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Thalía Albums in Order: A name that resonates across continents, Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda, known simply as Thalía, embodies the pinnacle of musical prowess, acting virtuosity, and entrepreneurial acumen.

Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda, famously known as Thalía, has indelibly marked the realms of music, television, and entrepreneurship. Born on August 26, 1971, she reigns as a Mexican luminary—a celebrated singer and actress whose multifaceted talents have captivated audiences worldwide. Revered as the “Queen of Latin Pop,” Thalía’s impact extends far beyond her staggering record sales of approximately 50 million globally.

Her versatile vocal prowess transcends linguistic barriers, enchanting audiences not just in her native Spanish but also in English, French, Portuguese, and Tagalog. Beyond her music, her on-screen presence in telenovelas has earned her the moniker “Queen of telenovelas,” garnering a staggering audience of over 2 billion across 180 countries, as noted by UNICEF. Thalía’s cross-cultural influence propelled her beyond Spanish-speaking territories, expanding her reach into European and Asian markets. Her resounding success as an actress and musician earned her recognition among Billboard’s Greatest Latin Artists of All Time and People En Español’s elite roster of the most iconic Hispanic entertainers.

Not confined to entertainment, Thalía’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through her thriving fashion brand, syndicated radio show, and literary works, including her memoir. Moreover, her commitment to philanthropy is evident through her role as a UNICEF Mexico Ambassador, marking her as not just an entertainment powerhouse but also a beacon of social advocacy and business acumen. Thalía’s multifaceted career epitomizes excellence, securing her a well-deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a permanent place in the annals of global entertainment history. So, if you are a die heart fan of Thalía Albums then check out here we have list of Thalía albums in order of release so far.

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How many albums does Thalía have?

The discography of Mexican recording artist Thalía, consists of 19 studio albums, 24 compilation albums, two live albums and 70 singles.

All Thalía Albums in Order: Check Out The List of  Thalía Albums in Order of Release Here!

Here is the list of Thalía Album in Order of Release Date 

  1. Thalía — October 10, 1990
  2. Mundo de Cristal — September 26, 1991
  3. Love October 7, 1992
  4. En éxtasis — October 1, 1995
  5. Nandito Ako — January 28, 1997
  6. Amor a la Mexicana — July 1, 1997
  7. Arrasando — April 25, 2000
  8. Thalía — May 21, 2002
  9. Thalía — July 8, 2003
  10. El Sexto Sentido — July 19, 2005
  11. Lunada — June 24, 2008
  12. Habítame Siempre — November 19, 2012
  13. Viva Kids Vol. 1 — March 25, 2014
  14. Amore Mío — November 4, 2014
  15. Latina — May 6, 2016
  16. Valiente — November 9, 2018
  17. Viva Kids Vol. 2 — May 29, 2020
  18. Desamorfosis — May 14, 2021
  19. Thalía’s Mixtape — May 28, 2023


All Thalía Albums List in Order

1. Thalía (1990)


  1. El Baile De Los Perros Y Los Gatos
  2. Libertad De Expresión
  3. Amarillo Azul
  4. Aeróbico
  5. Pienso en Ti
  6. Saliva
  7. Un Pacto Entre los Dos
  8. Thali’sman
  9. El Poder De Tu Amor
  10. La Tierra De Nunca Jamás

“Thalía,” the eponymous debut album by Mexican sensation Thalía, emerged on October 9, 1990, under Fonovisa Records. Infused with ’80s rock, disco, pop, and ballads, it sparked both success and controversy. Singles like “Un Pacto Entre Los Dos” and “Saliva,” though provocative, became iconic tracks alongside “Amarillo Azul” and “Pienso En Ti.” Celebrating her 25-year solo milestone, the album resurfaced on iTunes and Spotify in December 2014. Certified 2× Gold in Mexico, it sold over 200,000 units, marking a foundational chapter in Thalía’s illustrious career as a singer, setting the stage for her enduring legacy in the music industry.

2. Mundo de Cristal (1991)


  1. Cristal
  2. Sudor
  3. El Bombo de tu Corazón
  4. Te Necesito
  5. Madrid
  6. Fuego Cruzado
  7. Jollie Madame
  8. Mundo de Cristal
  9. En la Intimidad
  10. Me Matas
  11. En Silencio
  12. Blues Jam

“Mundo de Cristal,” Thalía’s second studio album, debuted on September 26, 1991, under Fonovisa Records. Produced by her then-boyfriend Alfredo Díaz Ordaz, it marked a poignant moment as his final collaboration before his 1993 passing. The album achieved 2× Gold in Mexico, reflecting sales of 200,000 units. Notable tracks like “Sudor,” “En La Intimidad,” and “Fuego Cruzado” became chart-topping singles. Commemorating Thalía’s 25th solo artist anniversary, the album reappeared on digital platforms like iTunes and Spotify in December 2014. “Mundo de Cristal” remains a pivotal work in Thalía’s musical journey, showcasing her talent and significance in the Latin music landscape.

3. Love (1992)


  1. A la Orilla del Mar
  2. Sangre
  3. La Vie en rose
  4. Love
  5. El Bronceador
  6. Flor de Juventud
  7. No es el Momento
  8. Cien Años
  9. El Día del Amor
  10. Flores Secas en la Piel
  11. No Trates de Engañarme
  12. Déjame Escapar

“Love,” Thalía’s third studio album, debuted on October 7, 1992, under the Melody/Fonovisa label, once owned by Televisa and now part of the Univision Music Group. Produced by Luis Carlos Esteban, it saw release in Mexico, parts of Central America, the USA (featuring an alternative cover), Spain, Greece, and Turkey. In Mexico alone, two versions were launched, amassing sales exceeding 500,000 units, marking it her most successful record until “Primera Fila,” which soared past 600,000 sales. Commemorating her 25th anniversary as a solo artist, “Love” became digitally available on iTunes and Spotify by December 2014.

4. En éxtasis (1995)


  1. Piel Morena
  2. Juana
  3. Quiero hacerte el amor
  4. Amándote
  5. Llévame Contigo
  6. Me Erotizas
  7. Gracias a Dios
  8. Lágrimas
  9. Te Quiero Tanto
  10. Te Dejé la Puerta Abierta
  11. Fantasía
  12. Me Faltas Tú
  13. Piel Morena

“En éxtasis” marked Thalía’s pivotal leap onto the global stage, her fourth studio album released on September 12, 1995, under EMI Latin. Not only was it her debut with EMI Music but also her maiden international venture, propelling her to widespread acclaim across Latin America and beyond. The album’s five singles, notably “Piel Morena,” a Latin music anthem, and “Maria la del Barrio,” tied to the eponymous telenovela, cemented Thalía’s rising star. Recognized for its impact, the album garnered multiple certifications, including a nomination for Pop Album of the Year at the Lo Nuestro Awards ’96. Billboard hailed it as a multimillion seller, selling approximately 2 million copies globally, solidifying its status among top-selling Latin albums.

5. Nandito Ako (1997)


  1. Nandito Ako
  2. I Found Your Love
  3. Tender Kisses
  4. Mariang Taga-Barrio
  5. Tell Me
  6. Chika Lang
  7. You Are Still On My Mind
  8. Amandote
  9. Hey, It’s Me
  10. Juana

“Nandito Ako,” Thalía’s fifth studio album, emerged on January 28, 1997, through EMI Latin and OctoArts EMI, exclusively captivating the Philippines following the triumph of “Marimar.” Originally featuring the title track by Lea Salonga, it achieved triple-platinum status in the Philippines, solidifying its place among the country’s top-selling albums. A decade later, the album was reintroduced in the Philippines, now incorporating Thalía’s iconic song “Marimar.” This strategic re-release reaffirmed the album’s enduring impact, marking a testament to Thalía’s resonating influence and the enduring connection she fostered with her Filipino audience.

6. Amor a la Mexicana (1997)


  1. Por Amor
  2. Noches sin luna
  3. Mujer Latina
  4. Amor a la Mexicana
  5. Rosas
  6. Echa pa’lante
  7. Ponle remedio
  8. Es tu amor
  9. De dónde soy
  10. Dicen por ahí

“Amor a la Mexicana,” Thalía’s sixth studio album, released on June 24, 1997, via EMI Latin, reflects a vibrant fusion of genres—cumbia, salsa, and balladry. Produced by luminaries like Emilio Estefan and Kike Santander, recorded at Miami’s Crescent Moon Studios, the album swiftly earned acclaim, entering the top 10 of Top Latin and Latin Pop Albums, securing double platinum RIAA certification. Notably, its eponymous single propelled Thalía’s musical evolution. With over two million copies sold globally, it stands among her highest-grossing albums, particularly resonating in Chile. Billboard’s Luca Villa noted its role in popularizing Mexican culture, cementing its status as a seminal release in Thalía’s discography.

7. Arrasando (2000)


  1. Entre el mar y una estrella
  2. Regresa a mí
  3. Reencarnación
  4. Arrasando
  5. No Hay que Llorar
  6. Quiero Amarte
  7. Suerte en Mí
  8. Menta y Canela
  9. Tumba la Casa
  10. Pata Pata
  11. Siempre Hay Cariño
  12. Rosalinda

“Arrasando” marks Thalía’s pivotal seventh studio album, released on April 25, 2000, under EMI Latin. Teaming up with eminent producers like Emilio Estefan, Roberto Blades, and Lawrence Dermer, the album signaled a departure from her previous works, embracing a vibrant dance and techno-infused vibe, a fusion of diverse musical styles. Featuring eight self-penned tracks and covers including “Pata Pata” and Gloria Estefan’s “Lucky Girl,” the album garnered global acclaim, elevating Thalía’s status as an international pop sensation. Noteworthy accolades followed, with nominations at the Latin Grammy Awards and Lo Nuestro Awards. By September 2001, “Arrasando” had sold nearly 2 million copies worldwide, solidifying its place among the best-selling Latin albums.

8. Thalía (2002)


  1. Tú y Yo
  2. Así Es El Destino
  3. En la Fiesta Mando Yo
  4. No me enseñaste
  5. Y Seguir
  6. ¿A Quién le Importa?
  7. Vueltas En El Aire
  8. Heridas En El Alma
  9. La Loca
  10. The Mexican 2002 (Spanish version)
  11. The Mexican 2002 (English version)
  12. Closer To You
  13. You Spin Me ‘Round

“Thalía,” the eighth studio album by Mexican singer Thalía, released on May 21, 2002, through EMI Latin, follows her triumph with “Arrasando” (2000). Collaborating with producers like Emilio Estéfan, Jr., Cory Rooney, Estéfano, Julio C. Reyes, and Steve Morales, the album fuses pop rock and Latin pop, amplifying themes of self-empowerment and individuality. It garnered positive reviews, hailed as Thalía’s defining sound. The singles “Tú y Yo,” “No me enseñaste,” and “¿A Quién le Importa?” dominated Billboard’s Hot Latin Tracks, propelling the album to six weeks atop the Top Latin Album Chart and Mexican chart, earning Gold certification. Thalía’s musical prowess soared, cementing her as a chart-topping Latin pop sensation.

9. Thalía (2003)


  1. I Want You
  2. Baby, I’m in Love
  3. Misbehavin
  4. Don’t Look Back
  5. Another Girl
  6. What’s It Gonna Be Boy?
  7. Closer to You
  8. Save the Day
  9. You and Me
  10. Dance Dance (The Mexican)
  11. Me Pones Sexy
  12. Alguien Real
  13. Cerca de Ti
  14. Toda la Felicidad

“Thalía,” the eponymous and debut English-language album by Mexican artist Thalía, debuted on July 8, 2003, under Virgin Records and EMI Latin. Marking her ninth studio release, it shares its title with her 1990 and 2002 Spanish-language albums. Despite moderate success, the album achieved substantial sales, surpassing 750,000 copies within three months of its release, showcasing Thalía’s crossover appeal and setting a precedent for her ventures into the English-speaking music market.

10. El Sexto Sentido (2005)


  1. Amar Sin Ser Amada
  2. Seducción
  3. Un Sueño para Dos
  4. Sabe Bien
  5. 24000 Besos (24000 Baci)
  6. Olvídame
  7. No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti
  8. Un Alma Sentenciada
  9. No Me Voy a Quebrar
  10. Loca
  11. Empezar de “0”
  12. Amor Prohibido
  13. You Know He Never Loved You
  14. Seduction
  15. A Dream for Two

“El Sexto Sentido (‘The Sixth Sense’)” marked Thalía’s tenth studio album, unveiling on July 19, 2005, via EMI Latin. Diverse in genres—from Latin pop to R&B—the album delves into the artist’s persona, presenting a mature, rhythmic, and infectious sound. Notable singles like “Amar sin ser amada,” “Un alma sentenciada,” and “Seducción” highlighted its success. Collaboration with Colombian songwriter Estéfano intensified its impact. With a DVD version and English renditions of select tracks, it showcased versatility and emotion. Reissued in 2006 as “El Sexto Sentido Re+Loaded,” the album introduced three new songs, including hit singles like “Cantando por un sueño” and a duet with Romeo Santos. This expanded edition earned a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Album.

11. Lunada (2008)


  1. Ten Paciencia
  2. Sangre Caliente
  3. Será Porque Te Amo
  4. Con Este Amor
  5. Bendita
  6. Desolvidándote
  7. Isla Para Dos
  8. Insensible
  9. Aventurero
  10. Yo No Sé Vivir
  11. Sólo Se Vive Una Vez

“Lunada,” Thalía’s eleventh studio album, marked her return after a hiatus following the success of “El Sexto Sentido” in 2005 and the birth of her first child. Released on June 24, 2008, via EMI Latin and produced by Emilio Estefan, the album aimed to capture the essence of a summer celebration. Despite generally positive reviews, personal challenges, including treatment for Lyme disease, led to canceled promotions. Consequently, the album’s sales fell short of expectations, selling approximately 250,000 copies worldwide. This shortfall prompted Thalía to conclude her 14-year partnership with EMI, parting ways due to the album’s commercial outcome.

12. Habítame Siempre (2012)


  1. Habítame Siempre
  2. Con Los Años Que Me Quedan
  3. Manías
  4. Te Perdiste Mi Amor
  5. No Soy el Aire
  6. Bésame Mucho
  7. Regalito de Dios
  8. Tómame o Déjame
  9. Muñequita Linda (Te Quiero Dijiste)
  10. Bésame
  11. Dime Si Ahora
  12. Ojalá

“Habítame Siempre” marks Thalía’s 12th studio album, released on November 19, 2012, under Sony Music Latin. Featuring 15 tracks and collaborations with artists like Robbie Williams and Michael Bublé, the album blends pop rock, bachata, salsa, mambo, and more with Thalía’s signature Latin pop style. It follows her successful acoustic album “Primera Fila” and became triple platinum + Gold in Mexico, platinum in Venezuela, and gold in the US. Debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top Latin and Latin Pop album charts, it garnered positive reviews for her vocals and production, earning the Lo Nuestro Award for Pop Album of the Year. The accompanying VIVA! Tour showcased this album that sold around half a million copies worldwide.

13. Viva Kids Vol. 1 (2014)


  1. Tema de Chupi
  2. Vamos a Jugar
  3. El piojo y la pulga
  4. El garabato colorado
  5. La risa de las vocales
  6. Caballo de Palo
  7. En un bosque de la China
  8. Sugar Rush
  9. Las mañanitas
  10. Osito carpintero
  11. Estrellita

“Viva Kids Vol. 1,” Thalía’s 13th studio album, marked her inaugural venture into children’s music, launched on March 25, 2014, under Sony Music Latin. The compilation, comprising 11 tracks, predominantly features renditions of beloved children’s tunes. Notably, it encompasses an original track penned by Thalía herself, serving as the thematic melody for her children’s book, “Chupi: The Binky That Returned Home.” A departure from her usual repertoire, this album showcases Thalía’s versatility, engaging young audiences with playful renditions while weaving a charming musical narrative alongside her literary creation.

14. Amore Mío (2014)


  1. Amore Mio
  2. Por Lo Que Reste De Vida
  3. Más
  4. Cerveza en México
  5. Lo Más Bonito de Ti
  6. Contigo Quiero Estar
  7. Cómete Mi Boca
  8. Tranquila
  9. Tú y Yo
  10. Como Tú No Hay Dos
  11. Sólo Parecía Amor
  12. Olvídame

“Amore Mio” Thalía’s 14th studio album, debuted on November 4, 2014, under Sony Music Latin. Featuring 14 tracks, including collaborations with Fat Joe and Becky G, it marked her return after 2012’s “Habítame Siempre.” Lead single “Por Lo Que Reste De Vida,” a romantic ballad by Ricky Montaner, released on September 9, 2014, gained moderate airplay success. Thalía’s strategy of dual singles in January 2015 included “Como Tú No Hay Dos” with Becky G for the US and Latin America, and the title track “Amore Mio,” reaching #10 in Mexico. The album topped Billboard’s Top Latin and Latin Pop charts and achieved platinum status in Mexico, receiving favorable reviews from critics and fans alike.

15. Latina (2016)


  1. Desde Esa Noche
  2. La Movidita
  3. De Ti
  4. Vuélveme A Querer
  5. Todavía Te Quiero
  6. Frutas
  7. Pena Negra
  8. Tiki Tiki Ta [Uno Momento]
  9. Todo [Poso Se Thelo]
  10. Te Encontraré
  11. Poquita Fe
  12. Enemigos
  13. Vivir Junto a Ti

“Latina,” Thalía’s fifteenth studio album, debuted on May 6, 2016, under Sony Music Latin, featuring 13 tracks and notable collaborations with artists like Maluma, Silvestre Dangond, and De La Ghetto. Following her 2014 release “Amore Mio,” this album marked a celebrated return for the Mexican singer. Critically acclaimed, “Latina” earned platinum certifications in Mexico and the United States, achieving significant commercial success. The album’s fusion of tracks and collaborations resonated widely, solidifying Thalía’s place as a dynamic force in Latin music, lauded by critics and embraced by a diverse audience in both her native Mexico and beyond the borders of the U.S.

16. Valiente (2018)


  1. No Me Acuerdo
  2. Lindo Pero Bruto
  3. Lento
  4. Sube, Sube
  5. Tú Me Sientas Tan Bien
  6. Vamos Órale
  7. Ahí
  8. Corazón Valiente
  9. Qué Ironía
  10. Por Amor Al Arte
  11. Ay Amor
  12. Vikingo
  13. Me Oyen, Me Escuchan

“Valiente,” Thalía’s sixteenth studio album, launched on November 9, 2018 via Sony Music Latin, boasting the chart-topping single “No Me Acuerdo” that dominated Latin America. Following its success, “Lento” soared into the top 10 in multiple countries while “Lindo Pero Bruto” captivated audiences through its striking music video. The album also featured “Me Oyen, Me Escuchan,” a promotional single tied to the viral “Thalia’s challenge” stemming from a Facebook live video. Notably, “Valiente” earned Latin double Platinum status in the US (RIAA) and Platinum in Mexico (AMPROFON), solidifying its acclaim and Thalía’s enduring impact in the Latin music landscape.

17. Viva Kids Vol. 2 (2020)


  1. Mi No Cumpleaños
  2. La Canción de la Efe
  3. Salto
  4. Iuuuuu
  5. La Vacuna
  6. Una Cucaracha
  7. No Quiero Venduras
  8. Es un Pedo
  9. Diente
  10. No Se Trata de Ganar
  11. Los Reyes Magos
  12. Yo Puedo Sola
  13. Miedo-Terror
  14. Mis Tradiciones
  15. A Dormir

“Viva Kids Vol. 2,” Thalía’s 17th studio album, marks her second venture into children’s music, launched on May 29, 2020, under Sony Music Latin. Comprising 15 original tracks, the album showcases Thalía’s penned children’s songs, following the success of its predecessor, “Viva Kids Vol. 1,” released in 2014. This delightful sequel caters to a young audience, offering a vibrant assortment of engaging and fresh tunes crafted specifically for kids, reflecting Thalía’s creative versatility beyond her established repertoire.

18. Desamorfosis (2021)


  1. Mojito
  2. Eres Mío
  3. Mal y Bien
  4. Bolsito Caro
  5. No Te Vi
  6. La Luz
  7. Por Qué
  8. Cancelado
  9. Secreto
  10. Ya Tú Me Conoces
  11. Tick Tock
  12. Empecemos
  13. Barrio
  14. Tu Boca (Bonus Track)

“Desamorfosis” marks Thalía’s eighteenth studio album, unveiled on May 14, 2021, under Sony Music Latin. The title cleverly fuses “desamor” (heartbreak) and “metamorfosis” (metamorphosis), spotlighting “amor” (love). This musical offering delves into themes of transformation, encapsulating a poignant exploration of love’s evolution. Thalía’s artistry shines as she navigates the complex spectrum of emotions, merging heartbreak with the transformative power of love. The album stands as a testament to her creative versatility and emotional depth, further cementing her position as a maestro of evocative storytelling through music.

19. Thalía’s Mixtape (2023)


  1. Devuélveme a Mi Chica
  2. Pachuco
  3. Florecita Rockera
  4. Persiana Americana
  5. Me Cuesta Tanto Olvidarte
  6. Rayando el Sol
  7. Para No Verte Más
  8. Cuando Seas Grande
  9. Mixtape Medley
  10. La Muralla Verde
  11. Lucha de Gigantes

“Thalía’s Mixtape,” Thalía’s nineteenth studio album, released on April 28, 2023, under Sony Music Latin, is a vibrant tribute. This covers album elegantly honors iconic Latin rock hits from the 1980s and 1990s. Produced by Rafa Arcaute and Aureo Baqueiro, it showcases her versatility while paying homage to the era’s musical gems. Thalía’s adeptness shines through as she infuses her unique style into these classics, offering a fresh take on beloved tracks. The album stands as a testament to her enduring artistry, reaffirming her place as a trailblazer in Latin music.

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