The List of Justin Timberlake Albums in Order of Release

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Having sold over 88 million records worldwide. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is one of the world’s best-selling music artists and the best performing male soloist in the history of the Mainstream Top 40. Justin Timberlake discography consists of five studio albums, two compilation albums, three extended plays, and 51 singles

Teen idol, pop phenom, R&B innovator, Manhe  of tWoods–Justin Timberlake is a master of reinvention. Born in 1981, the Tennessee native got his start on The All-New Mickey Mouse Club (alongside Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera) and then smashed all kinds of chart records in his later teens with the Orlando-based *NSYNC. But he would go on to rewrite the rulebook for boy-band-alum second acts when he gracefully transitioned to a grown-and-sexy solo star, fusing slick, R&B beats (crafted largely by The Neptunes and Timbaland) with irresistible pop hooks.

Armed with a fluid falsetto and charismatic stage presence, he’s headlined half-time spectaculars, become a regular on Saturday Night Live, and landed roles in award-winning films like The Social Network and Inside Llewyn Davis, all while earning comparisons to no less than Michael Jackson and Prince. But in the end, it’s Timberlake’s catalog of instant classics that will cement his place in pop history: “Cry Me a River” redefined the breakup ballad, “SexyBack” and “My Love” sparked a new era of synth-pop, and “Suit & Tie,” his 2013 collaboration with JAY-Z, brought the spirit of the Rat Pack back to life.So, if you are a die heart fan of Justin Timberlake Albums then check out here we have list of Justin Timberlake albums in order of release so far.


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How many albums does Justin Timberlake have?

The discography of American singer and songwriter Justin Timberlake consists of five studio albums, two compilation albums, three extended plays, and 51 singles.

All Justin Timberlake Albums in Order: Check Out The List of  Justin Timberlake Albums in Order of Release Here!

Here is the list of Justin Timberlake Album in Order of Release Date:

  1. Justified —  November 5, 2002
  2. FutureSex/LoveSounds — September 12, 2006
  3. The 20/20 Experience — March 19, 2013
  4. The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2 — September 30, 2013
  5. Man of the Woods — February 2, 2018


All Justin Timberlake Albums List in Order

1. Justified (2002)

Justin Timberlake Justified Album image


  1. Señorita
  2. Like I Love You
  3. (Oh No) What You Got
  4. Take It from Here
  5. Cry Me a River
  6. Rock Your Body
  7. Nothin’ Else
  8. Last Night
  9. Still on My Brain
  10. (And She Said) Take Me Now
  11. Right for Me
  12. Let’s Take a Ride
  13. Never Again

“Justified” is the debut studio album by American singer-songwriter Justin Timberlake, released in 2002. The album showcased Timberlake’s transition from his boy band days in *NSYNC to a solo artist. It featured a fusion of R&B, pop, and hip-hop influences, and was critically acclaimed for its innovative production and Timberlake’s smooth vocals. The album produced several hit singles, including “Cry Me a River,” “Rock Your Body,” and “Like I Love You,” which helped establish Timberlake as a solo star. “Justified” received commercial success and earned Timberlake two Grammy Awards, solidifying his position as a prominent artist in the music industry.

2. FutureSex/LoveSounds (2006)

Justin Timberlake FutureSex LoveSounds Album image


  1. FutureSex/LoveSound
  2. SexyBack
  3. Sexy Ladies / Let Me Talk to You (Prelude)
  4. My Love
  5. LoveStoned / I Think She Knows (Interlude)
  6. What Goes Around… / …Comes Around (Interlude)
  7. Chop Me Up
  8. Damn Girl
  9. Summer Love / Set the Mood (Prelude)
  10. Until the End of Time
  11. Losing My Way
  12. (Another Song) All Over Again

Released in 2006, Justin Timberlake’s second studio album, “FutureSex/LoveSounds,” showcased the artist’s evolution as a solo artist. The album blended various genres, including pop, R&B, and electronic, to create a unique sound. With hit singles like “SexyBack,” “My Love,” and “What Goes Around… Comes Around,” the album achieved great success, both commercially and critically. Timberlake’s smooth vocals and innovative production, spearheaded by Timbaland, resulted in a sonically rich and infectious collection of tracks. “FutureSex/LoveSounds” solidified Timberlake’s status as a solo superstar, establishing him as an influential figure in contemporary pop music.

3. The 20/20 Experience (2013)

Justin Timberlake The 20 20 Experience Album image


  1. Pusher Love Girl
  2. Suit & Tie
  3. Don’t Hold the Wall
  4. Strawberry Bubblegum
  5. Tunnel Vision
  6. Spaceship Coupe
  7. That Girl
  8. Let the Groove Get In
  9. Mirrors
  10. Blue Ocean Floor

Justin Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience” albums, released in 2013, marked a triumphant return for the multi-talented artist. Divided into two parts, the albums showcased Timberlake’s versatility and artistry. With tracks like “Suit & Tie,” “Mirrors,” and “Pusher Love Girl,” the albums blended R&B, pop, and soul influences to create a sophisticated and catchy sound. Timberlake’s smooth vocals and charismatic stage presence were on full display, captivating audiences worldwide. “The 20/20 Experience” albums solidified Timberlake’s position as a leading figure in contemporary music and further cemented his reputation as a dynamic performer and creative force in the industry.

4. The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2 (2013)

Justin Timberlake The 20 20 Experience 2 of 2 Album image

Justin Timberlake The 20 20 Experience 2 of 2 Album image


  1. Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Want)
  2. True Blood
  3. Cabaret
  4. TKO
  5. Take Back the Night
  6. Murder
  7. Drink You Away
  8. You Got It On
  9. Amnesia
  10. Only When I Walk Away
  11. Not a Bad Thing

Released in 2013 as the sequel to “The 20/20 Experience,” “The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2” is the fourth studio album by American singer-songwriter Justin Timberlake. This album showcased Timberlake’s continued exploration of a contemporary R&B sound fused with elements of pop and soul. It featured singles like “Take Back the Night,” “TKO,” and “Not a Bad Thing.” Timberlake’s smooth vocals and infectious melodies, coupled with his innovative production choices, resulted in a cohesive and energetic record. “The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2” further solidified Timberlake’s status as a versatile artist and contributed to his ongoing success in the music industry.

5. Man of the Woods (2018)

Justin Timberlake Man of the Woods Album image


  1. Filthy
  2. Midnight Summer Jam
  3. Sauce
  4. Man of the Woods
  5. Higher Higher
  6. Wave
  7. Supplies
  8. Morning Light
  9. Say Something
  10. Hers (Interlude)
  11. Flannel
  12. Montana
  13. Breeze Off the Pond
  14. Livin’ Off the Land
  15. The Hard Stuff
  16. Young Man

Justin Timberlake’s “Man of the Woods” album, released in 2018, marked a departure from his previous pop-oriented sound. Inspired by his Tennessee roots and his family life, the album incorporated elements of folk, country, and Americana, showcasing a more introspective and soulful side of Timberlake’s artistry. The album’s tracks explored themes of love, nature, and personal growth, with standout songs like “Filthy,” “Say Something,” and “Supplies.” While it received mixed reviews from critics, “Man of the Woods” debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart, cementing Timberlake’s status as a versatile and influential artist.

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