The List of Guns N’ Roses Albums in Order of Release

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Having sold more than 100 million records worldwide, including 45 million in the United States, Guns N’ Roses, an hard rock band is one of the best-selling in history. The band consists of six studio albums, one live album, two compilation albums, three extended plays (EPs), 20 singles, nine video albums and 23 music videos.

The qualities that make Guns N’ Roses so divisive—the public altercations, the controversial outbursts, the scandalous decadence—are also the things that make them so captivating. After all, rock fans passionately embraced the collision of ’70s hard rock, heavy metal, and punk captured on GNR’s 1987 debut, Appetite for Destruction, precisely because it exuded a gritty, dangerous vibe light years removed from the glossy hair bands of the day. “Welcome to the Jungle” may be a fantastic air-guitar jam, yet it is also an enraged dispatch from the seedy back alleys of the American Dream. Even “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” an uplifting ballad at first, ultimately drowns in singer Axl Rose’s self-doubt. It was only natural, then, that stardom would prove tumultuous for a fast-living GNR who rode wave upon wave of controversy and turmoil. Yet they only grew more ambitious.

While Slash still unloads plenty of Stonesy riffs on 1991’s Use Your Illusion I and II, the albums’ cornerstones are epic psychodramas such as “November Rain” that reflect Rose’s love of Queen’s grandiosity. Another album of original material wouldn’t surface until 2008’s Chinese Democracy. By then, however, GNR essentially was a solo project for Rose, who made a hard turn into seething industrial rock. With hopes for any kind of reunion of the original lineup all but extinguished, Slash and bassist Duff McKagan shocked fans by announcing their return to the fold in 2016. In addition to headlining Coachella, they embarked on a world tour that became one of the highest grossing of the decade, a fact that speaks to GNR’s legacy as one of the most popular, if also most contentious, bands in the entire history of rock. So, if you are a die heart fan of Guns N’ Roses Albums then check out here we have list of Guns N’ Roses albums in order of release so far.

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How many albums does Guns N’ Roses have?

The discography of Guns N’ Roses, an American hard rock band, consists of six studio albums, one live album, two compilation albums, four extended plays (EPs), 20 singles, nine video albums and 23 music videos.

All Guns N’ Roses Albums in Order: Check Out The List of  Guns N’ Roses Albums in Order of Release Here!

Here is the list of Guns N’ Roses Album in Order of Release Date:

  1. Aetitppe for Destruction — July 21, 1987
  2. G N’ R Lies — November 29, 1988
  3. Use Your Illusion I — September 17, 1991
  4. Use Your Illusion II — September 17, 1991
  5. “The Spaghetti Incident?” — November 23, 1993
  6. Chinese Democracy — November 23, 2008


All Guns N’ Roses Albums List in Order

1. Appetite for Destruction (1987)

Guns N' Roses Album Aetitppe for Destruction image


  1. Welcome to the Jungle
  2. It’s So Easy
  3. Nightrain
  4. Out ta Get Me
  5. Mr. Brownstone
  6. Paradise City
  7. My Michelle
  8. Think About You
  9. Sweet Child o’ Mine
  10. You’re Crazy
  11. Anything Goes
  12. Rocket Queen

Guns N’ Roses’ “Appetite for Destruction,” released in 1987, is largely recognized as one of the best rock albums of all time. The album caught the essence of the late ’80s rock era with its raw intensity and defiant attitude. Songs like “Welcome to the Jungle,” “Sweet Child o’ Mine,” and “Paradise City” were instant classics, thanks to the charismatic Axl Rose and the iconic guitar prowess of Slash. The album’s harsh lyrics and blazing guitar solos catapulted Guns N’ Roses to international recognition, paving the way for their sustained success and impact in the rock genre.

2. G N’ R Lies (1988)

Guns N' Roses Album G N' R Lies image


  1. Reckless Life
  2. Nice Boys
  3. Move to the City
  4. Mama Kin
  5. Patience
  6. Used to Love Her
  7. You’re Crazy
  8. One in a Million

The album “G N’ R Lies,” released by Guns N’ Roses in 1988, is a raw and contentious masterwork that highlights the band’s broad musical abilities and rebellious spirit. It includes four new acoustic tracks with songs from their previous EP “Live?!*@ Like a Suicide.” Standout tracks on the CD include the mournful ballad “Patience” and the hard-hitting “Used to Love Her.” Due to its aggressive and uncensored lyrics, “G N’ R Lies” received both critical acclaim and public attention, reflecting the band’s gritty and rebellious image. It cemented Guns N’ Roses’ place as one of the most influential rock bands of their generation.

3. Use Your Illusion I (1991)

Guns N' Roses Album Use Your Illusion I image


  1. Right Next Door to Hell
  2. Dust N’ Bones
  3. Live and Let Die
  4. Don’t Cry (Original)
  5. Perfect Crime
  6. You Ain’t the First
  7. Bad Obsession
  8. Back Off Bitch
  9. Double Talkin’ Jive
  10. November Rain
  11. The Garden
  12. Garden of Eden
  13. Don’t Damn Me
  14. Bad Apples
  15. Dead Horse
  16. Coma

“Use Your Illusion I” is the third studio album by the legendary rock group Guns N’ Roses, which was released in 1991. It was included in a double album release along with “Use Your Illusion II.” It contained popular songs including “November Rain,” “Don’t Cry,” and “Live and Let Die.” With its combination of intense guitar riffs, vivacious vocals, and catchy lyrics, “Use Your Illusion I” exemplified the band’s distinctive hard rock sound. It garnered favorable reviews from critics and was a commercial success, topping the charts in a number of nations. The record cemented Guns N’ Roses’ position as one of the era’s most significant rock bands.

4. Use Your Illusion II (1991)

Guns N' Roses Album Use Your Illusion II image


  1. Civil War
  2. 14 Years
  3. Yesterdays
  4. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
  5. Get in the Ring
  6. Shotgun Blues
  7. Breakdown
  8. Pretty Tied Up
  9. Locomotive
  10. So Fine
  11. Estranged
  12. You Could Be Mine
  13. Don’t Cry
  14. My World

Use Your Illusion II by Guns N’ Roses is the second disc of the band’s ambitious double album, which was released in 1991. It showcases the band’s flexibility by incorporating a variety of musical genres. Legendary tunes on the album include “Civil War,” “You Could Be Mine,” and others. Use Your Illusion II solidified Guns N’ Roses’ status as one of the most important rock bands of the decade with its powerful guitar riffs, passionate vocals, and thought-provoking lyrics. The album’s commercial success and critical acclaim have guaranteed its place in rock music history.

5. “The Spaghetti Incident?” (1993)

Guns N' Roses Album The Spaghetti Incident image


  1. Since I Don’t Have You
  2. New Rose
  3. Down on the Farm
  4. Human Being
  5. Raw Power
  6. Ain’t It Fun
  7. Buick Makane (Big Dumb Sex)
  8. Hair of the Dog
  9. Attitude
  10. Black Leather
  11. You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory
  12. I Don’t Care About You
  13. Look at Your Game, Girl

“The Spaghetti Incident?” is the studio album released by the American rock band Guns N’ Roses in 1993. It’s a covers CD that showcases the band’s takes on numerous punk and hard rock tunes. The album’s title refers to an incident during which the band’s lead singer, Axl Rose, tossed spaghetti at the wall during a recording session. Despite receiving mixed reviews from reviewers, the album was a commercial success, hitting the top ten on charts in various countries.

6. Chinese Democracy (2008)

Guns N' Roses Album Chinese Democracy image


  1. Chinese Democracy
  2. Shackler’s Revenge
  3. Better
  4. Street of Dreams
  5. If the World
  6. There Was a Time
  7. Catcher in the Rye
  8. Scraped
  9. Riad N’ the Bedouins
  10. Sorry
  11. I.R.S.
  12. Madagascar
  13. This I Love
  14. Prostitute

“Chinese Democracy,” released by Guns N’ Roses in 2008, was one of the most anticipated albums in rock history. It was the band’s first studio album in 15 years, and it included a new lineup fronted by Axl Rose. The album’s sound experimented with different genres, including hard rock, industrial rock, and even electronic music. While critics and fans gave it mixed reviews, “Chinese Democracy” demonstrated Axl Rose’s continued compositional talent as well as the band’s ability to generate powerful and complicated musical creations. It remains an important part in Guns N’ Roses’ discography, reflecting the band’s progress and resilience at a difficult time.

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