The List of Juice WRLD Albums in Order of Release

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Having sold over 8 million albums, including 7 million in the United States, American rapper and singer Juice Wrld was a leading figure in the emo rap and SoundCloud rap genres which garnered mainstream attention during the mid-late 2010s. He had released four studio albums, nine extended plays, two mixtapes, 35 singles

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, Jarad Higgins would freestyle rap through his school hallways. As a teenager, he began recording as Juice WRLD (a nod to the 1992 film starring 2Pac) and set his eyes on stardom. “My biggest fear is not getting to the point I want to,” he told Apple Music in the documentary accompanying his 2018 Up Next campaign, “but that’s also my biggest strength.” His distinctive, genre-blending take on emo rap—Auto-Tuned vocals, hints of pop punk, and beats inspired by Chief Keef and Chicago drill—shines on the breakthrough singles “Lucid Dreams” and “All Girls Are the Same,” which plumbed grief and regret and heartbreak with alarming honesty.

Just five months after his star-making debut project, Goodbye & Good Riddance, he released a full-length collaboration with Future that felt like a euphoric, decadent victory lap. His second full-length solo project, Death Race for Love, released in March 2019, continued to mine personal pain for maximum drama, while collaborations with BTS and Ellie Goulding exhibited his range. Juice WRLD passed away in Chicago in December 2019 at age 21. So, if you are a die heart fan of Juice WRLD Albums then check out here we have list of Juice WRLD albums in order of release so far.


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All Juice WRLD Albums in Order: Check Out The List of  Juice WRLD Albums in Order of Release Here!

Here is the list of Juice WRLD Album in Order of Release Date:

  1. Goodbye & Good Riddance — May 23, 2018
  2. Death Race for Love — March 8, 2019
  3. Legends Never Die — July 10, 2020
  4. Fighting Demons — December 10, 2021


All Juice WRLD Albums List in Order

1. Goodbye & Good Riddance (2018)

Juice WRLD Goodbye & Good Riddance Albums image



  1. Intro
  2. All Girls Are the Same
  3. Lucid Dreams
  4. Lean wit Me
  5. I’m Still
  6. Betrayal (Skit)
  7. Candles
  8. Scared of Love
  9. Used To
  10. Karma (Skit)
  11. Hurt Me[c]
  12. Black & White
  13. Long Gone
  14. End of the Road
  15. I’ll Be Fine


2. Death Race for Love (2019)

Juice WRLD Death Race for Love Albums image



  1. Empty
  2. Maze
  3. HeMotions
  4. Demonz (Interlude)
  5. Fast
  6. Hear Me Calling
  7. Big
  8. Robbery
  9. Flaws and Sins
  10. Feeling
  11. Syphilis
  12. Who Shot Cupid?
  13. Ring Ring
  14. Desire
  15. Out My Way
  16. The Bees Knees
  17. On God
  18. 10 Feet
  19. Won’t Let Go
  20. She’s the One
  21. Rider
  22. Make Believe


3. Legends Never Die (2020)

Juice WRLD Legends Never Die Albums image



  1. Anxiety
  2. Conversationsan
  3. Titanic
  4. Bad Energy
  5. Righteous
  6. Blood on My Jeans
  7. Smile
  8. Tell Me U Luv Me
  9. Hate the Other Side
  10. Get Through It
  11. Life’s a Mess
  12. Come & Go
  13. I Want It
  14. Fighting Demons
  15. Wishing Well
  16. Screw Juice
  17. Up Up and Away
  18. The Man, The Myth, The Legend
  19. Stay High
  20. Can’t Die
  21. Man of the Year
  22. Juice WRLD Speaks from Heaven


4. Fighting Demons (2021)

Juice WRLD Fighting Demons Albums image



  1. Burn
  2. Already Dead
  3. You Wouldn’t Understand
  4. Wandered to LA
  5. Eminem Speaks
  6. Rockstar in His Prime
  7. Doom
  8. Go Hard
  9. Juice Wrld Speaks
  10. Not Enough
  11. Feline
  12. Relocate
  13. Juice Wrld Speaks 2
  14. Until the Plug Comes Back Around
  15. From My Window
  16. Girl of My Dreams
  17. Feel Alone
  18. My Life in a Nutshell


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