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Journey Albums in Order: This iconic American rock band, emerged onto the music scene in 1973 in the vibrant city of San Francisco.

Journey, the iconic American rock band, emerged onto the music scene in 1973 in the vibrant city of San Francisco. Founded by former members of illustrious groups such as Santana, the Steve Miller Band, and Frumious Bandersnatch, the band has undergone various transformations over the years while maintaining its core spirit. As of 2021, the lineup featured the indomitable guitarist and vocalist Neal Schon, the longest-serving original member, as well as the talents of keyboardist, guitarist, and vocalist Jonathan Cain, keyboardist and vocalist Jason Derlatka, drummer and vocalist Deen Castronovo, bassist Todd Jensen, and lead vocalist Arnel Pineda.

Journey’s journey to musical stardom encompasses a remarkable timeline of success, with their pinnacle period spanning from 1978 to 1987 when Steve Perry assumed the role of lead vocalist. During this era, the band produced a string of chart-topping hits, including the timeless anthem “Don’t Stop Believin’,” which earned the distinction of becoming the top-selling track in iTunes history for songs not released in the 21st century. Their album “Escape” soared to number one on the Billboard 200, while “Frontiers” continued to captivate audiences in the United States and beyond. With numerous gold and platinum albums, record-breaking sales, and a reputation as one of America’s most influential rock/pop bands, Journey’s legacy is etched in the annals of music history.

Their enduring impact is celebrated globally, and their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017 solidified their place among the legends of rock. With a worldwide fan base and an enduring presence on rock radio, Journey’s melodies continue to resonate, ensuring their status as one of the world’s best-selling and most cherished bands of all time.So, if you are a die heart fan of Journey Albums then check out here we have list of Journey albums in order of release so far.


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How many albums does Journey have?

The discography of American rock band Journey has released 15 studio albums, five live albums, 11 compilation albums, and 51 singles.


All Journey Albums in Order: Check Out The List of Journey Albums in Order of Release Here!

  1. Journey — April 1, 1975
  2. Look into the Future — January 1, 1976
  3. Next — February 1977
  4. Infinity — January 20, 1978
  5. Evolution — March 23, 1979
  6. Departure — February 29, 1980
  7. Dream, After Dream — December 10, 1980
  8. Escape — July 17, 1981
  9. Frontiers — February 22, 1983
  10. Raised on Radio — April 21, 1986
  11. Trial by Fire — October 22, 1996
  12. Arrival — December 1, 2000
  13. Generations — August 29, 2005
  14. Revelation — June 3, 2008
  15. Eclipse — May 24, 2011
  16. Freedom — July 8, 2022


Journey Band Albums List

1. Journey (1975)

journey albums journey image


  1. Of a Lifetime
  2. In the Morning Day
  3. Kohoutek
  4. To Play Some Music
  5. Topaz
  6. In My Lonely Feeling / Conversations
  7. Mystery Mountain

Released on April 1, 1975, “Journey” marked the debut studio album of the iconic American rock band Journey, distributed by Columbia Records. In contrast to their later works, this album embraced a jazzy progressive rock style, showcasing the band’s instrumental prowess. Notably, it featured rhythm guitarist George Tickner, a unique inclusion in their lineup. Prior to this release, Journey recorded a demo album, featuring the same songs but in a different order and with Prairie Prince as the drummer. Several unreleased tracks, including instrumental pieces and the original title track “Charge of the Light Brigade,” didn’t make the final cut of this foundational album.

2. Look into the Future (1976)

journey albums Look into the Future image


  1. On a Saturday Nite
  2. It’s All Too Much
  3. Anyway
  4. She Makes Me (Feel Alright)
  5. You’re on Your Own
  6. Look into the Future
  7. Midnight Dreamer
  8. I’m Gonna Leave You

“Look into the Future,” Journey’s second studio album, marked a shift in the band’s musical direction upon its January 1976 release through Columbia Records. While tempering the overt progressiveness of their debut self-titled album, this sophomore effort still retained elements of experimentation, notably in tracks like the title song and “I’m Gonna Leave You.” The album also featured a cover of The Beatles’ “It’s All Too Much” from the Yellow Submarine film. “Look into the Future” stands out as the longest recorded Journey song. Notably, this album saw the departure of rhythm guitarist George Tickner, leaving behind a lineup that included Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon, Ross Valory, and Aynsley Dunbar.

3. Next (1977)

journey albums Next image


  1. Spaceman
  2. People
  3. I Would Find You
  4. Here We Are
  5. Hustler
  6. Next
  7. Nickel and Dime
  8. Karma

“Released in 1977, ‘Next’ stands as Journey’s third studio album, a continuation of their signature sound that melded elements from 1976’s ‘Look into the Future’ with traces of their earlier jazzy progressive rock style. Notably, ‘Next’ marked the end of an era, being the final album to showcase Gregg Rolie as the primary lead singer. The album’s single, ‘Spaceman’/’Nickel and Dime,’ was a notable release. Interestingly, an instrumental track titled ‘Cookie Duster’ was initially listed on early pressings but not included. ‘Next’ reached No. 85 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart and witnessed the beginnings of lead vocalist Robert Fleischman’s journey with the band, setting the stage for the group’s evolving musical direction.”

4. Infinity (1978)

journey albums Infinity image


  1. Lights
  2. Feeling That Way
  3. Anytime
  4. Lă Do Dā
  5. Patiently
  6. Wheel in the Sky
  7. Somethin’ to Hide
  8. Winds of March
  9. Can Do
  10. Opened the Door

“Infinity,” the fourth studio album by the renowned American rock band Journey, marked a pivotal moment in the group’s history. Released in January 1978 under Columbia Records, this album represented a significant transition for the band as it introduced the powerful vocals of Steve Perry, becoming their first album with him as the lead singer. Simultaneously, it marked the end of an era, being the final album to feature drummer Aynsley Dunbar. This milestone release showcased Journey’s evolving sound and set the stage for their future successes, laying the foundation for the iconic musical journey that lay ahead.

5. Evolution (1979)

journey albums Evolution image


  1. Majestic
  2. Too Late
  3. Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’
  4. City of the Angels
  5. When You’re Alone (It Ain’t Easy)
  6. Sweet and Simple
  7. Lovin’ You Is Easy
  8. Just the Same Way
  9. Do You Recall
  10. Daydream
  11. Lady Luck

“Evolution,” the fifth studio album by American rock band Journey, marked a significant turning point in their career. Released in March 1979 under Columbia Records, this album introduced drummer Steve Smith to the band’s lineup. “Evolution” proved to be their most successful album at the time, peaking at No. 20 on the US Billboard 200 chart and selling three million copies in the US. Produced by Roy Thomas Baker, known for his work with Queen, the album featured the hit “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’,” their first top 20 single, and “Just the Same Way,” which showcased both original lead vocalist Gregg Rolie and Steve Perry. With tracks like “Too Late,” “Evolution” pushed the boundaries of rock ballads, featuring Neal Schon’s impressive guitar work.

6. Departure (1980)

journey albums Departure image


  1. Any Way You Want It
  2. Walks Like a Lady
  3. Someday Soon
  4. People and Places
  5. Precious Time
  6. Where Were You
  7. I’m Cryin’
  8. Line of Fire
  9. Departure
  10. Good Morning Girl
  11. Stay Awhile
  12. Homemade Love
  13. Natural Thing
  14. Little Girl

“Departure,” the sixth studio album by American rock band Journey, made its debut on February 29, 1980, under the Columbia Records label. This album marked a significant milestone for Journey as it became their first top 10 Billboard 200 album, reaching No. 8. Featuring the hit track “Any Way You Want It,” which also made it to the top 25 singles chart, “Departure” showcased a slightly edgier sound due to its unique “live in studio” recording approach. The album included three singles, with “Walks Like a Lady” and a medley of “Good Morning Girl” and “Stay Awhile” also making their mark on the charts.

Notably, this album marked the departure of founding member Gregg Rolie and paved the way for Jonathan Cain to join the band. In subsequent years, “Departure” underwent remastering and reissues to introduce bonus tracks for fans worldwide.

7. Dream, After Dream (1980)

journey albums Dream, After Dream image


  1. Destiny
  2. Snow Theme
  3. Sandcastles
  4. A Few Coins
  5. Moon Theme
  6. When the Love Has Gone
  7. Festival Dance
  8. The Rape
  9. Little Girl

“Dream, After Dream,” the soundtrack album by American rock band Journey, accompanies the Japanese fantasy film “Yume, Yume No Ato,” directed by Kenzo Takada. Released in 1980 on Columbia Records, it marked the band’s seventh album and a significant departure from their hard rock sound, embracing their progressive rock roots. The album, with nine tracks, includes vocals on “Destiny,” “Sand Castles,” and “Little Girl,” the latter becoming the B-side of “Open Arms.” This soundtrack also holds historical significance as it was the last studio album featuring founding member Gregg Rolie. While the film remained relatively obscure, the album remains a unique chapter in Journey’s musical journey.

8. Escape (1981)

journey albums Escape image


  1. Don’t Stop Believin’
  2. Stone in Love
  3. Who’s Crying Now
  4. Keep On Runnin’
  5. Still They Ride
  6. Escape
  7. Lay It Down
  8. Dead or Alive
  9. Mother, Father
  10. Open Arms

Escape, stylized as E5C4P3 on the album cover, marks the pinnacle of Journey’s musical journey. This seventh studio album, released on July 17, 1981, via Columbia Records, soared to the top of the American Billboard 200 chart. A true chart-topping sensation, Escape boasts an impressive quartet of Billboard Hot 100 singles, including the iconic anthem ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ (no. 9), ‘Who’s Crying Now’ (no. 4), ‘Still They Ride’ (no. 19), and the heartfelt ballad ‘Open Arms’ (no. 2). This rock masterpiece also gifted the airwaves with the enduring classic ‘Stone in Love.’ In July 2021, the RIAA certified it as diamond, solidifying its status as Journey’s most successful studio album and second most successful overall, following only behind their Greatest Hits compilation.

9. Frontiers (1983)

journey albums Frontiers image


  1. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
  2. Send Her My Love
  3. Chain Reaction
  4. After the Fall
  5. Faithfully
  6. Edge of the Blade
  7. Troubled Child
  8. Back Talk
  9. Frontiers
  10. Rubicon

“Frontiers,” the eighth studio album by the American rock band Journey, was released on February 1, 1983, under Columbia Records. Notably, it marked the last appearance of bassist Ross Valory until 1996’s “Trial by Fire.” The album achieved great success, reaching No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart and spawning four top 40 singles: “After the Fall” (No. 23), “Send Her My Love” (No. 23), “Faithfully” (No. 12), and “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” (No. 8). “Frontiers” was later certified six times platinum by the RIAA. Interestingly, the album’s tracklist underwent last-minute changes, with two songs replaced, one of which, “Only the Young,” gained popularity in the movie “Vision Quest.”

10. Raised on Radio (1986)

journey albums Raised on Radio image


  1. Girl Can’t Help It
  2. Positive Touch
  3. Suzanne
  4. Be Good to Yourself
  5. Once You Love Somebody
  6. Happy to Give
  7. Raised on Radio
  8. I’ll Be Alright Without You
  9. It Could Have Been You
  10. The Eyes of a Woman
  11. Why Can’t This Night Go on Forever

“Raised on Radio,” the ninth studio album by the American rock band Journey, made its debut in April 1986 under the Columbia Records label. This album marked a significant transition as it was the first without founding bassist Ross Valory, replaced initially by session bassist Bob Glaub and later by Randy Jackson. Drummer Steve Smith contributed to select tracks but was eventually replaced by session drummer Larrie Londin and later Mike Baird for the subsequent tour. The album was a commercial success, yielding three top 20 singles in the US, including “Girl Can’t Help It,” “I’ll Be Alright Without You,” and “Suzanne.” It reached No. 4 on the Billboard 200 chart and achieved double platinum certification in the USA.

11. Trial by Fire (1996)



  1. Message of Love
  2. One More
  3. When You Love a Woman
  4. If He Should Break Your Heart
  5. Forever in Blue
  6. Castles Burning
  7. Don’t Be Down on Me Baby
  8. Still She Cries
  9. Colors of the Spirit
  10. When I Think of You
  11. Easy to Fall
  12. Can’t Tame the Lion
  13. It’s Just the Rain
  14. Trial by Fire
  15. Baby I’m a Leavin’ You
  16. I Can See It in Your Eyes

“Trial by Fire,” the tenth studio album by American rock band Journey, released on October 22, 1996, marked a significant reunion. It brought together the classic 1981–1985 lineup, which hadn’t recorded together since 1983’s “Frontiers.” Produced by Kevin Shirley, the album featured bassist Ross Valory and drummer Steve Smith, rejoining since “Frontiers” and marked the final collaboration with vocalist Steve Perry. Notable tracks include the Grammy-nominated hit “When You Love a Woman” and spiritually-inspired songs. Despite its success, it’s the only Journey album without a supporting tour, due to internal disputes and Perry’s hip injury. “Trial by Fire” reached No. 3 on the Billboard 200 and was certified platinum.

12. Arrival (2001)

journey albums Arrival image


  1. Higher Place
  2. All the Way
  3. Signs of Life
  4. All the Things
  5. Loved by You
  6. Livin’ to Do
  7. World Gone Wild
  8. I Got a Reason
  9. With Your Love
  10. Lifetime of Dreams
  11. Live and Breathe
  12. Nothin’ Comes Close
  13. To Be Alive Again
  14. Kiss Me Softly
  15. We Will Meet Again

“Arrival,” the eleventh studio album by the iconic American rock band Journey, made its debut on April 3, 2001, following a Japanese release in 2000 with one substituted song. This record marked a significant transition for the band, as it introduced new lead vocalist Steve Augeri, taking the reins from the beloved Steve Perry, and featured Deen Castronovo as the new drummer, succeeding Steve Smith. “Arrival” showcased a blend of hard rock influences reminiscent of the band’s ’70s and ’80s material, alongside signature ballads akin to Perry’s style. While commercially successful, peaking at #12 on Billboard’s Top Internet Albums chart, the album garnered mixed critical reviews, with praise for Neal Schon’s guitar work but criticism for its formulaic elements.

13. Generations (2005)

journey albums Generations image


  1. Faith in the Heartland
  2. The Place in Your Heart
  3. A Better Life
  4. Every Generation
  5. Butterfly (She Flies Alone)
  6. Believe
  7. Knowing That You Love Me
  8. Out of Harms Way
  9. In Self-Defense
  10. Better Together
  11. Gone Crazy
  12. Beyond the Clouds
  13. Never Too Late
  14. Pride of the Family

“Generations,” the twelfth studio album by iconic American rock band Journey, marked the end of an era with lead singer Steve Augeri. Released in 2005 on Sanctuary Records, it solidified the line-up that had debuted in 2000’s “Arrival” and continued with 2002’s “Red 13 EP,” featuring Deen Castronovo on drums. A distinctive feature of this album was that all band members shared lead vocal duties, driven by Augeri’s vocal fatigue. Critical reception was mixed, with praise for Augeri’s performance and the band’s diverse musical direction, but uncertainty about the vocal-sharing decision. The album peaked at No. 170 on the Billboard 200 chart, and Augeri left the band during the 2006 tour due to a throat infection, marking the end of an era for Journey’s sound.

14. Revelation (2008)

journey albums Revelation image


  1. Never Walk Away
  2. Like a Sunshower
  3. Change for the Better
  4. Wildest Dream
  5. Faith in the Heartland
  6. After All These Years
  7. Where Did I Lose Your Love
  8. What I Needed
  9. What It Takes to Win
  10. Turn Down the World Tonight
  11. The Journey (Revelation)
  12. Let It Take You Back
  13. The Place in Your Heart

“Revelation,” the thirteenth studio album by American rock band Journey, marked a significant chapter in the band’s history as their first featuring lead singer Arnel Pineda. The album boasted 11 new songs and 11 re-recorded greatest hits, all showcasing Pineda’s vocal prowess. Additionally, the North American version included a DVD capturing the band’s energetic March 8, 2008 concert in Las Vegas. Notable singles like “Never Walk Away,” “Where Did I Lose Your Love,” and “After All These Years,” penned by Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain, found success on the adult contemporary charts. The album received positive reviews, lauding Pineda’s vocals and the band’s return to form. A bonus track, “Let It Take You Back,” was included in the European release.

15. Eclipse (2011)

journey albums Eclipse image


  1. City of Hope
  2. Edge of the Moment
  3. Chain of Love
  4. Tantra
  5. Anything Is Possible
  6. Resonate
  7. She’s a Mystery
  8. Human Feel
  9. Ritual
  10. To Whom It May Concern
  11. Someone
  12. Venus

Eclipse (stylized as ECL1P53) marks the fourteenth studio album by the iconic American rock band Journey and the second featuring lead singer Arnel Pineda. Released on various dates worldwide in 2011, with the United States and Canada receiving it on May 24, followed by Japan on May 27, the United Kingdom on May 30, and the international release on June 3, this album showcases the songwriting prowess of Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain, with contributions from Pineda. Notably, it stands as the final album with bassist Ross Valory, who departed the group in 2020. ‘Eclipse’ adds another chapter to Journey’s enduring musical legacy.

16. Freedom (2022)

journey albums Freedom image


  1. Together We Run
  2. Don’t Give Up on Us
  3. Still Believe in Love
  4. You Got the Best of Me
  5. Live to Love Again
  6. The Way We Used to Be
  7. Come Away with Me
  8. After Glow
  9. Let It Rain
  10. Holdin’ On
  11. All Day, All Night
  12. Don’t Go
  13. United We Stand
  14. Life Rolls On
  15. Beautiful as You Are

“Freedom,” the fifteenth studio album by the iconic American rock band Journey, made its debut on July 8, 2022, under the labels BMG Rights Management and Frontiers Records. Marking a significant change, it stands as the band’s second album without founding bassist Ross Valory, replaced by Randy Jackson, who last appeared on “Raised on Radio” in 1986. Boasting fifteen tracks and a runtime of an impressive one hour and thirteen minutes, it secures the title of Journey’s lengthiest album, excluding compilation records. While lauded for performances and musicianship, the album garnered mixed critical reviews, with attention drawn to production, mixing, and its extended duration.

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