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The Plot in You Albums in Order: A sonic odyssey that commenced in Hancock County, Ohio, back in 2010, The Plot in You has woven an indelible mark upon the rock music tapestry.

Formed in the heartland of Hancock County, Ohio, back in 2010, The Plot in You emerged as a notable presence in the rock music scene. Initially conceived as a side project by Landon Tewers, a former member of Before Their Eyes, the band’s unique sound soon captured the attention of listeners. Comprising Tewers as the lead vocalist, guitarist Josh Childress, bassist Ethan Yoder, and drummer Michael Cooper, the quartet came together to forge a musical journey that would span over a decade.

With an impressive discography under their belt, The Plot in You has released an EP and five studio albums, each contributing to their evolution and resonance within the industry. Their sonic exploration began with the 2010 EP “Wife Beater,” paving the way for their debut studio album “First Born” in 2011 and the emotionally charged “Could You Watch Your Children Burn” in 2013. The band’s trajectory reached new heights in 2015 with their signing to StaySick Recordings, leading to the release of “Happiness in Self Destruction.” In a testament to their adaptability and growth, they later transitioned to Fearless Records, heralding the release of the introspective “Dispose” in 2018.

As the years rolled on, The Plot in You continued to refine their sound, culminating in the ethereal notes of “Swan Song,” their fifth studio album, which graced the airwaves in September 2021. Through their musical evolution, The Plot in You have crafted an enduring legacy, touching hearts and minds with their profound lyrical themes and captivating melodies. So, if you are a die heart fan of The Plot in You Albums then check out here we have list of The Plot in You albums in order of release so far.


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How many albums does The Plot in You have?

The discography of The Plot in You have released one EP and Five studio albums.

All The Plot in You  Albums in Order: Check Out The List of  The Plot in You Albums in Order of Release Here!

Here is the list of The Plot in You Album in Order of Release Date:

  1. First Born — April 18, 2011
  2. Could You Watch Your Children Burn — January 15, 2013 
  3. Happiness in Self Destruction — October 16, 2015 
  4. Dispose — February 16, 2018
  5. Swan Song — September 17, 2021


All The Plot in You Albums List in Order

1. First Born (2011)

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  1. The Fathers Seed
  2. Small Face
  3. Bully
  4. Miscarriage
  5. Rat Poison
  6. Neighbors
  7. Filth
  8. Unwelcome
  9. Nothing Leaves This Room
  10. Dear Dad

The inaugural studio masterpiece by American rock ensemble The Plot in You, First Born paints a poignant narrative through its tenacious soundscapes. Released on April 18, 2011, under Rise Records, the album stands as a testament to vocalist Landon Tewers’ prodigious talents—he both produced and played all instruments. A conceptual opus, the album delves into the harrowing journey of a young protagonist, grappling with adversity from an abusive father, bereavement, bullying, to abandonment and anguish. The record unfolds from birth to a triumphant escape from a shattered home. Charting at No. 36 on the Top Heatseekers chart, it solidified the band’s impact shortly after its launch.

2. Could You Watch Your Children Burn (2013)

The Plot in You Album Could You Watch Your Children Burn image


  1. Premeditated
  2. Fiction Religion
  3. Digging Your Grave
  4. Population Control
  5. Troll
  6. The Devil’s Contract
  7. Shyann Weeps
  8. Sober and Soulless
  9. Bible Butcher
  10. Glad You’re Gone

Released on January 15, 2013, ‘Could You Watch Your Children Burn’ stands as the second studio album by the American rock band The Plot in You. The album marked a pivotal shift for the band as it introduced guitarist Derrick Sechrist, formerly of A Bullet for Pretty Boy, after the departure of Anthony Thoma. Boasting a blend of intricate melodies and intense themes, the album’s unveiling was preceded by singles ‘Premeditated’ and ‘Fiction Religion’. Despite an early leak prompting an early YouTube release by Rise Records, the album made its impact, debuting at 110 on the Billboard 200, reaching 18 on Independent Albums, and peaking at 4 on the Hard Rock Albums chart.

3. Happiness in Self Destruction (2015)

The Plot in You Album Happiness in Self Destruction image


  1. Hole in the Wall
  2. Dear Old Friend
  3. Take Me Away
  4. Runaway
  5. Pillhead
  6. Better Vibes
  7. My Old Ways
  8. Die Like Your Brothers
  9. Mind Controlled
  10. Time Changes Everything
  11. Living Your Dream
  12. A Song About Myself
  13. Forgive Me
  14. Washed Up
  15. Happiness in Self Destruction

Happiness in Self Destruction, the third studio album by American rock outfit The Plot in You, emerged on October 16, 2015. Marking a significant shift, this release stands as their sole album under StaySick Recordings, following their departure from Rise Records. Exploring themes of introspection and growth, the album captures their evolving sound, melding poignant lyrics with captivating melodies. The record’s arrival solidified the band’s artistic trajectory and showcased their ability to navigate new avenues of musical expression.

4. Dispose (2018)

The Plot in You Album Dispose image


  1. Rigged
  2. Not Just Breathing
  3. One Last Time
  4. I Always Wanted to Leave
  5. Feel Nothing
  6. Happy
  7. The One You Loved
  8. Paid in Full
  9. The Sound
  10. Disposable Fix

Dispose stands as the fourth studio opus from American rock ensemble, The Plot in You. Unveiled on February 16, 2018, via Fearless Records, the album pulsates with raw emotion. Helmed by the adept production duo of Landon Tewers and Drew Fulk, it unveils a multifaceted journey through soundscapes. With a blend of introspection and sonic experimentation, Dispose captures the essence of the band’s evolution, showcasing their maturation. The album serves as a testament to The Plot in You’s artistic prowess and their unyielding commitment to crafting music that resonates deeply with listeners.

5. Swan Song (2021)



  1. Letters to a Dead Friend
  2. Fall Again
  3. Face Me
  4. Too Far Gone
  5. Paradigm
  6. Both to Blame
  7. Too Heavy
  8. Enemy
  9. Whole Without Me
  10. Freed

Swan Song, the fifth studio opus by American rock ensemble The Plot in You, emerged on September 17, 2021, via Fearless Records. Melding creative forces, the album bears the mark of producers Landon Tewers and Drew Fulk. A testament to the band’s musical evolution, Swan Song delivers an immersive experience through its rich soundscapes, further solidifying their position in the rock landscape.

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