The List of ABBA Albums in Order of Release

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Having sold 150 million records worldwide, The discography of Swedish pop music group ABBA is one of the best-selling music artists in history. They have consists of nine studio albums, two live albums, seven compilation albums, four box sets, five video albums, 50 singles, and 43 music videos.

The world didn’t know how much it needed a Swedish Beatles until ABBA came along. With keyboardist Benny Andersson and guitarist Björn Ulvaeus as the songwriting geniuses and Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Agnetha Fältskog providing the vocal power, ABBA turned pure pop into high art, becoming one of the biggest groups on the planet. Before forming in Stockholm in 1972, Anni-Frid and Agnetha had been successful solo artists in Sweden, while Björn and Benny had been working as a duo; they became two married pairs as well as musical partners. The title track from their second album, 1974’s Waterloo, won the Eurovision song contest that year and became an international smash, introducing the world to ABBA’s seamless, epic production style (Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound taken to a celestial level), soaring melodies, and earworm hooks.

ABBA owned the rest of the ’70s, scoring with blockbusters like the aching power ballad “Fernando,” the disco anthem “Dancing Queen,” and the sophisticated tapestry “Take a Chance on Me,” racking up multiplatinum sales, monopolizing pop radio worldwide, and becoming the mainstream pop stars it was cool for rockers (even Elvis Costello) to love. By the time of their final album, 1981’s The Visitors, both couples had broken up, and their formerly cheery tunes took a darker turn musically and lyrically. After 1982 they didn’t perform together again until a one-off at a party in 2016. Later, tantalizing announcements of new material in the works began. But as fans endured the wait, the theater and movie musical Mamma Mia! and the undying popularity of ABBA’s classics guaranteed them a continued place in pop culture. So, if you are a die heart fan of ABBA Albums then check out here we have list of ABBA albums in order of release so far.

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All ABBA Albums in Order: Check Out The List of  ABBA Albums in Order of Release Here!

Here is the list of ABBA Album in Order of Release Date  

  1. Ring Ring — 26 March 1973
  2. Waterloo — 4 March 1974
  3. ABBA — 21 April 1975
  4. Arrival — 11 October 1976
  5. The Album — 12 December 1977
  6. Voulez-Vous — 23 April 1979
  7. Super Trouper — 3 November 1980
  8. The Visitors — 30 November 1981
  9. Voyage — 5 November 2021


All ABBA Albums List in Order

1. Ring Ring (1973)

ABBA Ring Ring Album image


  1. Ring Ring (Bara Du Slog En Signal)
  2. Another Town, Another Train
  3. Disillusion
  4. People Need Love
  5. I Saw It in the Mirror
  6. Nina, Pretty Ballerina
  7. Love Isn’t Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)
  8. Me and Bobby and Bobby’s Brother
  9. He Is Your Brother
  10. Ring Ring
  11. I Am Just a Girl
  12. Rock’n Roll Band


2. Waterloo (1974)

ABBA Waterloo Album image


  1. Waterloo
  2. Sitting in the Palmtree
  3. King Kong Song
  4. Hasta Mañana
  5. My Mama Said
  6. Dance (While the Music Still Goes On)
  7. Honey, Honey
  8. Watch Out
  9. What About Livingstone
  10. Gonna Sing You My Lovesong
  11. Suzy-Hang-Around
  12. Waterloo


3. ABBA (1975)

ABBA ABBA Album image


  1. Mamma Mia
  2. Hey, Hey Helen
  3. Tropical Loveland
  4. SOS
  5. Man in the Middle
  6. Bang-A-Boomerang
  7. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
  8. Rock Me
  9. Intermezzo No. 1
  10. I’ve Been Waiting for You
  11. So Long


4. Arrival (1976)

ABBA Arrival Album image


  1. When I Kissed the Teacher
  2. Dancing Queen
  3. My Love, My Life
  4. Dum Dum Diddle
  5. Knowing Me, Knowing You
  6. Money, Money, Money
  7. That’s Me
  8. Why Did It Have to Be Me
  9. Tiger
  10. Arrival


5. The Album (1977)

ABBA The Album Album image


  1. Eagle
  2. Take a Chance on Me
  3. One Man, One Woman
  4. The Name of the Game
  5. Move On
  6. Hole in Your Soul
  7. Thank You for the Music
  8. I Wonder (Departure)
  9. I’m a Marionette


6. Voulez-Vous (1979)

ABBA Voulez-Vous Album image


  1. As Good as New
  2. Voulez-Vous
  3. I Have a Dream
  4. Angeleyes
  5. The King Has Lost His Crown
  6. Does Your Mother Know
  7. If It Wasn’t for the Nights
  8. Chiquitita
  9. Lovers (Live a Little Longer)
  10. Kisses of Fire


7. Super Trouper (1980)

ABBA Super Trouper Album image


  1. Super Trouper
  2. The Winner Takes It All
  3. On and On and On
  4. Andante, Andante
  5. Me and I
  6. Happy New Year
  7. Our Last Summer
  8. The Piper
  9. Lay All Your Love on Me
  10. The Way Old Friends Do


8. The Visitors (1981)

ABBA The Visitors Album image


  1. The Visitors
  2. Head over Heels
  3. When All Is Said and Done
  4. Soldiers
  5. I Let the Music Speak
  6. One of Us
  7. Two for the Price of One
  8. Slipping Through My Fingers
  9. Like an Angel Passing Through My Room


9. Voyage (2021)

ABBA Voyage Album image


  1. I Still Have Faith in You
  2. When You Danced with Me
  3. Little Things
  4. Don’t Shut Me Down
  5. Just a Notion
  6. I Can Be That Woman
  7. Keep an Eye on Dan
  8. Bumblebee
  9. No Doubt About It
  10. Ode to Freedom


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