The List of Lady Gaga Albums in Order of Release

Lady Gaga Albums

Having sold an estimated 170 million records, Gaga is one of the world’s best-selling music artists and the only female artist to achieve four singles that each sold at least 10 million copies globally. Lady Gaga has released five solo studio albums, two collaborative studio albums, two film soundtracks, three remix albums, two compilation albums, four EPs, two live albums, 38 singles (including three as a featured artist), and 14 promotional singles.

Some may dismiss pop as inauthentic. But for Lady Gaga—one of popular culture’s greatest, most extravagant creations—the inauthenticity is the point. No artist has more defiantly embodied that provocation this century than the one born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (in New York in 1986). Never wedded to the same image—one minute wearing a dress made of raw meat at the MTV VMAs, the next a coat of Kermit the Frog puppets on German TV—Gaga personifies pop’s surface obsessions while simultaneously upending them.

In a sense, her creative identity had crystallized by age 21, having been a child pianist, aspiring actor, and burlesque performer. Each of these facets powered her career’s most distinct parts: the celebrity fascination of her first two albums, 2008’s The Fame and 2009’s The Fame Monster; the subversive layering of 2011’s Born This Way and 2013’s ARTPOP; the sincere reverence of 2014’s Cheek to Cheek, her jazz standards album with Tony Bennett; and the rootsier songwriting of 2016’s Joanne. If 2009’s “Paparazzi” reveled in the flashes, then “Born This Way” celebrated inner light: In translating her diffuse identity into world-conquering art, Gaga has become a beacon to anyone else who’s felt like an outsider. Her loyal following—a.k.a. Little Monsters—has affirmed a deep connection to her message of self-love and self-expression, despite pop’s fickleness and her chameleonic exterior. She played out a simpler version of her path to fame in the 2018 remake of A Star Is Born: But while her character’s ascent was abetted by her lover, Gaga’s was all her own. So, if you are a die heart fan of Lady Gaga Albums then check out here we have list of Lady Gaga albums in order of release so far.


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How many albums does Lady Gaga have?

The discography of American singer Lady Gaga has released five solo studio albums, two collaborative studio albums, two film soundtracks, three remix albums, two compilation albums, four EPs, two live albums, 39 singles (including three as a featured artist), and 14 promotional singles.

All Lady Gaga Albums in Order: Check Out The List of Lady Gaga Albums in Order of Release Here!

Here is the list of Lady Gaga Album in Order of Release Date:

Solo studio albums

  1. The Fame — August 19, 2008
  2. Born This Way — May 23, 2011
  3. Artpop — November 6, 2013
  4. Joanne — October 21, 2016
  5. Chromatica — May 29, 2020

Collaborative studio albums

  1. Cheek to Cheek (with Tony Bennett) — September 19, 2014
  2. Love for Sale (with Tony Bennett) — September 30, 2021


All Lady Gaga Albums List in Order

Solo studio albums 

1. The Fame (2008) 

The Fame Lady Gaga Albums


  1. Just Dance
  2. LoveGame
  3. Paparazzi
  4. Poker Face
  5. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
  6. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
  7. The Fame
  8. Money Honey
  9. Starstruck
  10. Boys Boys Boys
  11. Paper Gangsta
  12. Brown Eyes
  13. I Like It Rough
  14. Summerboy

Lady Gaga’s debut studio album, “The Fame,” released in 2008, marked her breakthrough into the music industry. The album showcased Gaga’s unique blend of pop, dance, and electronic sounds, along with her flamboyant persona and fashion sense. It featured chart-topping hits like “Just Dance,” “Poker Face,” and “Paparazzi,” which became anthems of the era. “The Fame” propelled Gaga to international stardom and established her as a boundary-pushing artist known for her catchy hooks and captivating performances. The album’s success laid the foundation for Gaga’s subsequent solo studio albums, setting the stage for her meteoric rise to become one of the biggest pop icons of the 21st century.

2. Born This Way (2011)

Born This Way Lady Gaga Albums


  1. Marry the Night
  2. Born This Way
  3. Government Hooker
  4. Judas
  5. Americano
  6. Hair
  7. Scheiße
  8. Bloody Mary
  9. Bad Kids
  10. Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)
  11. Heavy Metal Lover
  12. Electric Chapel
  13. You and I
  14. The Edge of Glory

“Born This Way” is Lady Gaga’s second solo studio album, released in 2011. It was highly anticipated following the success of her debut album “The Fame” (2008). The album showcases Gaga’s unique blend of pop, dance, and electronic music, with themes of self-empowerment, individuality, and acceptance. It spawned hit singles such as the title track “Born This Way,” “Judas,” and “The Edge of Glory.” Gaga’s bold and unapologetic approach to music and performance, combined with her powerful vocals and catchy hooks, solidified her status as a pop icon and further cemented her place in the music industry.

3. Artpop (2013)

Artpop Lady Gaga Albums


  1. Aura
  2. Venus
  3. G.U.Y
  4. Sexxx Dreams
  5. Jewels n’ Drugs
  6. Manicure
  7. Do What U Want
  8. Artpop
  9. Swine
  10. Donatella
  11. Fashion!
  12. Mary Jane Holland
  13. Dope
  14. Gypsy
  15. Applause

Lady Gaga’s “Artpop” is her third studio album, released in 2013. Known for her extravagant and boundary-pushing style, Gaga aimed to create a fusion of art and pop music with this record. “Artpop” explores themes of fame, self-expression, and the intersection of technology and humanity. It features a diverse range of electronic and dance-pop tracks, including the hit singles “Applause” and “Do What U Want.” While the album received mixed reviews upon its release, it has since gained a dedicated fanbase and is considered a significant milestone in Gaga’s career for its bold artistic vision and innovative approach to pop music.

4. Joanne (2016)

Joanne Lady Gaga Albums


  1. Diamond Heart
  2. A-Yo
  3. Joanne
  4. John Wayne
  5. Dancin’ in Circles
  6. Perfect Illusion
  7. Million Reasons
  8. Sinner’s Prayer
  9. Come to Mama
  10. Hey Girl
  11. Angel Down

“Joanne” is the fourth solo studio album by Lady Gaga, released in 2016. Departing from the electronic dance-pop sound she was known for, Gaga embraced a more stripped-down and personal approach on this album. Inspired by her late aunt, whose name was Joanne, the album explores themes of family, loss, and self-discovery. It incorporates a mix of genres, including country, rock, and folk, showcasing Gaga’s versatility as an artist. “Joanne” received critical acclaim for its raw and authentic storytelling, with standout tracks like “Million Reasons” and “Perfect Illusion” becoming fan favorites. The album further solidified Lady Gaga’s status as a boundary-pushing artist willing to take creative risks.

5. Chromatica (2020)

Chromatica Lady Gaga Albums



  1. Chromatica I
  2. Alice
  3. Stupid Love
  4. Rain on Me
  5. Free Woman
  6. Fun Tonight
  7. Chromatica II
  8. 911
  9. Plastic Doll
  10. Sour Candy
  11. Enigma
  12. Replay
  13. Chromatica III
  14. ine from Above
  15. 1000 Doves
  16. Babylon

Lady Gaga’s “Chromatica” is her fifth solo studio album, released in 2020. The album is a pop masterpiece that blends various genres, including electronic, dance-pop, and synth-pop. It features 16 tracks, including the hit singles “Stupid Love,” “Rain on Me” (with Ariana Grande), and “911.” “Chromatica” is a deeply personal and introspective album, delving into themes of mental health, self-empowerment, and resilience. Gaga’s powerful vocals, catchy melodies, and infectious beats make this album a vibrant and energetic experience, solidifying her status as one of the most innovative and influential artists in contemporary pop music.

Collaborative studio albums

1. Cheek to Cheek (with Tony Bennett) (2014)

Lady Gaga Cheek to Cheek (with Tony Bennett) Album image


  1. Anything Goes
  2. Cheek to Cheek
  3. Nature Boy
  4. I Can’t Give You Anything but Love
  5. I Won’t Dance
  6. Firefly
  7. Lush Life
  8. Sophisticated Lady
  9. Let’s Face the Music and Dance
  10. But Beautiful
  11. It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)

“Cheek to Cheek” is a collaborative studio album by Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, released in 2014. The album features a collection of jazz standards and classic songs from the Great American Songbook. Gaga and Bennett’s partnership brought together their unique vocal styles, with Gaga showcasing her versatility as a singer beyond her pop persona. The album received critical acclaim for its elegant and sophisticated arrangements, as well as the chemistry between Gaga and Bennett. “Cheek to Cheek” debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart and won the Grammy Award for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album in 2015.

2. Love for Sale (with Tony Bennett) (2021)

Lady Gaga Love for Sale (with Tony Bennett) Album image


  1. It’s De-Lovely
  2. Night and Day
  3. Love for Sale
  4. Do I Love You
  5. I Concentrate on You
  6. I Get a Kick Out of You
  7. So in Love
  8. Let’s Do It
  9. Just One of Those Things
  10. Dream Dancing

“Love for Sale” is a collaborative studio album released in 2021 by Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. The album showcases their unique musical chemistry as they perform classic jazz standards. Gaga and Bennett’s mutual love for jazz shines through their heartfelt renditions of iconic songs, displaying their impeccable vocal talents and the depth of their artistic connection. “Love for Sale” serves as a testament to their enduring friendship and their shared passion for timeless music, capturing the essence of a bygone era while adding their own contemporary flair. The album stands as a beautiful testament to their artistry and collaboration.

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