has released three studio albums, one extended play (EP), one video album, twelve singles, ten music videos, and one promotional single.

In a 2019 interview with Apple Music, Harry Styles shared a memory from the early days of One Direction. They were in the studio in Sweden working on “What Makes You Beautiful.” First single, the rollercoaster train just starting to climb the track. Someone comes into the room and says there are a couple of girls outside. Why? the band asks. They’re looking for you guys. For One Direction. “And we’re all just like, ‘But we’re in Sweden!’” Ah, the old, “who…us?” routine.

Harry! Incorrigibly charming, dreamboat for starry-eyed youth the world over. And, as it turns out, a legitimate force in pop, the kind of artist who could bridge contemporary appeal with classic values in ways that felt fresh but familiar, universal. Part of what had made One Direction so great was that they never shied away from the pleasures of boy-band pop, but never patronized their audiences or fell back on gimmicks, either: Never mind the no-dancing policy; they were writing songs, exploring music as something beyond the show. In his solo career, Styles (born 1994, in Redditch, England) has done much the same, combining soul (“Watermelon Sugar”), confessional soft rock (“Sign of the Times”), and psychedelia (“Sunflower, Vol. 6”) with a modern touch, summarizing where pop has been while also pushing it forward. “I’m just trying to go through life being a little less worried about stuff,” he said. “Definitely with working. Because ultimately, it’ll be okay.” He had a busy five years there. But he’s got a lifetime ahead of him. So, if you are a die heart fan of Harry Styles Albums then check out here we have list of Harry Styles albums in order of release so far..


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How many albums does Harry Styles have?

The discography of As a solo artist, English singer-songwriter Harry Styles has released three studio albums, one extended play (EP), one video album, fourteen singles, twelve music videos, and one promotional single.


All Harry Styles Albums in Order: Check Out The List of  Harry Styles Albums in Order of Release Here!

Here is the list of Harry Styles Album in Order of Release Date:

  1. Harry Styles — 12 May 2017
  2. Fine Line — 13 December 2019
  3. Harry’s House — 20 May 2022


All Harry Styles Albums List in Order

1. Harry Styles (2017)

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  1. Meet Me in the Hallway
  2. Sign of the Times
  3. Carolina
  4. Two Ghosts
  5. Sweet Creature
  6. Only Angel
  7. Kiwi
  8. Ever Since New York
  9. Woman
  10. From the Dining Table

Harry Styles’ eponymous debut album, released in 2017, showcases the artist’s evolution from his boy band days to a mature and charismatic solo artist. The album features a blend of rock, pop, and folk influences, with Styles’ distinctive vocals taking center stage. With tracks like “Sign of the Times” and “Sweet Creature,” he explores themes of love, self-discovery, and personal growth. The album received critical acclaim for its introspective lyrics, catchy melodies, and polished production, solidifying Styles’ position as a versatile and talented musician in his own right.

2. Fine Line (2019)

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  1. Golden
  2. Watermelon Sugar
  3. Adore You
  4. Lights Up
  5. Cherry
  6. Falling
  7. To Be So Lonely
  8. She
  9. Sunflower, Vol. 6
  10. Canyon Moon
  11. Treat People with Kindness
  12. Fine Line

Harry Styles’ “Fine Line” album, released in 2019, is a captivating and introspective masterpiece. With its dreamy melodies and introspective lyrics, the album takes listeners on a journey through love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. Styles effortlessly blends genres, incorporating elements of pop, rock, and even psychedelic sounds. Songs like “Watermelon Sugar” and “Adore You” became instant hits, showcasing Styles’ ability to create catchy and timeless tracks. “Fine Line” not only solidified Styles’ place as a solo artist but also demonstrated his artistic growth and maturity. It is a remarkable body of work that continues to resonate with fans around the world.

3. Harry’s House (2022)

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  1. Music for a Sushi Restaurant
  2. Late Night Talking
  3. Grapejuice
  4. As It Was
  5. Daylight
  6. Little Freak
  7. Matilda
  8. Cinema
  9. Daydreaming
  10. Keep Driving
  11. Satellite
  12. Boyfriends
  13. Love of My Life

Harry Styles’ highly anticipated album “Harry’s House,” released in 2022, captivated fans worldwide with its enchanting blend of pop, rock, and soulful melodies. The album showcased Harry’s growth as an artist, offering introspective lyrics and a mature sound that resonated deeply with listeners. The album’s rich production, infectious hooks, and Harry’s distinctive vocals created a musical journey that left fans yearning for more, solidifying his place as a true icon in the music industry.

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