The List of Lee Brice Albums in Order of Release

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Lee Brice Albums in Order: Embarking on a musical journey that resonates deeply with fans of country music, Kenneth Mobley Brice Jr., known as Lee Brice, has crafted a legacy defined by a series of remarkable albums and chart-topping singles.

Kenneth Mobley Brice Jr., professionally known as Lee Brice, stands as a prominent figure in the realm of American country music. Born on June 10, 1979, Brice has etched his name into the industry as both a gifted singer and a skilled songwriter. Aligned with Curb Records, he has cultivated a remarkable career, marked by a string of successful albums including “Love Like Crazy,” “Hard to Love,” “I Don’t Dance,” “Lee Brice,” and “Hey World.”

A testament to his artistry, Brice has unveiled a total of eighteen singles, an impressive eight of which have soared to the coveted number one position on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. Tracks like “A Woman Like You,” “Hard to Love,” “I Drive Your Truck,” “I Don’t Dance,” “Rumor,” “I Hope You’re Happy Now,” “One of Them Girls,” and “Memory I Don’t Mess With” have not only captivated audiences but have also solidified his status as a chart-topping sensation. Notably, his contribution extends beyond personal hits, as he has lent his songwriting prowess to crafting singles for esteemed artists including Garth Brooks, Adam Gregory, the Eli Young Band, and Tim McGraw.

Brice’s musical legacy is further enriched by his involvement in crafting tracks like Brooks’s groundbreaking “More Than a Memory” and the Eli Young Band’s resounding hit “Crazy Girl.” Undoubtedly, his impact on the country music landscape is profound and enduring, as evidenced by his chart achievements and his ability to craft enduring musical moments. So, if you are a die heart fan of Lee Brice Albums then check out here we have list of Lee Brice albums in order of release so far.

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How many albums does Lee Brice have?

The discography of American country music singer and songwriter Lee Brice has released five studio albums, nineteen singles and fourteen music videos.


All Lee Brice Albums in Order: Check Out The List of  Lee Brice Albums in Order of Release Here!

Here is the list of Lee Brice Album in Order of Release Date 

  1. Love Like Crazy — June 8, 2010
  2. Hard 2 Love — April 24, 2012
  3. I Don’t Dance — September 9, 2014
  4. Lee Brice — November 3, 2017
  5. Hey World — November 20, 2020


All Lee Brice Albums List in Order

1. Love Like Crazy (2010)

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  1. Picture of Me
  2. Love Like Crazy
  3. Some Things
  4. Power of a Woman
  5. Beautiful Every Time
  6. She Ain’t Right
  7. Falling Apart Together
  8. Sumter County Friday Night
  9. Carolina Boys
  10. Four on the Floor
  11. These Last Few Days
  12. Happy Endings

Lee Brice’s debut studio album, ‘Love Like Crazy,’ emerged on June 8, 2010, under Curb Records. Preceding its launch, Brice made his mark on the charts with singles like ‘She Ain’t Right,’ ‘Happy Endings,’ and ‘Upper Middle Class White Trash.’ The album’s titular track, introduced in August 2009, captured attention as a herald of his musical prowess. Following suit, the second single ‘Beautiful Every Time’ made its radio debut on October 25, 2010, further cementing Brice’s presence in the country music scene.

2. Hard 2 Love (2012)

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  1. Hard to Love
  2. A Woman Like You
  3. That’s When You Know It’s Over
  4. Parking Lot Party
  5. Don’t Believe Everything You Think
  6. I Drive Your Truck
  7. See About a Girl
  8. Friends We Won’t Forget
  9. Life Off My Years
  10. Seven Days a Thousand Times
  11. Beer
  12. That Way Again
  13. One More Day

Released on April 24, 2012, ‘Hard 2 Love’ stands as Lee Brice’s second studio album, showcasing his prowess within American country music. Distributed by Curb Records, the album features the chart-topping single ‘A Woman Like You,’ which claimed the number one spot. With a blend of heartfelt lyrics and melodious tunes, ‘Hard 2 Love’ solidifies Brice’s reputation as a gifted artist, further enriching his discography.

3. I Don’t Dance (2014)

Lee Brice I Don't Dance Album image


  1. I Don’t Dance
  2. No Better Than This
  3. Show You Off Tonight
  4. Always the Only One
  5. Good Man
  6. Drinking Class
  7. That Don’t Sound Like You
  8. Girls in Bikinis
  9. Sirens
  10. Somebody’s Been Drinking
  11. Hard to Figure Out (The Airport Song)
  12. My Carolina
  13. Panama City

“I Don’t Dance” stands as Lee Brice’s third studio album, released on September 9, 2014, through Curb Records. This pivotal work showcases Brice’s artistic evolution within American country music. Laden with emotive storytelling and a blend of heartfelt ballads and energetic tracks, the album captivates listeners. Brice’s signature style, coupled with introspective lyrics, resonates profoundly. The album’s release marked a significant juncture in his career, solidifying his stature as a notable figure in the genre and underscoring his ability to create music that touches hearts and resonates with a wide audience.

4. Lee Brice (2017)

Lee Brice Lee Brice Album image


  1. What Keeps You Up at Night
  2. Little Things
  3. American Nights
  4. Boy
  5. They Won’t Forget About Us
  6. I Don’t Smoke
  7. You Can’t Help Who You Love
  8. Rumor
  9. The Locals
  10. Songs in the Kitchen
  11. Story to Tell (Little Bird)
  12. Have a Good Day
  13. Eyes Closed
  14. Dixie Highway
  15. The Best Part of Me

Released on November 3, 2017, via Curb Records, ‘Lee Brice’ marks the fourth studio album by American country music sensation Lee Brice. This notable album features the impactful lead single ‘Boy,’ which resonated deeply with audiences. As a testament to Brice’s artistry, this collection of songs captures his musical evolution while maintaining the heartfelt storytelling that has endeared him to fans. The album stands as a pivotal chapter in Brice’s career, showcasing his ability to craft emotionally resonant melodies that continue to define his presence within the country music landscape.

5. Hey World (2020)

Lee Brice Hey World Album image


  1. Atta Boy
  2. One of Them Girls
  3. More Beer
  4. Memory I Don’t Mess With
  5. Save the Roses
  6. Good Ol’ Boys
  7. Don’t Need No Reason
  8. Do Not Disturb
  9. Soul
  10. Sons and Daughters
  11. Country Knows
  12. Lies
  13. If You
  14. I Hope You’re Happy Now
  15. Hey World

Released on November 20, 2020, via Curb Records, ‘Hey World’ stands as the fifth studio album by renowned American country music artist Lee Brice. Showcasing his distinctive musical prowess, the album captures Brice’s evocative storytelling through a collection of tracks that resonate with heartfelt emotions. With his signature blend of soulful melodies and authentic lyrics, ‘Hey World’ delivers a captivating musical experience, reaffirming Brice’s position as a notable figure in the country music scene.

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