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EXO Albums in Order: Embarking on a meteoric rise from their debut in 2012, South Korea’s sensational boy band, Exo, crafted a legacy that transcended borders and redefined K-pop’s global dominance.

Formed by SM Entertainment in Seoul back in 2011, Exo swiftly rose to prominence, becoming a stalwart of the global music scene. Initially comprising twelve members, the group made a splash with subunits Exo-K and Exo-M, delivering music in Korean and Mandarin. However, transitions within the lineup ensued, with Kris, Luhan, and Tao departing amid legal battles, reshaping Exo into its present configuration of nine incredibly talented individuals.

Known for their multilingual repertoire spanning Korean, Mandarin, and Japanese, Exo’s musical prowess extends beyond boundaries. Their journey boasts milestones like the groundbreaking album “XOXO” in 2013, featuring the hit “Growl,” a record-breaking success that catapulted them into the limelight. Over the years, their achievements have soared, each Korean studio album surpassing the million-copy mark. Notably, “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo” (2018) soared to number 23 on the US Billboard 200, while their latest release, “Exist” (2023), achieved remarkable success in South Korea, surpassing 2 million in sales.

Beyond their musical endeavors, Exo’s influence extends to philanthropy, collaborating with UNICEF for the ongoing “Smile For U” initiative, showcasing their commitment beyond the stage. With a string of accolades, from consecutive Album of the Year awards to the “Kings of K-pop” title, Exo’s impact on both music and culture stands as a testament to their enduring legacy. So, if you are a die heart fan of EXO Albums then check out here we have list of EXO albums in order of release so far.

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How many albums does EXO have?

The discography of the South Korean-Chinese boy band Exo consists of eight studio albums, seven extended plays, four live albums and twenty-eight singles.

All EXO Albums in Order: Check Out The List of  EXO Albums in Order of Release Here!

Here is the list of EXO Album in Order of Release Date:

Korean and Chinese albums

  1. XOXO — June 3, 2013
  2. Exodus — March 30, 2015
  3. Ex’Act — June 9, 2016
  4. The War — July 19, 2017

Korean-exclusive albums 

  1. Don’t Mess Up My Tempo — November 2, 2018
  2. Obsession — November 27, 2019
  3. Exist — July 10, 2023

Japanese albums

  1. Countdown — January 31, 2018


All EXO Albums List in Order

Korean and Chinese albums

1. XOXO (2013)

EXO XOXO Album image


  1. Wolf
  2. Baby Don’t Cry
  3. Black Pearl
  4. Don’t Go
  5. Let Out the Beast
  6. 3.6.5
  7. Heart Attack
  8. Peter Pan
  9. Baby
  10. My Lady
  11. Wolf (EXO-K version)
  12. 狼与美女 (Wolf)

Released on June 3, 2013, ‘XOXO’ marked Exo’s debut studio album, following their EP ‘Mama’ (2012). With ‘Kiss’ and ‘Hug’ versions, the album showcased two singles, ‘Wolf’ and breakout hit ‘Growl,’ leading the repackaged edition. Both singles surged into the top ten of the Gaon Digital Chart, with ‘Growl’ peaking at number 3 on the Billboard K-pop Hot 100. Recognized with the Album of the Year award at the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards, ‘XOXO’ surpassed a million copies sold, solidifying its place among Korea’s best-selling albums.

2. Exodus (2015)

EXO Exodus Album image


  1. Call Me Baby
  2. Transformer
  3. What If…
  4. My Answer
  5. Exodus
  6. El Dorado
  7. Playboy
  8. Hurt
  9. Lady Luck
  10. Beautiful

Exodus, the second studio album by Exo, marked a pivotal transition for the group, released on March 30, 2015, and later reissued as Love Me Right on June 3. Signifying a departure from prior configurations, it notably excluded Kris and Luhan, who had departed due to legal disputes, marking the final album divided between Exo-K and Exo-M units. Remarkably, despite these changes, Exodus set a groundbreaking record, becoming the fastest-selling K-pop album at the time, surpassing one million copies within two months. Additionally, it became Tao’s last album with the group, as he suspended activities shortly after, concluding an era for Exo.

3. Ex’Act (2016)

EXO Ex'Act Album image



  1. Lucky One
  2. Monster
  3. Artificial Love
  4. Cloud 9
  5. Heaven
  6. White Noise
  7. One and Only
  8. They Never Know
  9. Stronger
  10. Lucky One
  11. Monster

Ex’Act, Exo’s third studio album, dropped on June 9, 2016, showcasing the group’s versatility with Korean and Chinese versions. The album, reissued as ‘Lotto’ on August 18, 2016, continued Exo’s streak, selling over 1 million copies like its predecessors. Notably, it clinched the Mnet Asian Music Award for Album of the Year, marking Exo’s fourth consecutive win in this category, solidifying their consistent commercial success.

4. The War (2017)

EXO The War Album image


  1. The Eve (前夜)
  2. Ko Ko Bop
  3. What U Do?
  4. Forever
  5. Diamond
  6. Touch It
  7. Chill
  8. Walk on Memories
  9. Going Crazy

Exo’s “The War,” their fourth studio album, dropped digitally on July 18, 2017, followed by a physical release the next day via SM Entertainment under Genie Music. Boasting nine tracks, including the chart-topping single “Ko Ko Bop,” it shattered pre-order records, amassing over 800,000 physical copies. Within 24 days, it soared past the million-copy mark, continuing Exo’s streak of million-selling albums. The album’s reissue, “The War: The Power of Music,” emerged on September 5, 2017, notably excluding member Lay due to an indefinite hiatus. This release marked the final separate Korean-Chinese album launch for Exo.

Korean-exclusive albums

1. Don’t Mess Up My Tempo (2018)

EXO Don't Mess Up My Tempo Album image


  1. Tempo
  2. Sign
  3. Ooh La La La
  4. Gravity
  5. With You
  6. 24/7
  7. Bad Dream
  8. Damage
  9. Smile On My Face
  10. Oasis
  11. Tempo

“Don’t Mess Up My Tempo,” Exo’s fifth studio album, dropped on November 2, 2018, under SM Entertainment. The release featured Lay in the Chinese version of the lead track, “Tempo,” reuniting with the group since 2016. Available in four versions – Allegro, Moderato, Andante, and Vivace, mirroring tempo types – the album debuted atop the Gaon Album Chart. Its repackaged version, “Love Shot,” emerged on December 13, 2018. This transformative album not only showcased the group’s musical prowess but also solidified their chart-topping presence while marking a significant reunion within the band.

2. Obsession (2019)

EXO Obsession Album image


  1. Obsession
  2. Trouble
  3. Jekyll
  4. Groove
  5. Ya Ya Ya
  6. Baby You Are
  7. Non Stop
  8. Day After Day
  9. Butterfly Effect
  10. Obsession

Exo’s ‘Obsession,’ their sixth studio album, emerged on November 27, 2019, under SM Entertainment, available in three versions: EXO, X-EXO, and OBSESSION (released on December 4). This marked their first promotion as a six-member group due to Xiumin and D.O.’s military service and Lay’s solo pursuits in China. Notably, it was the final album to feature a Chinese rendition of the title track. ‘Obsession’ signaled a transitional phase for Exo, showcasing their adaptability and musical prowess amidst evolving dynamics within the group.

3. Exist (2023)

EXO Exist Album image


  1. Cream Soda
  2. Regret It
  3. Hear Me Out
  4. Private Party
  5. Cinderella
  6. No Makeup
  7. Love Fool
  8. Another Day
  9. Let Me In

Released on July 10, 2023, by SM Entertainment, ‘Exist’ stands as Exo’s seventh studio album, marking a unique shift as a seven-member group due to Kai’s military service and Lay’s solo ventures in China. Notably, the album showcases vocal performances from all eight Korean members, despite Kai’s absence during promotion. This departure from the usual lineup underscores the group’s adaptability and musical cohesion, presenting a testament to their versatility even amidst individual pursuits, and solidifies their unwavering presence in the K-pop sphere.

Japanese albums

1. Countdown (2018)

EXO Countdown Album image


  1. Electric Kiss
  2. Coming Over
  3. Love Me Right ~romantic universe~
  4. Lightsaber
  5. Tactix
  6. Into My World
  7. Lovin’ You Mo’
  8. Drop That
  9. Run This
  10. Cosmic Railway

Exo’s ‘Countdown,’ their inaugural Japanese-language studio album (fifth overall), debuted on January 31, 2018, through Avex Trax and SM Entertainment Japan. Featuring a blend of previously launched Japanese tracks and four fresh releases, notably the lead track ‘Electric Kiss,’ the album showcased the group’s evolving musical prowess. ‘Countdown’ marked a significant milestone for Exo, seamlessly combining established hits with innovative sounds, cementing their foothold in the Japanese music scene and delighting fans with a compelling fusion of familiarity and fresh creative energy.

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