The List of Tyler, the Creator Albums in Order of Release Date

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When Tyler, The Creator first started gaining national notoriety around 2008, it would’ve been easy to dismiss him as cheap shock—a snotty kid willing to push every button (mass murder, rape, cannibalism) just to get a little attention. Within a few years, he’d evolved into one of hip-hop’s genuine polymaths, a self-contained brand who not only rapped, wrote, produced, and art-directed, but designed clothes and created television shows; whose vision—violent, surreal, sarcastic, and disarmingly introspective—captured the id of an audience who didn’t know how to relate to their feelings but weren’t going to keep them in any longer.

Raised in Los Angeles County, Tyler (born Tyler Okonma in 1991) started experimenting with music in his early teens, co-founding the Odd Future collective in 2007, a group whose members included fellow iconoclasts Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean, and Syd Tha Kyd. Influenced by the grab-bag eclecticism of Pharrell Williams and his own tirelessly messed-up inner monologues, his official debut, Goblin, came out in 2011. (“Wow, life’s a cute b***h full of estrogen,” he rapped on the title track. “And when she gives you lemons, n***a, throw ’em at pedestrians.”) Gritty, nightmarish, and barbed, the album established him as a kind of antihero: an artist whose bad reputation only made his fans love him more. Wolf (2013) and Cherry Bomb (2015) explored similar psychological territory with increasing nuance; his productions got more sophisticated too, exploring soul-jazz (“FIND YOUR WINGS”), Latin music (“Tamale”), and ’90s R&B (“Awkward”) in ways that were both discordant and colorful, a full rainbow of bad feeling.

In 2017, he released Flower Boy, an album whose vulnerability and eclecticism represented a major step up—a maturation from young punk to complex young man. It ended up being nominated for a Grammy. Meanwhile, he’d found the time to create not one but three television shows (Loiter Squad, Nuts + Bolts, The Jellies), launch a vibrant streetwear line (Golf Wang), and spearhead an annual festival called the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival. Like Kanye and Pharrell before him, and artists like the BROCKHAMPTON collective after, Tyler represents a new chapter in hip-hop, toying with identity and sexuality, and drawing on influences—skate culture, therapy speak, the kaleidoscopic weirdness of life on the internet—that help to expand rap’s vocabulary while still keeping continuity with the past. In 2019, he released IGOR, his most mood-driven, soul-baring work to date. So, if you are a die heart fan of Tyler, the Creator Albums then check out here we have list of Tyler, the Creator albums in order of release so far.


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How many albums does Tyler, the Creator have?

The discography of  an American rapper, singer-songwriter Tyler, the Creator consists of six studio albums, 35 music videos, 1 mixtapes, and 32 singles. 

All Tyler, the Creator Albums in Order: Check Out The List of Tyler, the Creator Albums in Order of Release Here!

Here is the list of Tyler, the Creator Albums in Order of Release Date:

Studio albums

  1. Goblin — May 10, 2011
  2. Wolf — April 2, 2013
  3. Cherry Bomb — April 13, 2015
  4. Flower Boy — July 21, 2017
  5. Igor — May 17, 2019
  6. Call Me If You Get Lost — June 25, 2021


All Tyler, the Creator Albums List in Order

1. Goblin (2011)

Tyler the Creator Goblin Albums


  1. Goblin
  2. Yonkers
  3. Radicals
  4. She
  5. Transylvania
  6. Nightmare
  7. Tron Cat
  8. Her
  9. Sandwitches
  10. Fish
  11. Analog
  12. Bitch Suck Dick
  13. Window
  14. AU79
  15. Golden

Tyler, the Creator’s 2011 album “Goblin” is a raw and provocative masterpiece that showcases his unique talent and unapologetic approach to music. With his gritty production and provocative lyrics, Tyler delves into themes of loneliness, frustration, and alienation, offering a glimpse into the mind of a troubled artist. The album’s dark and haunting atmosphere is enhanced by Tyler’s dynamic and often shocking wordplay, creating a vivid and unsettling listening experience. “Goblin” solidified Tyler, the Creator as an influential figure in hip-hop, pushing boundaries and challenging conventional norms with his fearless creativity.

2. Wolf (2013)

Tyler the Creator Wolf Albums


  1. Wolf
  2. Jamba
  3. Cowboy
  4. Awkward
  5. Domo23
  6. Answer
  7. Slater
  8. 48
  9. Colossus
  10. PartyIsntOver / Campfire / Bimmer
  11. IFHY
  12. Pigs
  13. Parking Lot
  14. Rusty
  15. Trashwang
  16. Treehome95
  17. Tamale
  18. Lone

Tyler, the Creator’s “Wolf” album, released in 2013, showcases his artistic growth and musical versatility. With an eclectic blend of genres like hip-hop, R&B, and alternative, Tyler crafts a concept album that delves into his alter ego, Wolf Haley. The album explores themes of identity, love, and self-discovery, all while maintaining Tyler’s signature irreverence and wit. Tracks like “Domo23” and “IFHY” exhibit his energetic rap style, while songs like “Awkward” and “Answer” reveal a more vulnerable side. “Wolf” solidified Tyler’s position as a unique and influential voice in contemporary music.

3. Cherry Bomb (2015)

Tyler the Creator Cherry Bomb Albums


  1. Deathcamp
  2. Buffalo
  3. Pilot
  4. Run
  5. Find Your Wings
  6. Cherry Bomb
  7. Blow My Load
  8. 2Seater
  9. The Brown Stains of Darkeese Latifah Part 6–12 (Remix)
  10. Fucking Young / Perfect
  11. Smuckers
  12. Keep Da O’s
  13. Okaga, CA

Tyler, the Creator’s “Cherry Bomb” album, released in 2015, is a dynamic and boundary-pushing project that showcases the artist’s versatility and creativity. With its eclectic mix of genres ranging from hip-hop and R&B to punk and jazz, the album defies categorization and delivers a unique sonic experience. Tyler’s raw and introspective lyrics combined with his unconventional production style make “Cherry Bomb” a standout in his discography. The album features notable collaborations with artists such as Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Pharrell Williams, further elevating its artistic value. Overall, “Cherry Bomb” solidifies Tyler, the Creator as an innovative force in the music industry.

4. Flower Boy (2017)

Tyler the Creator Flower Boy Albums


  1. Foreword
  2. Where This Flower Blooms
  3. Sometimes…
  4. See You Again
  5. Who Dat Boy
  6. Pothole
  7. Garden Shed
  8. Boredom
  9. I Ain’t Got Time!
  10. 911 / Mr. Lonely
  11. Droppin’ Seeds
  12. November
  13. Glitter
  14. Enjoy Right Now, Today

Tyler, the Creator’s album “Flower Boy,” released in 2017, is a creative and introspective masterpiece. The album showcases Tyler’s growth as an artist, delving into themes of self-discovery, love, and identity. With its lush production, catchy melodies, and introspective lyrics, “Flower Boy” offers a deeply personal and vulnerable journey into Tyler’s psyche. The album explores his experiences with loneliness, his struggle with his sexuality, and his search for purpose and connection. “Flower Boy” marks a significant turning point in Tyler’s career, solidifying his status as a versatile artist capable of delivering both raw emotions and infectious tunes.

5. Igor (2019)

Tyler the Creator Igor Albums


  1. Igor’s Theme
  2. Earfquake
  3. I Think
  4. Exactly What You Run from You End Up Chasing
  5. Running Out of Time
  6. New Magic Wand
  7. A Boy is a Gun
  8. Puppet
  9. What’s Good
  10. Gone, Gone / Thank You
  11. I Don’t Love You Anymore
  12. Are We Still Friends?

Tyler, the Creator’s album “Igor” released in 2019 is a captivating and genre-bending masterpiece. With this record, Tyler delves into themes of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. The album showcases his artistic evolution and demonstrates his prowess as a producer, songwriter, and rapper. “Igor” incorporates elements of R&B, funk, and soul, resulting in a unique and experimental sound. The album’s standout tracks like “EARFQUAKE” and “New Magic Wand” display Tyler’s ability to craft infectious melodies and introspective lyrics. Overall, “Igor” is a testament to Tyler, the Creator’s musical genius and stands as a significant contribution to the contemporary hip-hop landscape.

6. Call Me If You Get Lost (2021)

Tyler the Creator Call Me If You Get Lost Albums


  1. Sir Baudelaire
  2. Corso
  3. Lemonhead
  4. WusYaName
  5. Lumberjack
  6. Hot Wind Blows
  7. Massa
  8. RunItUp
  9. Manifesto
  10. Sweet / I Thought You Wanted to Dance
  11. Momma Talk
  12. Rise!
  13. Blessed
  14. Juggernaut
  15. Wilshire
  16. Safari

Tyler, the Creator’s album “Call Me If You Get Lost” showcases his musical evolution and artistic prowess. Released in 2021, the album seamlessly blends various genres like rap, R&B, and soul, resulting in a dynamic and captivating sound. Tyler’s lyrical prowess shines through as he explores themes of love, heartbreak, and personal growth. The album’s production is meticulous and layered, with intricate beats and rich melodies that complement Tyler’s charismatic delivery. “Call Me If You Get Lost” solidifies Tyler, the Creator’s position as an innovative and boundary-pushing artist, further establishing his unique voice in the contemporary music landscape.

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