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Kodak Black Albums in Order: From his breakout with “No Flockin” to his chart-topping success with “Dying to Live,” Kodak Black’s musical journey has been a blend of triumphs and trials, shaping the narrative of a talented rapper amidst legal challenges.

Bill Kahan Kapri, known professionally as Kodak Black, is a prominent figure in the American rap scene, born on June 11, 1997. He first gained attention with his 2014 track “No Flockin,” which led to a record deal with Atlantic Records. The song was re-released as his debut single, marking his entry onto the Billboard Hot 100. Kodak’s 2017 single “Tunnel Vision” further solidified his success, reaching number six on the charts.

This paved the way for his debut studio album, “Painting Pictures” (2017), which peaked at number three on the Billboard 200 chart. His mixtape “Project Baby 2” also performed well, reaching number two on the charts and featuring the hit “Roll In Peace” with XXXTentacion, which went triple platinum. His second album, “Dying to Live” (2018), reached the top spot on the Billboard 200, with the single “Zeze” (featuring Travis Scott and Offset) achieving sextuple platinum status. Despite his musical achievements, Kodak Black’s career has been punctuated by legal troubles, including a rape accusation in 2016 and subsequent arrests leading to a federal prison sentence, which was later commuted by President Donald Trump in 2021.

Throughout his career, Kodak has released several albums, including “Bill Israel” (2020) and “Back for Everything” (2022), which marked his return to commercial success with the hit single “Super Gremlin.” His most recent albums, “Pistolz & Pearlz” and “When I Was Dead” (both 2023), continue to showcase his unique style and musical talent. So, if you are a die heart fan of Kodak Black Albums then check out here we have list of Kodak Black albums in order of release so far.

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How many albums does Kodak Black have?

The discography of American rapper Kodak Black consists of six studio albums, ten mixtapes, two extended plays, and thirty-six singles and fifty music videos.


All Kodak Black Albums in Order: Check Out The List of  Kodak Black Albums in Order of Release Here!

Here is the list of Kodak Black Album in Order of Release Date:

  1. Painting Pictures —  March 31, 2017
  2. Dying to Live — December 14, 2018
  3. Bill Israel — November 11, 2020
  4. Back for Everything — February 25, 2022
  5. Pistolz & Pearlz — May 26, 2023
  6. When I Was Dead — November 10, 2023


All Kodak Black Albums List in Order

1. Painting Pictures (2017)

Kodak Black Painting Pictures Albums


  1. Day for Day
  2. Coolin and Booted
  3. Candy Paint
  4. Up in Here
  5. U Ain’t Never
  6. Twenty 8
  7. Patty Cake
  8. Save You
  9. Conscience
  10. Tunnel Vision
  11. Corrlinks and JPay
  12. Reminiscing
  13. Side Nigga
  14. Off the Land
  15. Top Off Benz
  16. Feeling Like
  17. Why They Call You Kodak
  18. There He Go

“Painting Pictures” is Kodak Black’s debut studio album, released on March 31, 2017, by Dollaz N Dealz Entertainment, Sniper Gang, and Atlantic Records. Recorded from 2016 to 2017 at Pink House Studios in Miami, the album features production from Metro Boomin, Southside, and Mike Will Made It, with guest appearances by Future, Young Thug, Bun B, Jeezy, and others. The album’s singles “There He Go,” “Tunnel Vision,” and “Patty Cake” helped propel its success. “Painting Pictures” showcases Kodak Black’s early talent and laid the foundation for his subsequent rise in the hip-hop scene.

2. Dying to Live (2018)

Kodak Dying to Live Albums image


  1. Testimony
  2. This Forever
  3. Identity Theft
  4. Gnarly
  5. Zeze
  6. Take One
  7. MoshPit
  8. Transgression
  9. Malcolm X.X.X.
  10. Calling My Spirit
  11. In the Flesh
  12. Close to the Grave
  13. From the Cradle
  14. If I’m Lyin, I’m Flyin
  15. Needing Something
  16. Could of Been Different

“Dying to Live” is Kodak Black’s second studio album, released on December 14, 2018, through Atlantic Records. Preceded by mixtapes like “Heart Break Kodak” and the deluxe edition of “Project Baby 2: All Grown Up,” it showcases Kodak’s evolution as an artist. The album includes collaborations with notable artists such as Lil Pump, Travis Scott, Offset, and Juice Wrld, adding depth to its tracks. With a mix of introspective lyrics and catchy beats, “Dying to Live” explores themes of life, fame, and personal struggles. It received critical acclaim and marked a significant milestone in Kodak Black’s career, further solidifying his place in the rap scene.

3. Bill Israel (2020)

Kodak Bill Israel Albums image


  1. Remember The Times
  2. I Wanna Live
  3. Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe
  4. Spain
  5. The Fire
  6. Pimpin Ain’t Eazy
  7. I Knew It
  8. Feeling Myself Today
  9. Serene
  10. Make a Hit
  11. Dummy Green

“Bill Israel” is Kodak Black’s third studio album, released on November 11, 2020, via Atlantic Records. The album features production from Nova Wav, Nick Mira, Charlie Handsome, Taz Taylor, and others. It includes guest appearances from Tory Lanez, Jackboy, Gucci Mane, CBE, and Lil Yachty. The lead single, “Pimpin Ain’t Eazy,” preceded the album’s release. Despite its musical merits, “Bill Israel” debuted at number 42 on the US Billboard 200 chart, with 16,000 album-equivalent units in its first week, marking Kodak’s lowest-charting album up to that point.

4. Back for Everything (2022)

Kodak Back for Everything Albums image


  1. Let Me Know
  2. Back for Everything
  3. Grinding All Season
  4. Smackers
  5. On Everything
  6. Purple Stamp
  7. Midas Touch
  8. Sink My Ship
  9. Usain Boo
  10. Vulnerable (Free Cool)
  11. Elite Division
  12. Omega
  13. Hitting Houses
  14. Love Isn’t Enough
  15. Take You Back
  16. He Love the Streets
  17. Super Gremlin
  18. I Wish
  19. Love & War

“Back for Everything” is Kodak Black’s fourth studio album, released on February 25, 2022, via Atlantic Records. Featuring production from a range of producers including Buddah Bless, London on da Track, and Murda Beatz, the album includes a sole guest appearance from Lil Durk on the track “Take You Back”. Preceded by singles like “Love & War” and promotional tracks such as “Grinding All Season” and “I Wish”, the album’s cover art is a nod to the Back to the Future movie franchise. It received positive reviews from critics and debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200, with 60,000 album-equivalent units sold in its first week.

5. Pistolz & Pearlz (2023)


  1. Pistolz & Pearlz
  2. Roses
  3. Get Away
  4. Flirting With Death
  5. Dirt McGerk
  6. Dope Boy Magic
  7. Tryna Figure Why
  8. Follow Me
  9. Murder Mystery
  10. Church On Saturday
  11. Beretta Love
  12. X&O’s
  13. Die Today
  14. Gunsmoke Town
  15. That For Real
  16. A Beautiful Rainbow
  17. Snipers And Robbers
  18. Balance
  19. No Love For A Thug
  20. Stay
  21. Down With You

“Pistolz & Pearlz” is Kodak Black’s fifth studio album, released on May 26, 2023, under Atlantic Records and Sniper Gang. Featuring a lineup of guest artists including VVSNCE, Loe Shimmy, and more, the album boasts production from notable names like Mike Will Made It and Chi Chi. Debuting at number 19 on the Billboard 200, the album includes singles “No Love For A Thug” and “Gunsmoke Town.” Notably, this album signifies Kodak Black’s final release under Atlantic Records, concluding a chapter in his career with a collection of tracks that showcase his growth and artistry.

6. When I Was Dead (2023)


  1. Kylie Grande
  2. Close to Me
  3. I’m Kodak
  4. Hard Life
  5. Burning Rubber
  6. Lemme See
  7. 2’Cy
  8. Nothing to Me
  9. Came Thru Flushin’
  10. Eaze Your Mind
  11. Fuck You Too
  12. Colostomy
  13. Extra Clips
  14. Scared of My Money
  15. Right on Time
  16. Facetime Hiding
  17. My Chest Out
  18. Master Peace
  19. Hope You Know

“When I Was Dead” is Kodak Black’s sixth studio album, surprising fans with its release on November 10, 2023, under Sniper Gang and Capitol Records. Featuring collaborations with WizDaWizard, Wam SpinThaBin, and OG Bobby Billions, the album boasts production from industry heavyweights like Metro Boomin and Boi-1da. It includes singles “Eaze Your Mind” and “2’Cy.” Following his fifth studio album, “Pistolz & Pearlz,” released just five months prior, “When I Was Dead” marks Kodak’s second album of 2023. This album is also significant as Kodak’s first studio project with Capitol Records, having signed with them in October 2022 after completing his contract with Atlantic Records.

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