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Having sold more than 14 million records in the United States, and an estimated 30 million worldwide, Soundgarden carved out a place for heavy metal in alternative rock. An American rock band, Soundgarden discography consists of six studio albums, two live albums, six compilation albums, eight extended plays, 24 singles and 23 music videos.

One of the defining acts of the ’90s alt-rock boom, the Seattle quartet Soundgarden blended the Zeppelin-esque grandeur of Chris Cornell’s soaring vocals and Kim Thayil’s guitar pyrotechnics with sludge-coated rhythms to great success. Formed in 1984, the band first appeared on the 1986 compilation Deep Six, a snapshot of its home city’s then-nascent rock scene. The local label Sub Pop released their bleakly paranoid debut single, “Hunted Down”; that was followed by two EPs, Screaming Life and Fopp. Soundgarden’s first full-length, Ultramega OK, came out in 1988 on the famed indie-rock label SST, and the video for lead single “Flower” garnered attention from MTV’s late-night rock shows. The band’s major-label debut, Louder Than Love, was released a year later, highlighted by the cavernous environmental plea “Hands All Over” and the piercing “Loud Love”. Bassist Hiro Yamamoto was replaced by Ben Shepherd for the recording of Soundgarden’s third full-length, 1991’s Badmotorfinger, which proved an alt-rock-mainstream breakthrough, with the bludgeoning “Jesus Christ Pose” and the chugging “Outshined” serving as standard-bearers for grunge. Superunknown, released in 1994, further propelled Soundgarden into the mainstream on the strength of the swaggering “Spoonman” and the psychedelia-tinged “Black Hole Sun”, and 1996’s Down on the Upside expanded the band’s sonic palette. Soundgarden went on hiatus in 1997, with Cornell starting Audioslave and Matt Cameron joining Pearl Jam, and they returned in 2010, releasing their final album, King Animal, in 2012. The band toured until Cornell’s death in 2017 and played their final show, a tribute to Cornell with an all-star cast of vocalists, in 2019. So, if you are a die heart fan of Soundgarden Albums then check out here we have list of Soundgarden albums in order of release so far.


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All Soundgarden Albums in Order: Check Out The List of Soundgarden Albums in Order of Release Here!

Here is the list of Soundgarden Album in Order of Release Date:

  1. Ultramega OK — October 31, 1988
  2. Louder Than Love — September 5, 1989
  3. Badmotorfinger — October 8, 1991
  4. Superunknown — March 8, 1994
  5. Down on the Upside — May 21, 1996
  6. King Animal — November 13, 2012


All Soundgarden Albums List in Order

1. Ultramega OK (1988)

Soundgarden Album Ultramega OK image



  1. Flower
  2. All Your Lies
  3. “665”
  4. Beyond the Wheel
  5. “667”
  6. Mood for Trouble
  7. Circle of Power
  8. He Didn’t
  9. Smokestack Lightning
  10. Nazi Driver
  11. Head Injury
  12. Incessant Mace
  13. One Minute of Silence


2. Louder Than Love (1989)

Soundgarden Album Louder Than Love image


  1. Ugly Truth
  2. Hands All Over
  3. Gun
  4. Power Trip
  5. Get on the Snake
  6. Full on Kevin’s Mom
  7. Loud Love
  8. I Awake
  9. No Wrong No Right
  10. Uncovered
  11. Big Dumb Sex
  12. Full On (Reprise)


3. Badmotorfinger (1991)

Soundgarden Album Badmotorfinger image


  1. Rusty Cage
  2. Outshined
  3. Slaves & Bulldozers
  4. Jesus Christ Pose
  5. Face Pollution
  6. Somewhere
  7. Searching with My Good Eye Closed
  8. Room a Thousand Years Wide
  9. Mind Riot
  10. Drawing Flies
  11. Holy Water
  12. New Damage


4. Superunknown (1994)

Soundgarden Album Superunknown image


  1. Let Me Drown
  2. My Wave
  3. Fell on Black Days
  4. Mailman
  5. Superunknown
  6. Head Down
  7. Black Hole Sun
  8. Spoonman
  9. Limo Wreck
  10. The Day I Tried to Live
  11. Kickstand
  12. Fresh Tendrils
  13. 4th of July
  14. Half
  15. Like Suicide


5. Down on the Upside (1996)

Soundgarden Album Down on the Upside image


  1. Pretty Noose
  2. Rhinosaur
  3. Zero Chance
  4. Dusty
  5. Ty Cobb
  6. Blow Up the Outside World
  7. Burden in My Hand
  8. Never Named
  9. Applebite
  10. Never the Machine Forever
  11. Tighter & Tighter
  12. No Attention
  13. Switch Opens
  14. Overfloater
  15. An Unkind
  16. Boot Camp


6. King Animal (2012)

Soundgarden Album King Animal image


  1. Been Away Too Long
  2. Non-State Actor
  3. By Crooked Steps
  4. A Thousand Days Before
  5. Blood on the Valley Floor
  6. Bones of Birds
  7. Taree
  8. Attrition
  9. Black Saturday
  10. Halfway There
  11. Worse Dreams
  12. Eyelid’s Mouth
  13. Rowing


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