The List of Rascal Flatts Albums in Order of Release

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Rascal Flatts Albums in Order: With their roots firmly planted in Nashville, Tennessee, the iconic American country music trio, Rascal Flatts, embarked on a musical journey that would define a genre and capture the hearts of fans worldwide.

Rascal Flatts, the iconic American country music band, was a force to be reckoned with in the world of country music. Founded in 1999 in the heart of country music, Nashville, Tennessee, the trio comprised Gary LeVox as the lead vocalist, Jay DeMarcus on bass guitar with background vocals, and Joe Don Rooney on lead guitar, also contributing background vocals. Notably, DeMarcus shared a familial connection with LeVox as his second cousin, and he also held the title of a brother-in-law to country music sensation James Otto.

Before their rise to fame, Jay DeMarcus had even ventured into the world of contemporary Christian music as a member of the duo East to West. From the years 2000 to 2010, the band found their musical home at Disney Music Group’s Lyric Street Records division. During this fruitful era, they unveiled six studio albums, each achieving the coveted platinum or higher certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Their self-titled debut, “Rascal Flatts,” marked the beginning of their chart-topping journey in 2000.

“Melt” in 2002 introduced their first number-one single, the unforgettable “These Days.” The subsequent albums, “Feels Like Today” (2004), “Me and My Gang” (2006), “Still Feels Good” (2007), and “Unstoppable” (2009), all ascended to the pinnacle of the US Billboard 200 upon their release. When Lyric Street Records closed its doors in 2010, Rascal Flatts transitioned to Big Machine Records, where they crafted five more studio albums, concluding their illustrious discography with “Back to Us” in 2017. So, if you are a die heart fan of Rascal Flatts Albums then check out here we have list of Rascal Flatts albums in order of release so far.

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How many albums does Rascal Flatts have?

The discography of Rascal Flatts were an American country music group released ten studio albums, Two Live albums, Five Compilation albums, 39 Music videos, and 40 Singles.

All Rascal Flatts Albums in Order: Check Out The List of  Rascal Flatts Albums in Order of Release Here!

Here is the list of Rascal Flatts Album in Order of Release Date 

  1. Rascal Flatts — June 6, 2000
  2. Melt — October 29, 2002
  3. Feels Like Today — September 28, 2004
  4. Me and My Gang — April 4, 2006
  5. Still Feels Good — September 25, 2007
  6. Unstoppable — April 7, 2009
  7. Nothing Like This — November 16, 2010
  8. Changed — April 3, 2012
  9. Rewind — May 13, 2014
  10. Back to Us — May 19, 2017


All Rascal Flatts Albums List in Order

1. Rascal Flatts (2000)

Rascal Flatts Rascal Flatts Album image


  1. Prayin’ for Daylight
  2. This Everyday Love
  3. While You Loved Me
  4. Some Say
  5. See Me Through
  6. One Good Love
  7. It’s Not Just Me
  8. Waiting All My Life
  9. From Time to Time
  10. Long Slow Beautiful Dance
  11. I’m Movin’ On

“Rascal Flatts,” the eponymous debut studio album of the American country music group, Rascal Flatts, emerged on June 6, 2000, via Lyric Street Records. This musical gem achieved impressive sales figures, totaling 2,303,000 units in the United States by May 2009, earning it a 2× Platinum certification from the RIAA. The album showcased the band’s early prowess, yielding four notable singles: “Prayin’ for Daylight,” “This Everyday Love,” “While You Loved Me,” and “I’m Movin’ On,” all securing Top Ten spots on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. Remarkably, “Rascal Flatts” marked the band’s initial foray into the country pop realm, a distinctive sound that would define their illustrious career.

2. Melt (2002)

Rascal Flatts Melt Album image


  1. These Days
  2. Too Good Is True
  3. I Melt
  4. Mayberry
  5. Love You Out Loud
  6. Dry County Girl
  7. Like I Am
  8. You
  9. Fallin’ Upside Down
  10. Shine On
  11. My Worst Fear

“Melt,” the second studio album by American country music sensation Rascal Flatts, marked a significant chapter in their illustrious career. Released on October 29, 2002, under Lyric Street Records, it achieved remarkable success, with over 3,073,000 copies sold in the United States by May 2009. The album’s lead single, “These Days,” not only became Rascal Flatts’ inaugural Number One hit on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs charts but also set the stage for more triumphs. Follow-ups like “Love You Out Loud” reached number 3, “I Melt” claimed number 2, and “Mayberry” also secured a Number One spot. Despite not being released as a single, “My Worst Fear” even received a music video in 2004, adding to the album’s enduring legacy.

3. Feels Like Today (2004)

Rascal Flatts Feels Like Today Album image


  1. Where You Are
  2. Bless the Broken Road
  3. Then I Did
  4. Feels Like Today
  5. Fast Cars and Freedom
  6. When the Sand Runs Out
  7. Here’s to You
  8. The Day Before You
  9. Break Away
  10. Holes
  11. Oklahoma-Texas Line
  12. Skin (Sarabeth)

“Feels Like Today,” the third studio album by American country music sensation Rascal Flatts, made its mark on September 28, 2004, courtesy of Lyric Street Records. With an impressive 5.274 million copies sold in the United States by July 2014, the album clinched a 5× Multi-Platinum certification from the RIAA. The album featured hit singles like “Bless the Broken Road,” which had previously been recorded by several artists, including the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Marcus Hummon, before Rascal Flatts’ rendition soared. Other notable tracks included “Fast Cars and Freedom,” “Skin (Sarabeth),” and “Here’s to You.” “Feels Like Today” marked the end of an era as it was the band’s final album produced by Mark Bright.

4. Me and My Gang (2006)

Rascal Flatts Me and My Gang Album image


  1. Stand
  2. What Hurts the Most
  3. Backwards
  4. I Feel Bad
  5. My Wish
  6. Pieces
  7. Yes I Do
  8. To Make Her Love Me
  9. Words I Couldn’t Say
  10. Me and My Gang
  11. Cool Thing
  12. Ellsworth
  13. He Ain’t the Leavin’ Kind

“Me and My Gang,” the fourth studio album by the American country music powerhouse Rascal Flatts, made a monumental impact upon its release on April 4, 2006, via Lyric Street Records. This chart-topping sensation marked the highest US debut of 2006, swiftly achieving double-platinum status within its first month. The album dominated the Billboard 200 chart for three consecutive weeks and clinched the title of the best-selling album of 2006, excluding “High School Musical.” With a total of 5× Platinum certification and over 4.9 million copies sold in the United States by March 2012, “Me and My Gang” solidified its status as a country music classic. Produced by Dann Huff, it spawned hit singles such as “What Hurts the Most,” “My Wish,” “Stand,” and a memorable cover of Tom Cochrane’s “Life Is a Highway.”

5. Still Feels Good (2007)

Rascal Flatts Still Feels Good Album image


  1. Take Me There
  2. Here
  3. Bob That Head
  4. Help Me Remember
  5. Still Feels Good
  6. Winner at a Losing Game
  7. No Reins
  8. Every Day
  9. Secret Smile
  10. Better Now
  11. She Goes All the Way
  12. How Strong Are You Now
  13. It’s Not Supposed to Go Like That

“Still Feels Good,” the fifth studio album by American country music group Rascal Flatts, was unleashed on September 25, 2007, through Lyric Street Records. This chart-topping masterpiece resonated with fans, selling over 2.1 million copies in the United States by May 2009 and securing a 2× Platinum certification from the RIAA. Notably, Target stores sweetened the deal with a bonus five-track CD, featuring four original group compositions and a remix of their 2006 hit, “My Wish.” The album’s singles achieved remarkable success, with “Take Me There” reaching No. 1, “Winner at a Losing Game” and “Every Day” hitting No. 2, and both “Bob That Head” and “Here” making notable chart appearances.

6. Unstoppable (2009)

Rascal Flatts Unstoppable Album image


  1. Love Who You Love
  2. Here Comes Goodbye
  3. Close
  4. Forever
  5. She’d Be California
  6. Unstoppable
  7. Things That Matter
  8. Summer Nights
  9. Holdin’ On
  10. Once
  11. Why

“Unstoppable” stands as the sixth and final studio album by the acclaimed American country music group, Rascal Flatts, under Lyric Street Records. Released on April 7, 2009, this record marked a significant milestone in their career. Not only did it yield four chart-topping singles on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, but it also soared to number one on the prestigious Billboard 200 chart, with an impressive debut sales figure of 351,000 copies in the United States. Crossing the million-copy threshold on October 31, 2009, “Unstoppable” continued to shine, eventually amassing over 1,230,638 copies sold by June 2010, securing its legacy as the band’s final Billboard 200 chart-topper.

7. Nothing Like This (2010)

Rascal Flatts Nothing Like This Album image


  1. Why Wait
  2. Easy
  3. Sunday Afternoon
  4. Play
  5. Nothing Like This
  6. All Night to Get There
  7. Red Camaro
  8. They Try
  9. Summer Young
  10. Tonight Tonight
  11. I Won’t Let Go

“Nothing Like This” marked a pivotal moment in the career of American country music group Rascal Flatts. Released on November 16, 2010, as their seventh studio album, it represented their debut under Big Machine Records after Lyric Street’s retirement. The album’s lead single, “Why Wait,” released on August 2, 2010, reclaimed the top spot on the Hot Country Songs charts for the band. “I Won’t Let Go,” the second single, hit country radio on January 10, 2011, while “Easy,” the third single, followed on June 27, 2011. Notably, this album became their last to achieve platinum status, solidifying their enduring impact in country music.

8. Changed (2012)

Rascal Flatts Changed Album image


  1. Changed
  2. Banjo
  3. Hot in Here
  4. Come Wake Me Up
  5. She’s Leaving
  6. Let It Hurt
  7. Lovin’ Me
  8. Hurry Baby
  9. Sunrise
  10. Great Big Love
  11. A Little Home

“Changed,” the eighth studio album by American country music group Rascal Flatts, marked their second release under Big Machine Records, hitting the music scene on April 3, 2012. The album introduced itself with the upbeat single “Banjo,” released on January 16, 2012, followed by the emotionally charged “Come Wake Me Up” on May 21, 2012. “Changed,” the album’s title track, made its way to country radio on December 17, 2012, and later to AC and Christian AC formats on January 22, 2013. Notably, “Sunrise” served as their inaugural UK single on June 28, 2013. However, “Changed” marked a shift as the first album without a Top 40 pop hit and the group’s last to achieve gold status, departing from their previous platinum record streak.

9. Rewind (2014)

Rascal Flatts Rewind Album image


  1. Payback
  2. Rewind
  3. I Have Never Been to Memphis
  4. DJ Tonight
  5. Powerful Stuff
  6. Riot
  7. Night of Our Lives
  8. I Like the Sound of That
  9. Aftermath
  10. I’m on Fire
  11. Life’s a Song
  12. Honeysuckle Lazy
  13. The Mechanic

“Rewind,” the ninth studio album by American country music sensation Rascal Flatts, hit the music scene on May 13, 2014, through Big Machine Records. Produced by Rascal Flatts, Howard Benson, and Dann Huff, the album showcases the group’s talent and versatility. A deluxe edition, featuring four bonus tracks, is available exclusively at Target. Interestingly, “Rewind” marks the only Rascal Flatts album without songwriting credits from the group themselves, save for the deluxe edition track “She Must Like Broken Hearts.” Moreover, it signifies the end of their collaboration with producer Dann Huff, a partnership that began with the chart-topping 2006 album “Me and My Gang.” Notably, “Rewind” is the band’s final album to secure the number one spot on the Billboard Country Albums chart.

10. Back to Us (2017)

Rascal Flatts Back to Us Album image


  1. Yours If You Want It
  2. Back to Us
  3. I Know You Won’t
  4. Hopin’ You Were Lookin’
  5. Dance
  6. Are You Happy Now
  7. Love What You’ve Done with the Place
  8. Kiss You While I Can
  9. Vandalized
  10. Our Night to Shine

“Back to Us,” the tenth and final studio album by the renowned American country music trio Rascal Flatts, marked a significant chapter in their illustrious career. Released on May 19, 2017, through Big Machine Records, the group took the reins of production themselves, except for one track on the deluxe edition, produced by Busbee. Lead single “Yours If You Want It” debuted in January 2017, followed by the title track “Back to Us” in August of the same year. This album succeeded 2014’s “Rewind,” securing their twelfth top-10 spot on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. Notably, it marked the first album since 2004’s “Feels Like Today” not produced by Dann Huff.

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