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All Time Low Albums in Order: An American rock band hailing from Towson, Maryland, formed in 2003, All Time Low has mesmerized audiences with their infectious sound and energetic performances.

Formed in 2003 in Towson, Maryland, All Time Low is a prominent American rock band that has solidified its place in the music scene over the years. Consisting of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Alex Gaskarth, lead guitarist Jack Barakat, bassist and backing vocalist Zack Merrick, and drummer Rian Dawson, the band derived its name from lyrics in the song “Head on Collision” by New Found Glory. With a humble beginning as high school friends, All Time Low kicked off their musical journey by releasing their debut EP, The Three Words to Remember in Dealing with the End EP, in 2004 under the local label Emerald Moon.

Since then, the band has been on a remarkable trajectory, captivating audiences through year-long tours, headlining numerous shows, and delivering unforgettable performances at renowned music festivals like Warped Tour, Reading and Leeds, and Soundwave. With an impressive discography, including nine studio albums, the likes of The Party Scene (2005), So Wrong, It’s Right (2007), Nothing Personal (2009), Dirty Work (2011), Don’t Panic (2012), Future Hearts (2015), Last Young Renegade (2017), Wake Up, Sunshine (2020), and Tell Me I’m Alive (2023), All Time Low continues to leave an indelible mark on the rock music scene.

Additionally, their live albums, Straight to DVD (2010) and Straight to DVD II: Past, Present and Future Hearts (2016), showcase their electrifying on-stage prowess, cementing their status as one of the most captivating live acts in the industry. So, if you are a die heart fan of All Time Low Albums then check out here we have list of All Time Low albums in order of release so far.

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How many albums does All Time Low have?

The discography of American rock band All Time Low has released nine studio albums, six EPs, two live albums, twenty-nine singles and thirty-nine music videos.


All All Time Low Albums in Order: Check Out The List of  All Time Low Albums in Order of Release Here!

Here is the list of All Time Low Album in Order of Release Date 

  1. The Party Scene — July 19, 2005
  2. So Wrong, It’s Right — September 25, 2007
  3. Nothing Personal — July 7, 2009
  4. Dirty Work — June 7, 2011
  5. Don’t Panic — October 9, 2012
  6. Future Hearts — April 3, 2015
  7. Last Young Renegade — June 2, 2017
  8. Wake Up, Sunshine — April 3, 2020
  9. Tell Me I’m Alive — March 17, 2023


All All Time Low Albums List in Order

1. The Party Scene (2005)

All Time Low The Party Scene Album image


  1. Prelude
  2. The Party Scene
  3. Lullabies
  4. Hometown Heroes; National Nobodies
  5. Circles
  6. Interlude
  7. We Say Summer
  8. Break Out! Break Out!
  9. Running from Lions
  10. Noel
  11. I Can’t Do the One-Two Step
  12. The Girl’s a Straight-Up Hustler
  13. Sticks, Stones, and Techno

The Party Scene, All Time Low’s debut studio album, made its mark on the music scene when it was released on July 19, 2005, under Emerald Moon Records, a regional imprint. The album featured captivating tracks like “Circles” and “The Girl’s a Straight-Up Hustler,” for which the band released music videos. This early release showcased the band’s potential, setting the stage for their subsequent rise to fame in the rock genre.

2. So Wrong, It’s Right (2007)

All Time Low So Wrong, It's Right Album image


  1. This Is How We Do
  2. Let It Roll
  3. Six Feet Under the Stars
  4. Holly (Would You Turn Me On?)
  5. The Beach
  6. Dear Maria, Count Me In
  7. “Shameless
  8. “Remembering Sunday
  9. Vegas
  10. Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last for a Night)
  11. Come One, Come All
  12. Poppin’ Champagne

“So Wrong, It’s Right” stands as the second studio album and major label debut by the acclaimed American rock band All Time Low. After signing with Hopeless Records in March 2006, the band released an EP titled “Put Up or Shut Up” in July of the same year. The album was produced by Paul Leavitt and Matt Squire, with additional songs written during the recording process. Upon its release on September 25, the album garnered significant attention, supported by the hit single “Dear Maria, Count Me In.” Receiving critical acclaim, “So Wrong, It’s Right” reached number 62 on the Billboard 200 and achieved Gold and Platinum certifications for the standout track.

3. Nothing Personal (2009)

All Time Low Nothing Personal Album image


  1. Weightless
  2. Break Your Little Heart
  3. Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)
  4. Lost in Stereo
  5. Stella
  6. Sick Little Games
  7. Hello, Brooklyn
  8. Walls
  9. Too Much
  10. Keep the Change, You Filthy Animal
  11. A Party Song (The Walk of Shame)
  12. Therapy

“Nothing Personal, the third studio album by All Time Low, showcased the band’s musical prowess and marked a significant turning point in their career. The album’s creation began in May 2008, with recording taking place from January to March 2009, resulting in an impressive collaboration with producers such as Matt Squire, Butch Walker, David Bendeth, and SAM and Sluggo. Released on July 7 through Hopeless Records, the album gained immediate success, selling 63,000 copies and reaching number four on the Billboard 200. With hit singles like “Weightless” and “Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t),” Nothing Personal solidified All Time Low’s position as a rising force in the rock music scene, earning them Gold certifications and widespread acclaim.”

4. Dirty Work (2011)

All Time Low Dirty Work Album image


  1. Do You Want Me (Dead?
  2. I Feel Like Dancin
  3. Forget About It
  4. Guts
  5. Time-Bomb
  6. Just the Way I’m Not
  7. Under a Paper Moon
  8. Return the Favor
  9. No Idea
  10. Tricky
  11. A Daydream Away
  12. That Girl
  13. Heroes

Dirty Work is the fourth studio album by the American rock band All Time Low, marking a significant point in their career following the success of Nothing Personal. After signing with major label Interscope Records in late 2009, the band delved into writing and recording in Los Angeles, collaborating with producers like Mike Green, John Fields, Butch Walker, Matt Squire, David Kahne, and U4L. Despite initial plans for a 2010 release, the album faced delays and was finally launched on June 7, 2011. Dirty Work received a mixed-to-positive reception from critics and achieved commercial success, peaking at number six on the Billboard 200 chart, while singles like “I Feel Like Dancin'” and “Time-Bomb” found success on various Billboard charts.

5. Don’t Panic (2012)

All Time Low Don't PanicAlbum image


  1. The Reckless and the Brave
  2. Backseat Serenade
  3. If These Sheets Were States
  4. Somewhere in Neverland
  5. So Long Soldier
  6. The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver
  7. To Live and Let Go
  8. Outlines
  9. Thanks to You
  10. For Baltimore
  11. Paint You Wings
  12. So Long, and Thanks for All the Booze

Don’t Panic, the fifth studio album by American rock band All Time Low, marked a pivotal moment in their career. After signing with major label Interscope Records in November 2009 and facing delays with their previous album Dirty Work, the band took charge and ventured into recording their next project. Teaming up with producer Mike Green, they crafted Don’t Panic, featuring guest appearances from Cassadee Pope, Anthony Raneri, and Jason Vena. Contemplating self-release, the band eventually joined Hopeless Records and unveiled the album in October 2012. The record’s success was bolstered by hit singles like “The Reckless and the Brave,” “For Baltimore,” and “Somewhere in Neverland.” A reissued version, Don’t Panic: It’s Longer Now!, followed, featuring new tracks and acoustic renditions. Their ensuing tours across continents further solidified their position as an unstoppable force in the rock music scene.

6. Future Hearts (2015)

All Time Low Future Hearts Album image


  1. Satellite
  2. Kicking & Screaming
  3. Something’s Gotta Give
  4. Kids in the Dark
  5. Runaways
  6. Missing You
  7. Cinderblock Garden
  8. Tidal Waves
  9. Don’t You Go
  10. Bail Me Out
  11. Dancing with a Wolf
  12. The Edge of Tonight
  13. Old Scars / Future Hearts

“Released on April 3, 2015, Future Hearts stands as the impressive sixth studio album by the renowned American rock band All Time Low. Following their previous success with Don’t Panic (2012), the album was released under Hopeless Records. Leading with the captivating single, “Something’s Gotta Give,” which debuted on BBC Radio 1 on January 12, 2015, the album offers an immersive experience with collectible “polaroids” included in every physical copy and deluxe editions boasting bonus tracks and expanded artwork. Future Hearts marked the band’s last release on Hopeless Records, achieving remarkable success by debuting at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and claiming the No. 1 spot in the UK charts. While praised for its fresh musical direction, some critics noted a lack of cohesiveness due to the involvement of outside songwriters, making it a notable departure from the band’s usual songwriting process.”

7. Last Young Renegade (2017)

All Time Low Last Young Renegade Album image


  1. Last Young Renegade
  2. Drugs & Candy
  3. Dirty Laundry
  4. Good Times
  5. Nice2KnoU
  6. Life of the Party
  7. Nightmares
  8. Dark Side of Your Room
  9. Ground Control
  10. Afterglow

.Last Young Renegade, All Time Low’s seventh studio album, hit the music scene on June 2, 2017, marking their first collaboration with Fueled by Ramen. The album’s lead single, “Dirty Laundry,” made its debut on BBC Radio 1 on February 17, 2017, generating anticipation among fans. Upon its release, Last Young Renegade made a powerful impact, debuting at an impressive number nine on the US Billboard 200 chart, with 33,000 units sold in its inaugural week. This record stands as a testament to the band’s enduring popularity and their ability to consistently deliver music that resonates with audiences worldwide.

8. Wake Up, Sunshine (2020)

All Time Low Wake Up, Sunshine Album image


  1. Some Kind of Disaster
  2. Sleeping In
  3. Getaway Green
  4. Melancholy Kaleidoscope
  5. Trouble Is
  6. Wake Up, Sunshine
  7. Monsters
  8. Pretty Venom (Interlude)
  9. Favorite Place
  10. Safe
  11. January Gloom (Seasons, Pt. 1)
  12. Clumsy
  13. Glitter & Crimson
  14. Summer Daze (Seasons, Pt. 2)
  15. Basement Noise

Wake Up, Sunshine is the eighth studio album by American rock band All Time Low. It was released on April 3, 2020, and is their second release with Fueled by Ramen following Last Young Renegade in 2017. The album’s fourth and final single “Monsters” is the highest-charting song of their career.

9. Tell Me I’m Alive (2023)

All Time Low Tell Me I'm Alive Album image


  1. Tell Me I’m Alive
  2. Modern Love
  3. Are You There?
  4. Sleepwalking
  5. Calm Down
  6. English Blood // American Heartache
  7. The Sound of Letting Go
  8. New Religion
  9. The Way You Miss Me
  10. I’d Be Fine (If I Never Saw You Again)
  11. Kill Ur Vibe
  12. The Other Side
  13. Lost Along the Way

Tell Me I’m Alive is the ninth studio album by the renowned American rock band, All Time Low. Released on March 17, 2023, through the reputable label Fueled by Ramen, the album showcases the band’s evolution and continued musical prowess. With their signature blend of captivating melodies and emotionally charged lyrics, All Time Low once again delivers a collection of tracks that resonate with fans worldwide. The album’s release marks another milestone in the band’s illustrious career, solidifying their status as a leading force in the rock music industry.

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