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Peter Gabriel Albums in Order: The English singer, songwriter, record producer, and activist, Peter Brian Gabriel, has etched his name into the annals of music history with an illustrious career that spans decades.

Peter Brian Gabriel, born on February 13, 1950, in England, is a multifaceted artist whose name resonates across the realms of music, activism, and innovation. His journey in the music industry began as the original lead singer of the iconic progressive rock band Genesis, catapulting him into the spotlight. However, it was his departure from Genesis in 1975 that marked the inception of a remarkable solo career. Gabriel’s inaugural solo single, “Solsbury Hill,” marked the start of his solo success story. Yet, it was his fifth studio album, “So,” released in 1986, that became a colossal hit, achieving triple platinum status in the UK and five times platinum in the US.

The album’s groundbreaking single, “Sledgehammer,” clinched an astounding nine MTV Awards in 1987, etching its place as MTV’s most played music video of all time. Beyond his musical prowess, Gabriel has championed world music through ventures like the WOMAD festival and Real World Records. He’s been a trailblazer in digital music distribution and a staunch advocate for human rights, receiving accolades, including the Man of Peace award and a spot on Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Gabriel’s legacy extends beyond his music, cementing him as a force for change, earning him inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame both as a member of Genesis and as a solo artist. In recognition of his extraordinary contributions, he was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of South Australia in 2015. Peter Gabriel is undeniably one of rock’s most visionary and politically engaged musicians, leaving an indelible mark on the world stage. So, if you are a die heart fan of Peter Gabriel Albums then check out here we have list of Peter Gabriel albums in order of release so far.

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How many albums does Peter Gabriel have?

The discography of Peter Gabriel, an English singer-songwriter and musician has released 10 Studio albums, 5 Live albums, 5 Compilation albums, 13 Video albums, 30 Music videos, 4 Soundtrack albums and 46 Singles.


All Peter Gabriel Albums in Order: Check Out The List of  Peter Gabriel Albums in Order of Release Here!

Here is the list of Peter Gabriel Album in Order of Release Date 

  1. Peter Gabriel (known as Peter Gabriel 1 and Car) — 25 February 1977
  2. Peter Gabriel (known as Peter Gabriel 2 and Scratch) — 2 June 1978
  3. Peter Gabriel (known as Peter Gabriel 3 and Melt) — 30 May 1980
  4. Peter Gabriel (known as Peter Gabriel 4 and Security) — 10 September 1982
  5. So — 19 May 1986
  6. Us — 28 September 1992
  7. Up — 23 September 2002
  8. Scratch My Back — 12 February 2010
  9. New Blood — 9 October 2011
  10. i/o — To be released


All Peter Gabriel Albums List in Order

1. Peter Gabriel (1977; known as Peter Gabriel 1 and Car)

Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel (known as Peter Gabriel 1 and Car) Album image


  1. Moribund the Burgermeister
  2. Solsbury Hill
  3. Modern Love
  4. Excuse Me
  5. Humdrum
  6. Slowburn
  7. Waiting for the Big One
  8. Down the Dolce Vita
  9. Here Comes the Flood

“Peter Gabriel,” the eponymous debut studio album of English singer-songwriter and producer Peter Gabriel, emerged on February 25, 1977, under Charisma Records. Following his departure from the iconic progressive rock group Genesis in 1975, Gabriel took a hiatus to focus on family life, resuming work in 1976. With producer Bob Ezrin on board, Gabriel enlisted talents like guitarist Robert Fripp and bassist Tony Levin for the album. It’s commonly referred to as “Peter Gabriel I” or “Car,” in homage to its distinctive Hipgnosis artwork.

The album achieved UK Chart No. 7 and US Billboard 200 No. 38, earning Gold certifications in both nations. “Solsbury Hill,” its lead single, peaked at UK No. 13. Gabriel supported the album with an extensive 1977 European and US tour. Remastered in 2002 and 2011, it continues to resonate with audiences.

2. Peter Gabriel (1978; known as Peter Gabriel 2 and Scratch)

Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel (known as Peter Gabriel 2 and Scratch) Album image


  1. On the Air
  2. D.I.Y.
  3. Mother of Violence
  4. A Wonderful Day in a One-Way World
  5. White Shadow
  6. Indigo
  7. Animal Magic
  8. Exposure
  9. Flotsam and Jetsam
  10. Perspective
  11. Home Sweet Home

“Peter Gabriel,” the second studio album by English singer-songwriter Peter Gabriel, debuted on June 2, 1978, under Charisma Records. Recorded in late 1977 following his inaugural solo tour, Gabriel collaborated with former King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp, who also produced the album. The distinctive “Exposure” showcased their creative synergy, featuring Frippertronics effects. In the US, it was titled “Peter Gabriel II.” Informally known as “Scratch” due to its Hipgnosis album art, some streaming platforms label it as “Peter Gabriel 2: Scratch.” The album secured the No. 10 spot on the UK Albums Chart and reached No. 45 on the US Billboard Pop Albums chart.

3. Peter Gabriel (1980; known as Peter Gabriel 3 and Melt)

Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel (known as Peter Gabriel 3 and Melt) Album image


  1. Intruder
  2. No Self Control
  3. Start
  4. I Don’t Remember
  5. Family Snapshot
  6. And Through the Wire
  7. Games Without Frontiers
  8. Not One of Us
  9. Lead a Normal Life
  10. Biko

“Peter Gabriel,” the third solo studio album by English rock musician Peter Gabriel, debuted on May 30, 1980, via Charisma Records. Produced by Steve Lillywhite, it marked a pivotal moment in Gabriel’s solo career, earning acclaim for its innovation and ambition. AllMusic lauded it as a breakthrough, establishing Gabriel as a pioneering figure in rock music. Departing from his prior work, the album delved into post-punk and new wave with an art rock touch. It featured politically charged tracks like “Games Without Frontiers” and “Biko,” addressing war and apartheid. Recognizable as “Melt” due to its Hipgnosis cover, some streaming services refer to it as “Peter Gabriel 3: Melt.”

4. Peter Gabriel (1982; known as Peter Gabriel 4 and Security)

Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel (known as Peter Gabriel 4 and Security) Album image


  1. The Rhythm of the Heat
  2. San Jacinto
  3. I Have the Touch
  4. The Family and the Fishing Net
  5. Shock the Monkey
  6. Lay Your Hands on Me
  7. Wallflower
  8. Kiss of Life

“Peter Gabriel,” also known as “Security” in the United States and Canada, is the fourth studio album by the English rock musician Peter Gabriel. This innovative release marked Gabriel’s exploration of post-punk and world music elements, building upon the foundation laid by his 1980 self-titled album. Notably, it gave him his inaugural US top 40 single with the hit “Shock the Monkey.” Additionally, a German-language version titled “Deutsches Album” was issued. This album showcases Gabriel’s artistic evolution and his ability to bridge diverse musical influences, solidifying his reputation as an influential and boundary-pushing artist in the world of rock music.

5. So (1986)

Peter Gabriel So Album image


  1. Red Rain
  2. Sledgehammer
  3. Don’t Give Up
  4. That Voice Again
  5. In Your Eyes
  6. Mercy Street
  7. Big Time
  8. We Do What We’re Told (Milgram’s 37)
  9. This Is the Picture (Excellent Birds)

“So” stands as the fifth studio album by the illustrious English singer-songwriter Peter Gabriel, marking its release on May 19, 1986, through Charisma Records and Virgin Records. Collaborating with producer Daniel Lanois after their work on the Birdy (1984) soundtrack, Gabriel’s creative process for this album unfolded at his Somerset home in 1985. The album seamlessly blends pop, soul, and art rock with influences from African and Brazilian music. “Sledgehammer,” its lead single, achieved unparalleled success, winning nine MTV Video Music Awards and topping the Billboard Hot 100.

“So” garnered widespread acclaim, transforming Gabriel into a mainstream icon, with certifications as a fivefold platinum album in the US and triple platinum in the UK. Rolling Stone hailed it among the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, securing its place in music history.

6. Us (1992)

Peter Gabriel Us Album image


  1. Come Talk to Me
  2. Love to Be Loved
  3. Blood of Eden
  4. Steam
  5. Only Us
  6. Washing of the Water
  7. Digging in the Dirt
  8. Fourteen Black Paintings
  9. Kiss That Frog
  10. Secret World

“Us,” the sixth studio album by English singer-songwriter Peter Gabriel, debuted on September 28, 1992, via Real World Records. Following the monumental success of “So,” Gabriel delved into personal themes on this album, exploring his divorce, subsequent relationship with actress Rosanna Arquette, and evolving family dynamics. The album’s promotion introduced innovative interactive multimedia software for Macintosh computers titled “Xplora1: Peter Gabriel’s Secret World,” featuring music videos from the album.

“Us” reached No. 2 in the UK and the US, with top-ten rankings in twelve other countries. Four singles, including “Digging in the Dirt” and “Steam,” bolstered its chart performance. Gabriel’s “Secret World Tour” in 1993 and 1994 documented on the “Secret World Live” album and concert film solidified the album’s impact. “Us” has been reissued in 2002 and 2010.

7. Up (2002)

Peter Gabriel Up Album image


  1. Darkness
  2. Growing Up
  3. Sky Blue
  4. No Way Out
  5. I Grieve
  6. The Barry Williams Show
  7. My Head Sounds Like That
  8. More than This
  9. Signal to Noise
  10. The Drop

“Up” marks the seventh studio album and the 13th release in the illustrious career of English rock musician Peter Gabriel. This album, while retaining his signature innovation, stands as his latest full-length studio work featuring original material. Notably, Gabriel’s subsequent albums, “Scratch My Back” and “New Blood,” ventured into covers of other artists’ songs and orchestral interpretations of his own classics. “Up” showcases Gabriel’s continued artistic evolution and remains a significant entry in his discography, demonstrating his enduring impact on the world of rock music.

8. Scratch My Back (2010)

Peter Gabriel Scratch My Back Album image


  1. Heroes
  2. The Boy in the Bubble
  3. Mirrorball
  4. Flume
  5. Listening Wind
  6. The Power of the Heart
  7. My Body Is a Cage
  8. The Book of Love
  9. I Think It’s Going to Rain Today
  10. Après Moi
  11. Philadelphia
  12. Street Spirit (Fade Out)

“Scratch My Back,” the eighth studio album (and fifteenth overall) by English musician Peter Gabriel, marked his return to the music scene after an eight-year hiatus, releasing in February 2010. This unique album, recorded at Air Lyndhurst and Real World Studios during 2009, featured Gabriel’s distinctive reinterpretations of twelve songs by various artists, accompanied solely by orchestral arrangements and his compelling vocals.

Produced by Gabriel and Bob Ezrin, the album garnered favorable reviews and chart success worldwide, including reaching No. 1 in Belgium and No. 2 in Germany and Canada. In the United States, it peaked at No. 26 on the Billboard 200 chart, solidifying Gabriel’s enduring musical prowess and innovation.

9. New Blood (2011)

Peter Gabriel New Blood Album image


  1. The Rhythm of the Heat
  2. Downside Up
  3. San Jacinto
  4. Intruder
  5. Wallflower
  6. In Your Eyes
  7. Mercy Street
  8. Red Rain
  9. Darkness
  10. Don’t Give Up
  11. Digging in the Dirt
  12. The Nest that Sailed the Sky
  13. A Quiet Moment
  14. Solsbury Hill

“New Blood,” released on October 10, 2011, is the ninth studio album by English rock musician Peter Gabriel. This innovative album presents orchestral reinterpretations of tracks spanning Gabriel’s illustrious career. Showcasing his artistic evolution, it breathes new life into his classic compositions, offering a fresh perspective on his iconic music. With Gabriel’s distinctive vocals accompanied by orchestral arrangements, “New Blood” offers a captivating fusion of rock and classical elements, creating a unique and immersive musical experience for both longtime fans and newcomers to his work. This album demonstrates Gabriel’s enduring creativity and commitment to pushing artistic boundaries.

10. i/o (2023)

Peter Gabriel i o Album image


  1. Panopticom
  2. Playing for Time
  3. The Court
  4. Four Kinds of Horses
  5. i/o
  6. Love Can Heal
  7. Road to Joy
  8. So Much
  9. Olive Tree
  10. This Is Home
  11. And Still
  12. Live and Let Live

“I/O,” stylized as “i/o,” marks the highly anticipated tenth studio album by iconic English rock musician Peter Gabriel, slated for release in late 2023 through Real World Records. This album signifies Gabriel’s return to original material after an astonishing 21-year hiatus since his 2002 release, “Up.” His interim projects, “Scratch My Back” and “New Blood,” primarily featured covers and rearrangements of earlier works. Gabriel’s gradual revelations about “I/O” began in recent years, with a unique pre-release strategy. Starting in January 2023, he commenced a series of monthly single releases, aligning with full moons, culminating in the album’s unveiling at year’s end. This innovative approach may continue post-album release.

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