The List of Toby Keith Albums in Order of Release

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Having sold over 40 million records (albums and singles) worldwide, including 30 million in the United States,Toby Keith are made the fifth best-selling country artist in the US, He has released 21 studio albums, 54 music videos, 69 singles, and 7 compilation albums.

Toby Keith’s debut was a self-fulfilling prophecy. Released in 1993, “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” introduced the world to Keith’s salt-of-the-earth twang and became the most-played country song of that decade, transforming the small-town boy into an all-American icon. Born in 1961 in Oklahoma, Keith earned his workingman’s bona fides long before his big break, sitting in with the band at his grandmother’s nightclub as a kid and toiling in the oil fields as a young adult. After playing the Oklahoma and Texas honky-tonk circuits, he took to Nashville in the early ‘90s, setting himself apart by staying honest and blunt about his values.

He pledged allegiance to the flag with the post-9/11 song “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American),” and sought vigilante justice with Willie Nelson on “Beer for My Horses.” But every cowboy knows how to get loose, too, and Keith’s party jams, like the boozy “Red Solo Cup,” are legion. At this point, you’d be hard-pressed to find a country music fan who would dare call him all hat and no cattle. So, if you are a die heart fan of Toby Keith Albums then check out here we have list of Toby Keith albums in order of release so far.

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All Toby Keith Albums in Order: Check Out The List of  Toby Keith Albums in Order of Release Here!

Here is the list of Toby Keith Album in Order of Release Date

  1. Toby Keith — April 20, 1993
  2. Boomtown — September 27, 1994
  3. Christmas to Christmas — October 17, 1995
  4. Blue Moon — April 16, 1996
  5. Dream Walkin’ — June 24, 1997
  6. How Do You Like Me Now?! — November 2, 1999
  7. Pull My Chain — August 28, 2001
  8. Unleashed — August 6, 2002
  9. Shock’n Y’all — November 4, 2003
  10. Honkytonk University — May 17, 2005
  11. White Trash with Money — April 11, 2006
  12. Big Dog Daddy — June 12, 2007
  13. A Classic Christmas — October 23, 2007
  14. That Don’t Make Me a Bad Guy — October 28, 2008
  15. American Ride — October 6, 2009
  16. Bullets in the Gun — October 5, 2010
  17. Clancy’s Tavern — October 25, 2011
  18. Hope on the Rocks — October 30, 2012
  19. Drinks After Work — October 29, 2013
  20. 35 MPH Town — October 9, 2015
  21. Peso in My Pocket — October 15, 2021


All Toby Keith Albums List in Order

1. Toby Keith (1993)

Toby Keith Album Toby Keith image


  1. Should’ve Been a Cowboy
  2. He Ain’t Worth Missing
  3. Under the Fall
  4. Some Kinda Good Kinda Hold on Me
  5. Wish I Didn’t Know Now
  6. Ain’t No Thang
  7. Valentine
  8. A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action
  9. Mama Come Quick
  10. Close but No Guitar
  11. Tossin’ and Turnin
  12. I’ll Still Call You Baby
  13. Daddy Mac


2. Boomtown (1994)

Toby Keith Album Boomtown image


  1. Who’s That Man
  2. Big Ol’ Truck
  3. Victoria’s Secret
  4. No Honor Among Thieves Nathan
  5. Upstairs Downtown
  6. You Ain’t Much Fun
  7. In Other Words
  8. Woman Behind the Man
  9. Life Was a Play (The World a Stage)
  10. Boomtown


3. Christmas to Christmas(1995)

Toby Keith Album Christmas to Christmas image


  1. Santa, I’m Right Here
  2. Bethlehem in Birmingham
  3. Christmas Rock
  4. Blame It on the Mistletoe
  5. Santa’s Gonna Take It All Back
  6. The Night Before Christmas
  7. Hot Rod Sleigh
  8. Christmas to Christmas
  9. Jesus Gets Jealous of Santa Claus
  10. Mary, It’s Christmas
  11. All I Want for Christmas
  12. What Made the Baby Cry?


4. Blue Moon (1996)

Toby Keith Album Blue Moon image


  1. The Lonely
  2. Every Night
  3. Closin’ Time at Home
  4. A Woman’s Touch
  5. Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine on You
  6. Lucky Me
  7. She’s Perfect
  8. She’s Gonna Get It
  9. Me Too
  10. Hello


5. Dream Walkin’ (1997)

Toby Keith Album Dream Walkin' image


  1. We Were in Love
  2. Dream Walkin
  3. You Don’t Anymore
  4. Jacky Don Tucker (Play by the Rules, Miss All the Fun)
  5. Tired
  6. Double Wide Paradise
  7. Yet
  8. She Ran Away with a Rodeo Clown
  9. Strangers Again
  10. I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying
  11. I Don’t Understand My Girlfriend


6. How Do You Like Me Now?! (1999)

Toby Keith Album How Do You Like Me Now !image


  1. How Do You Like Me Now?!
  2. When Love Fades
  3. Blue Bedroom
  4. New Orleans
  5. Country Comes to Town
  6. Heart to Heart (Stelen’s Song)
  7. She Only Gets That Way with Me
  8. Die with Your Boots On
  9. You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This
  10. Hold You, Kiss You, Love You
  11. Do I Know You (Bottom of My Heart)
  12. I Know a Wall When I See One


7. Pull My Chain (2001)

Toby Keith Album Pull My Chain image


  1. I’m Just Talkin’ About Tonight
  2. I Wanna Talk About Me
  3. I Can’t Take You Anywhere
  4. You Leave Me Weak
  5. Tryin’ to Matter
  6. Pull My Chain
  7. The Sha La La Song
  8. Pick ‘Em Up and Lay ‘Em Down
  9. Forever Hasn’t Got Here Yet
  10. Yesterday’s Rain
  11. My List
  12. You Didn’t Have as Much to Lose
  13. Gimme 8 Seconds


8. Unleashed (2002)

Toby Keith Album Unleashed image


  1. Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)
  2. Who’s Your Daddy?
  3. Good to Go to Mexico
  4. It’s All Good
  5. Beer for My Horses
  6. Losing My Touch
  7. Huckleberry
  8. It Works for Me
  9. Ain’t It Just Like You
  10. Rock You Baby
  11. Rodeo Moon
  12. That’s Not How It Is
  13. Live Introduction By Toby Keith of ‘Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)


9. Shock’n Y’all (2003)

Toby Keith Album Shock'n Y'all image


  1. I Love This Bar
  2. Whiskey Girl
  3. American Soldier
  4. If I Was Jesus
  5. Time for Me to Ride
  6. Sweet
  7. Don’t Leave, I Think I Love You
  8. Nights I Can’t Remember, Friends I’ll Never Forget
  9. Baddest Boots
  10. The Critic


10. Honkytonk University (2005)

Toby Keith Album Honkytonk University image


  1. Honkytonk U
  2. As Good as I Once Was
  3. She Ain’t Hooked on Me No More
  4. Big Blue Note
  5. Just the Guy to Do It
  6. She Left Me
  7. Knock Yourself Out
  8. You Ain’t Leavin’ (Thank God Are Ya)
  9. I Got It Bad
  10. Your Smile
  11. Where You Gonna Go
  12. You Caught Me at a Bad Time


11. White Trash with Money (2006)

Toby Keith Album White Trash with Money image


  1. Get Drunk and Be Somebody
  2. A Little Too Late
  3. Can’t Buy You Money
  4. Crash Here Tonight
  5. Grain of Salt
  6. I Ain’t Already There
  7. Note to Self
  8. Too Far This Time
  9. Ain’t No Right Way
  10. Brand New Bow
  11. Hell No
  12. Runnin’ Block


12. Big Dog Daddy (2007)

Toby Keith Album Big Dog Daddy image


  1. High Maintenance Woman
  2. Love Me If You Can” Chris Wallin, Craig Wiseman 3:36 3. “
  3. White Rose
  4. Get My Drink On
  5. Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya
  6. Big Dog Daddy
  7. I Know She Hung the Moon
  8. Pump Jack
  9. Burnin’ Moonlight
  10. Walk It Off
  11. Hit It


13. A Classic Christmas(2007)

Toby Keith Album A Classic Christmas image


  1. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  2. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
  3. Winter Wonderland
  4. Silver Bells
  5. I’ll Be Home for Christmas
  6. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
  7. The Christmas Song
  8. White Christmas
  9. Frosty the Snowman
  10. Please Come Home for Christmas


14. That Don’t Make Me a Bad Guy (2008)

Toby Keith Album That Don't Make Me a Bad Guy image


  1. That Don’t Make Me a Bad Guy
  2. Creole Woman
  3. God Love Her
  4. Lost You Anyway
  5. Missing Me Some You
  6. Hurt a Lot Worse When You Go
  7. Time That It Would Take
  8. You Already Love Me
  9. She Never Cried in Front of Me
  10. Cabo San Lucas
  11. I Got It for You Girl


15. American Ride (2009)

Toby Keith Album American Ride image


  1. American Ride
  2. Gypsy Driftin
  3. Are You Feelin’ Me?
  4. Every Dog Has Its Day
  5. Woke Up on My Own
  6. If You’re Tryin’ You Ain’t
  7. Cryin’ for Me (Wayman’s Song)
  8. If I Had One
  9. You Can’t Read My Mind
  10. Tender as I Wanna Be
  11. Loaded
  12. Ballad of Balad


16. Bullets in the Gun (2010)

Toby Keith Album Bullets in the Gun image


  1. Bullets in the Gun
  2. Somewhere Else
  3. Trailerhood
  4. In a Couple of Days
  5. Think About You All of the Time
  6. Kissin’ in the Rain
  7. Drive it on Home
  8. Ain’t Breakin’ Nothin
  9. Is That All You Got
  10. Get Out of My Car


17. Clancy’s Tavern (2011)

Toby Keith Album Clancy's Tavern image


  1. Made in America
  2. I Need to Hear a Country Song
  3. Clancy’s Tavern
  4. Tryin’ to Fall in Love
  5. Just Another Sundown
  6. Beers Ago
  7. South of You
  8. Club Zydeco Moon
  9. I Won’t Let You Down
  10. Red Solo Cup
  11. Chill-Axin


18. Hope on the Rocks (2012)

Toby Keith Album Hope on the Rocks image


  1. Hope on the Rocks
  2. The Size I Wear
  3. Scat Cat
  4. I Like Girls That Drink Beer
  5. Get Got
  6. Haven’t Had a Drink All Day
  7. Haven’t Seen the Last of You
  8. Cold Beer Country
  9. Missed You Just Right
  10. You Ain’t Alone


19. Drinks After Work (2013)

Toby Keith Album Drinks After Work image


  1. Shut Up and Hold On
  2. Drinks After Work
  3. Before We Knew They Were Good
  4. Little Miss Tear Stain
  5. The Other Side of Him
  6. Last Living Cowboy
  7. Show Me What You’re Workin’ With
  8. Whole Lot More Than That
  9. I’ll Probably Be Out Fishin
  10. Hard Way to Make an Easy Living


20. 35 MPH Town (2015)

Toby Keith Album 35 MPH Town image


  1. Drunk Americans
  2. Good Gets Here
  3. 35 MPH Town
  4. Rum Is the Reason
  5. What She Left Behind
  6. 10 Foot Pole
  7. Haggard, Hank, And Her
  8. Sailboat For Sale
  9. Every Time I Drink I Fall In Love
  10. Beautiful Stranger


21. Peso in My Pocket (2021)

Toby Keith Album Peso in My Pocket image


  1. Oklahoma Breakdown
  2. Peso in My Pocket
  3. Old School
  4. Old Me Better
  5. Days I Shoulda Died
  6. Growing Up Is a Bitch
  7. She’s Drinkin’ Again
  8. Thunderbird
  9. Take a Look at My Heart
  10. Happy Birthday America


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