The List of Rod Wave Albums in Order of Release

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Known for his strong voice, ROD WAVE has sold over 3,204,000 albums worldwide, including 3,204,000 in the United States with the best-selling album “SOULFLY“, which sold over 1,204,000 copies. The discography of American rapper and singer Rod Wave consists of four studio albums, five mixtapes, and twenty-two singles.

If he can help it, Rod Wave keeps himself oof the studio. It’s too busy, too impersonal—not the kind of place where you can open up. Which is kind of what Rod Wave does. So he vets the beats on headphones, rents a hotel room with his engineer, turns the lights off, and lets it go. “There’s people who could make a living getting in there and talking about they pain, they life, they story, they struggle,” he told Apple Music in 2020. “It kinda made me open up more. Like, it’s okay to be yourself; it’s okay to talk about what you go through, because ain’t nobody perfect. Everybody want to get on these songs and s**t and walk around like they perfect. That ain’t what it’s about. That’s just vampire. It don’t even exist.”

Born Rodarius Green in 1999 in St. Petersburg, Florida, Rod Wave is part of a pack of younger rappers—including YoungBoy Never Broke Again, NoCap, and Moneybagg Yo—taking the street confessionals of forebears like Boosie Badazz and Kevin Gates in new directions, broadening the emotional range of hip-hop with the vocal catharsis of classic soul and, in Wave’s case, even a touch of country. It can be ugly, it can be raw—he meditates on friends lost to violence (“PTSD”), he describes breaking into houses to help out his family (“Popular Loner”). But Wave’s music also has a quietly redemptive streak: His load might never be light, but at least he can leave some of it on record. So, if you are a die heart fan of Rod Wave Albums then check out here we have list of Rod Wave albums in order of release so far..


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How many albums does Rod Wave have?

The discography of American rapper and singer Rod Wave consists of four studio albums, five mixtapes, and twenty-three singles.

All Rod Wave Albums in Order: Check Out The List of Rod Wave Albums in Order of Release Here!

Here is the list of Rod Wave Album in Order of Release Date:

  1. Ghetto Gospel — November 1, 2019
  2. Pray 4 Love — April 3, 2020
  3. SoulFly — March 26, 2021
  4. Beautiful Mind — August 12, 2022

All Rod Wave Albums List in Order

1. Ghetto Gospel (2019)

Rod Wave Ghetto Gospel Album image


  1. Sky Priority
  2. Dark Conversations
  3. Close Enough to Hurt
  4. Green Light
  5. Brace Face
  6. Poison
  7. Cuban Links
  8. Soldier Life
  9. Counted Steps
  10. Titanic
  11. Extra
  12. Abandoned
  13. Chip on My Shoulder
  14. Heart on Ice (Remix)

Rod Wave’s “Ghetto Gospel” album, released in 2019, is a powerful and introspective project that showcases the rising rapper’s emotional depth and raw storytelling abilities. With a mix of soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics, Rod Wave delves into his personal struggles, the realities of street life, and the pursuit of hope and redemption. The album’s tracks like “Heart On Ice” and “Cuban Links” resonate with listeners, capturing the pain, resilience, and aspirations of those living in marginalized communities. “Ghetto Gospel” solidified Rod Wave as a unique voice in the rap scene, blending introspection and vulnerability to create a profound musical experience.

2. Pray 4 Love (2020)

Rod Wave Pray 4 Love Album image


  1. Pray 4 Love
  2. Fuck the World
  3. Thief in the Night
  4. Thug Life
  5. I Remember
  6. Rags2Riches
  7. No Weakness
  8. Roaming
  9. The Greatest
  10. Ribbon in the Sky
  11. 5% Tints
  12. Girl of My Dreams
  13. Thug Motivation
  14. Dark Clouds

Rod Wave’s “Pray 4 Love” album, released in 2020, is a captivating and introspective body of work that solidified the artist’s rising status in the music industry. With his soulful voice and emotionally charged lyrics, Rod Wave delivers a powerful narrative about love, pain, and personal growth. The album’s tracks like “Heart on Ice” and “Thug Motivation” showcase his raw vulnerability, while others like “Rags2Riches” featuring ATR Son Son exude confidence and resilience. “Pray 4 Love” encapsulates Rod Wave’s ability to connect with listeners through his heartfelt storytelling, cementing his place as an artist capable of evoking deep emotions in his audience.

3. SoulFly (2021)

Rod Wave SoulFly Album image


  1. SoulFly (Intro)
  2. Gone Till November
  3. Blame On You
  4. Don’t Forget
  5. Tombstone
  6. All I Got
  7. Richer
  8. Street Runner
  9. Pills & Billz
  10. How the Game Go
  11. Shock da World
  12. What’s Love??
  13. OMDB
  14. Invisible Scar
  15. Calling
  16. Sneaky Links
  17. Believe Me
  18. Moving On
  19. Changing

Rod Wave’s album “SoulFly,” released in 2021, captivated audiences with its soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics. The project, consisting of 19 tracks, showcased Rod Wave’s introspective storytelling and emotional vulnerability. With a mix of introspective ballads and catchy trap-infused beats, “SoulFly” explored themes of love, loss, and personal growth. Rod Wave’s distinct raspy voice and powerful delivery added depth and sincerity to each song. The album received critical acclaim for its authenticity and raw emotion, solidifying Rod Wave’s status as one of the most compelling voices in contemporary hip-hop and R&B.

4. Beautiful Mind (2022)

Rod Wave Beautiful Mind Album image


  1. Alone
  2. Yungen
  3. Never Get Over Me
  4. Stone Rolling
  5. I Know It
  6. Forever
  7. No Deal
  8. Quiet Storm
  9. Sweet Little Lies
  10. Rockstar Heart
  11. Fading
  12. Time Kills (Love Birds)
  13. Druski Skit
  14. Keep Going
  15. Never Find Us
  16. Mafia
  17. Me vs. the World
  18. Pieces
  19. Pt. II
  20. Everything
  21. Married Next Year
  22. Better
  23. By Your Side
  24. Cold December

Rod Wave’s album “Beautiful Mind” released in 2022 showcases the Florida rapper’s introspective and emotive style. With his signature blend of melodic trap and soulful melodies, Rod Wave delves into personal struggles, triumphs, and reflections on fame and success. The album is a raw and vulnerable exploration of his experiences, accompanied by poignant lyrics that touch on themes of love, pain, and perseverance. “Beautiful Mind” serves as a testament to Rod Wave’s growth as an artist, showcasing his ability to connect with listeners on a deeply emotional level and solidifying his place as a rising star in the rap scene.

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