The List of Kid Rock Albums in Order of Release

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Having sold over 26 million albums worldwide, including 24 million in the United States. American musician Kid Rock has released 12 studio albums, one compilation album, two extended plays and one live album.

He calls himself a “longhaired redneck rock ’n’ roll son of Detroit.” But Kid Rock, born Robert James Ritchie in 1971 in Romeo, MI, could just as easily be described as the heir apparent of Ted Nugent, Bob Seger, and any number of working-class Michigan troubadours with a penchant for nostalgia, odd politics, and partying hard. Kid Rock grew up in rural Michigan and fell in love with hip-hop in the ’80s, teaching himself to rap and breakdance, performing around the Detroit area, and making friends with (and occasionally battling) a young Eminem. Inspired by the Beastie Boys, he signed to Jive Records and released his debut album, Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast, in 1990. It was a respectable imitation of his heroes, but not enough to keep him on the label; he moved to Continuum and continued to explore—or invent—the nexus between metal, rap, and Southern rock while crafting a swaggering, carefree persona.

Then the world caught up with him, as the simmering rap-rock fusion of bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers spawned such late-’90s acts as Korn, Limp Bizkit, and Rage Against the Machine. Kid Rock’s genre was suddenly cool. His 1998 Devil Without a Cause caught the zeitgeist, making Rock a superstar on the wings of rap-rock headbangers “Bawitdaba” and “Cowboy.” He kept up the shtick throughout the 21st century, releasing albums that skated the line between raucous bad boy and sensitive heartland rocker, exemplified by “Picture,” a 2002 hit duet with Sheryl Crow. But 2008’s “All Summer Long,” with its mash-up of “Werewolves of London” and “Sweet Home Alabama,” perfected the essence of his appeal, marrying raspy vocals and evocative imagery of youthful hijinks with feel-good riffs. So, if you are a die heart fan of Kid Rock Albums then check out here we have list of Kid Rock albums in order of release so far.

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How many albums does Kid Rock have?

The discography of American rock musician Kid Rock has released 12 studio albums, one compilation album, two extended plays and one live album.


All Kid Rock Albums in Order: Check Out The List of  Kid Rock Albums in Order of Release Here!

Here is the list of Kid Rock Album in Order of Release Date

  1. Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast — November 27, 1990
  2. The Polyfuze Method — March 16, 1993
  3. Early Mornin’ Stoned Pimp — January 9, 1996
  4. Devil Without a Cause — August 18, 1998
  5. Cocky — November 20, 2001
  6. Kid Rock — November 11, 2003
  7. Rock n Roll Jesus — October 9, 2007
  8. Born Free — November 16, 2010
  9. Rebel Soul — November 19, 2012
  10. First Kiss — February 24, 2015
  11. Sweet Southern Sugar — November 3, 2017
  12. Bad Reputation — March 21, 2022


All Kid Rock Albums List in Order

1. Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast (1990)

Kid Rock Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast Album image


  1. Yo-Da-Lin in the Valley
  2. Genuine Article
  3. Cramp Ya Style
  4. New York’s Not My Home
  5. Super Rhyme Maker
  6. With a One-Two
  7. Wax the Booty
  8. Pimp of the Nation
  9. Abdul Jabar Cut
  10. Step in Stride
  11. The Upside
  12. Style of X-Pression
  13. Trippin’ Over a Rock

Kid Rock’s debut studio album, “Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast,” released in 1990, chronicles the artist’s early years. The album’s distinctive combination of rap, rock, and funk elements lays the groundwork for Kid Rock’s signature style. With exciting pieces like “Yo-Da-Lin in the Valley” the album showcases Kid Rock’s raw and rebellious approach. “Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast” encapsulates the essence of Kid Rock’s early musical experiments and serves as a foundation for his later success in the worlds of rap-rock and country-infused music.

2. The Polyfuze Method (1993)

Kid Rock The Polyfuze Method Album image


  1. Fred
  2. Killin’ Brain Cells
  3. Prodigal Son
  4. The Cramper
  5. 3 Sheets to the Wind
  6. Fuck U Blind
  7. Desperate-Rado
  8. Back from the Dead
  9. My Oedipus Complex
  10. Balls in Your Mouth
  11. Trippin’ with Dick Vitale
  12. TV Dinner
  13. Pancake Breakfast
  14. Blow Me
  15. In So Deep
  16. U Don’t Know Me

Kid Rock’s debut studio album, “The Polyfuze Method,” was released in 1993 and included the artist’s distinct combination of rap, rock, and funk. With its raw energy and gritty lyrics, the album provided a unique and rebellious sound that distinguished Kid Rock from his peers. Songs like “Back from the Dead” and “U Don’t Know Me” displayed his confident demeanor and demonstrated his rapping abilities. “The Polyfuze Method” created the groundwork for Kid Rock’s future success and established him as a genre-defying artist eager to experiment with various genres and styles.

3. Early Mornin’ Stoned Pimp (1996)

Kid Rock Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp Album image


  1. Intro
  2. Early Mornin’ Stoned Pimp
  3. Paid
  4. I Wanna Go Back
  5. Live
  6. Detroit Thang
  7. Ya Keep On
  8. Shotgun Blast
  9. Freestyle Rhyme
  10. Classic Rock
  11. My Name Is Rock
  12. Where U at Rock
  13. Krack Rocks
  14. The Prodigal Son Returns
  15. Black Chick, White Guy
  16. Outro

Kid Rock’s debut studio album, “Early Mornin’ Stoned Pimp”, was released in 1996. The album highlights Kid Rock’s distinct blend of rap, rock, and country influences, laying the groundwork for his future success. It has a mix of party anthems and thoughtful compositions about everything from personal challenges to his love of music. “Early Mornin’ Stoned Pimp” helped Kid Rock establish himself as a rising celebrity in the music industry and created the framework for his succeeding albums, marking a crucial turning point in his career.

4. Devil Without a Cause (1998)

Kid Rock Devil Without a Cause Album image


  1. Bawitdaba
  2. Cowboy
  3. Devil Without a Cause
  4. I Am the Bullgod
  5. Roving Gangster (Rollin’)
  6. Wasting Time
  7. Welcome 2 the Party (Ode 2 the Old School)
  8. I Got One for Ya’
  9. Somebody’s Gotta Feel This
  10. Fist of Rage
  11. Only God Knows Why
  12. Fuck Off
  13. Where U at Rock
  14. Black Chick, White Guy

Kid Rock’s critically acclaimed 1998 album “Devil Without a Cause” catapulted him to mainstream prominence. The album incorporates genres such as rap, rock, and country, showing Kid Rock’s own musical approach. The album, which included high-energy anthems like “Bawitdaba” and “Cowboy,” encapsulated the rebellious spirit of the late ’90s. Kid Rock established himself as a captivating and versatile performer with catchy choruses, strong guitar riffs, and frank lyrics. “Devil Without a Cause” is regarded as a watershed moment in Kid Rock’s career, as well as a key contribution to the combination of rock and rap music.

5. Cocky (2001)

Kid Rock Cocky Album image


  1. Trucker Anthem
  2. Forever
  3. Lay It on Me
  4. Cocky
  5. What I Learned Out on the Road
  6. I’m Wrong, But You Ain’t Right
  7. Lonely Road of Faith
  8. You Never Met a Motherfucker Quite Like Me
  9. Picture
  10. I’m a Dog
  11. Midnight Train to Memphis
  12. Baby Come Home
  13. Drunk in the Morning
  14. WCSR

Kid Rock’s “Cocky” is a studio album from 2001. It was a notable transition in the artist’s musical style, fusing rock, rap, and country elements. Popular pieces on the album included “Forever” and “Lonely Road of Faith,” demonstrating Kid Rock’s diverse musical abilities and knack for merging genres. “Cocky” got positive feedback for its upbeat and varied style, cementing Kid Rock’s reputation as a multi-talented musician. The album, with its addictive hooks and memorable melodies, connected with listeners and became a financial success, solidifying Kid Rock’s status in the music industry.

6. Kid Rock (2003)

Kid Rock Kid Rock Album image


  1. Rock N Roll Pain Train
  2. Cadillac Pussy
  3. Feel Like Makin’ Love
  4. Black Bob
  5. Jackson, Mississippi
  6. Cold and Empty
  7. Intro
  8. Rock N Roll
  9. Hillbilly Stomp
  10. I Am
  11. Son of Detroit
  12. Do It for You
  13. Hard Night for Sarah
  14. Run Off to LA
  15. Single Father

The self-titled album “Kid Rock” was published in 2003 by the American artist noted for his varied taste. His distinctive fusion of rock, rap, and country elements was on full display in this album. It had popular songs like “Feel Like Makin’ Love” and “Jackson, Mississippi,” which typified his hard-driving and vivacious vibe. Kid Rock enthralled crowds and cemented his reputation in the music business with a blend of hard-hitting sounds, engaging lyrics, and his distinctive raspy vocals. The 2003 album was a critical and financial triumph, solidifying Kid Rock’s reputation as a multifaceted performer with a gift for writing anthems and memorable songs.

7. Rock n Roll Jesus (2007)

Kid Rock Rock n Roll Jesus Album image


  1. Rock n Roll Jesus
  2. Amen
  3. All Summer Long
  4. Roll On
  5. So Hott
  6. Sugar
  7. When U Love Someone
  8. New Orleans
  9. Don’t Tell Me U Love Me
  10. Blue Jeans and a Rosary
  11. Half Your Age
  12. Lowlife (Living the Highlife)

The 2007 album “Rock n Roll Jesus” by Kid Rock was well received by critics. As it combined elements of rock, country, and hip-hop, it signaled a dramatic departure in Kid Rock’s musical aesthetic. The album includes the worldwide hit songs “So Hott” and “All Summer Long,” which both featured Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” sample. With its wide spectrum of songs that address issues of love, celebrity, and spirituality, “Rock n Roll Jesus” demonstrates Kid Rock’s adaptability as a performer. It remains one of Kid Rock’s most well-known and significant albums to date and cemented his position as a significant player in American rock music.

8. Born Free (2010)

Kid Rock Born Free Album image


  1. Born Free
  2. Slow My Roll
  3. Care
  4. Purple Sky
  5. When It Rains
  6. God Bless Saturday
  7. Collide
  8. Flyin’ High
  9. Times Like These
  10. Rock On
  11. Rock Bottom Blues
  12. For the First Time (In a Long Time)

The 2010 release “Born Free” is Kid Rock’s eighth studio album. His earlier rap-rock approach is replaced by a more Southern rock and country-influenced sound in this song. The album includes collaborations with musicians like Martina McBride and Sheryl Crow, and the title tune, with its powerful and patriotic lyrics, has become a well-known anthem. Although “Born Free” got conflicting reviews from reviewers, it was a commercial triumph, topping the Billboard 200 chart. Kid Rock’s eagerness to experiment with many musical genres and his versatility as an artist are both demonstrated by the album as a whole.

9. Rebel Soul (2012)

Kid Rock Rebel Soul Album image


  1. Chickens in the Pen
  2. Let’s Ride
  3. 3 CATT Boogie
  4. Detroit, Michigan
  5. Rebel Soul
  6. God Save Rock n Roll
  7. Happy New Year
  8. Celebrate
  9. The Mirror
  10. Mr. Rock n Roll
  11. Cucci Galore
  12. Redneck Paradise
  13. Cocaine and Gin
  14. Midnight Ferry

was released in 2012. The album showcases his distinctive style by continuing his combination of rock, country, and rap components. Kid Rock’s rebellious personality is reflected in “Rebel Soul”, a compilation of upbeat songs with catchy hooks and powerful rhythms. Critics gave the album a mixed bag of reviews, praising its anthemic quality and compelling performances. There are some well-known songs on it, like “Let’s Ride” and “Redneck Paradise.” In all, “Rebel Soul” is a strong addition to Kid Rock’s repertoire that will please listeners who enjoy his distinctive mash-up of genres.

10. First Kiss (2015)

Kid Rock First Kiss Album image


  1. First Kiss
  2. Good Times, Cheap Wine
  3. Johnny Cash
  4. Ain’t Enough Whiskey
  5. Drinking Beer with Dad
  6. Good Time Lookin’ for Me
  7. Best of Me
  8. One More Song
  9. Jesus and Bocephus
  10. FOAD

Kid Rock’s “First Kiss” album, which was published in 2015, demonstrated the musician’s distinctive fusion of rock, rap, and country music. The gritty tone and nostalgic themes on the album connected with listeners who loved Kid Rock’s distinctive sound. The album’s lead single, “First Kiss,” was a tender and reflective ballad that perfectly encapsulated childhood innocence and the romantic but heartbreaking recollections of first love. Along with these songs, the album had energetic rock anthems like “Johnny Cash” and “Ain’t Enough Whiskey,” further showcasing Kid Rock’s musical range. The addition of “First Kiss” to Kid Rock’s discography was a commercial triumph, upholding his standing as a pioneering musician.

11. Sweet Southern Sugar (2017)

Kid Rock Sweet Southern Sugar Album image


  1. Greatest Show on Earth
  2. Po-Dunk
  3. Tennessee Mountain Top
  4. I Wonder
  5. American Rock ‘n Roll
  6. Back to the Otherside
  7. Raining Whiskey
  8. Stand the Pain
  9. Sugar Pie Honey Bunch
  10. Grandpa’s Jam

Kid Rock’s 2017 album “Sweet Southern Sugar” has his distinctive fusion of Southern rock, country, and rap. The album’s 13 songs tackle topics including love, independence, and the artist’s American heritage. Songs like “Greatest Show on Earth” and “Po-Dunk,” which have catchy hooks and upbeat orchestration, showcase Kid Rock’s distinctive approach. Critics gave “Sweet Southern Sugar” mixed reviews, but Kid Rock’s devoted fan following loved it. His image as a genre-blending artist willing to push boundaries and experiment with his style was further cemented with the album.

12. Bad Reputation (2022)

Kid Rock Bad Reputation Album image


  1. Don’t Tell Me How to Live
  2. We the People
  3. My Kind of Country
  4. Bad Reputation
  5. Never Quit
  6. Shakedown
  7. Rockin
  8. The Last Dance
  9. See You Again
  10. Still Somethin’
  11. She’s Your Baby (Now Rock Her)
  12. Never Enough
  13. Everything to Me
  14. Cold Beer
  15. Ala-Fuckin-Bama
  16. Am What I Am
  17. The Nashville I Know
  18. Fifty

In 2022, Kid Rock’s album “Bad Reputation” was released, adding to his extensive discography. Kid Rock’s distinctive fusion of rock, country, and rap components are on full display in this album, which has an upbeat and rebellious vibe. Songs on the album “Bad Reputation” explore themes of independence, uniqueness, and accepting one’s own distinctive personality. Kid Rock’s album encapsulates the essence of his uncompromising style with his signature gritty voice and melodic hooks, further confirming his status as a boundary-pushing artist. “Bad Reputation” provides listeners of Kid Rock’s varied musical journey with a well-rounded listening experience, ranging from anthemic rockers to reflective ballads.

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