The List of Daughtry Albums in Order of Release

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Daughtry Albums in Order: A Rock Odyssey of Chart-Topping Hits and Platinum Triumphs

Daughtry, pronounced as is an iconic American rock band that has left an indelible mark on the music industry. The band, led by the eponymous Chris Daughtry, rose to prominence following his remarkable journey as a finalist on the fifth season of American Idol. In November 2006, they unleashed their self-titled debut album, which promptly ascended to the coveted number one spot on the Billboard 200 chart.

The album’s resounding success was nothing short of phenomenal, with sales in excess of six million copies in the United States and a six-time platinum certification by the RIAA. Billboard bestowed upon “Daughtry” the title of the best-selling album of 2007, solidifying its place as the fastest-selling debut rock album in Nielsen SoundScan history. The album also boasted four top 20 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, including the unforgettable chart-toppers “It’s Not Over” and “Home.” The band’s continued success saw their second album, “Leave This Town,” released in July 2009, also ascending to the number one spot on the Billboard 200 chart.

This remarkable journey has established Daughtry as a musical force to be reckoned with, with a discography that has touched the hearts of millions and continues to shape the rock music landscape. So, if you are a die heart fan of Daughtry Albums then check out here we have list of Daughtry albums in order of release so far.

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How many albums does Daughtry have?

The discography of American rock band Daughtry released six studio albums, 18 Music videos, 21 Singles, and One EP.


All Daughtry Albums in Order: Check Out The List of  Daughtry Albums in Order of Release Here!

Here is the list of Daughtry Album in Order of Release Date 

  1. Daughtry — November 21, 2006
  2. Leave This Town — July 14, 2009
  3. Break the Spell — November 21, 2011
  4. Baptized — November 19, 2013
  5. Cage to Rattle — July 27, 2018
  6. Dearly Beloved — September 17, 2021


All Daughtry Albums List in Order

1. Daughtry (2006)

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  1. It’s Not Over
  2. Used To
  3. Home
  4. Over You
  5. Crashed
  6. Feels Like Tonight
  7. What I Want
  8. Breakdown
  9. Gone
  10. There and Back Again
  11. All These Lives
  12. What About Now

“Daughtry” is the inaugural album by the American rock group Daughtry, launching on November 21, 2006, under RCA Records, featuring Chris Daughtry, a finalist from the fifth season of American Idol, as its lead vocalist. This album holds the distinction of being the fastest-selling debut rock album in Soundscan history, solidifying its place as the band’s top-selling record. With its blend of captivating melodies and Chris Daughtry’s powerful vocals, the album swiftly established the band as a force in the rock music scene, leaving an enduring mark on the industry since its release.

2. Leave This Town (2009)

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  1. You Don’t Belong
  2. No Surprise
  3. Every Time You Turn Around
  4. Life After You
  5. What I Meant to Say
  6. Open Up Your Eyes
  7. September
  8. Ghost of Me
  9. Learn My Lesson
  10. Supernatural
  11. Tennessee Line
  12. Call Your Name

“Leave This Town” is the second album by the American rock band Daughtry, released on July 14, 2009, under RCA Records and 19 Entertainment. This album marked the band’s first collaborative recording effort, distinguishing it from their debut album recorded before the band’s formation. Joey Barnes played drums for the last time on this record. The album encompasses a blend of arena rock, with influences spanning from hard rock to pop rock. It spawned three singles, including “No Surprise,” which achieved the group’s fourth Billboard Adult Top 40 chart-topper. While reviews were mixed, it achieved commercial success, debuting atop the Billboard 200 and selling over 1.3 million copies in the US, earning Platinum certifications from both RIAA and Music Canada.

3. Break the Spell (2011)

Daughtry Break the Spell Album image


  1. Renegade
  2. Crawling Back to You
  3. Outta My Head
  4. Start of Something Good
  5. Crazy
  6. Break the Spell
  7. We’re Not Gonna Fall
  8. Gone Too Soon
  9. Losing My Mind
  10. Rescue Me
  11. Louder Than Ever
  12. Spaceship

“Break the Spell” is the third studio album by the American rock band Daughtry, hitting the music scene on November 21, 2011, through RCA Records. This record served as a successor to their highly successful platinum-selling album “Leave This Town” from 2009. Just a few weeks after its release, on December 15, “Break the Spell” achieved official Gold certification, highlighting its widespread appeal and impact in the music industry. This album showcased Daughtry’s continued prowess in delivering captivating rock music to their dedicated fanbase, solidifying their position as a prominent force in the contemporary rock genre.

4. Baptized (2013)

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  1. Baptized
  2. Waiting for Superman
  3. Battleships
  4. I’ll Fight
  5. Wild Heart
  6. Long Live Rock & Roll
  7. The World We Knew
  8. High Above the Ground
  9. Broken Arrows
  10. Witness
  11. Traitor
  12. 18 Years

“Baptized” is the fourth studio album by the American rock band Daughtry, launched on November 19, 2013, under RCA Records. The album marked a departure from their earlier hard rock sound, embracing a pop-rock style infused with synthpop elements. Preceded by the electropop-influenced single “Waiting for Superman” in September, this record represented a transitional phase for the band. Notably, it was the last album to feature drummer Robin Diaz and the first to include keyboardist/guitarist Elvio Fernandes, signaling a shift in their lineup. “Baptized” showcases Daughtry’s musical evolution, exploring new sonic territories.

5. Cage to Rattle (2018)

Daughtry Break the Spell Album image


  1. Just Found Heaven
  2. Backbone
  3. Deep End
  4. As You Are
  5. Death of Me
  6. Bad Habits
  7. Back in Time
  8. Gravity
  9. Stuff of Legends
  10. White Flag

“Cage to Rattle” marked a significant milestone for American rock band Daughtry, released on July 27, 2018, under RCA Records. Their fifth studio album arrived after a five-year hiatus following “Baptized” in 2013. Comprising only ten tracks, it stands as their shortest album to date. Notably, it introduced drummer Brandon Maclin to the band’s lineup. The album garnered generally positive reviews from music critics, lauded as Daughtry’s strongest and most mature effort. It also marked the end of their tenure with RCA Records, making it a pivotal moment in the band’s career.

6. Dearly Beloved (2021)

Daughtry Dearly Beloved Album image


  1. Desperation
  2. World on Fire
  3. Heavy Is the Crown
  4. Changes Are Coming
  5. Dearly Beloved
  6. Cry for Help
  7. Asylum
  8. Evil
  9. The Victim
  10. Somebody
  11. Call You Mine
  12. Lioness
  13. Break into My Heart

“Dearly Beloved” is the sixth studio album by American rock band Daughtry, marking its release on September 17, 2021, under Dogtree Records. Following their 2018 release “Cage to Rattle,” this album diverges from tradition as the band’s first not under RCA Records. Notably, it serves as the swan song for original bassist Josh Paul and drummer Brandon Maclin, who departed in 2022 and 2023, respectively. To promote the album, the Dearly Beloved Tour had been planned with co-headliners Sevendust and Tremonti, but was postponed due to the tragic passing of Chris Daughtry’s step-daughter, delaying the tour’s kickoff.

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