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Known for its eccentric on-stage presence, GHOST has sold over 120,000 albums worldwide. The discography of Ghost, consists of five studio albums, one live album, three extended plays (EPs), thirteen singles and fourteen music videos.

Ghost is a Swedish hard rock band known for their onstage theatrical presence, as well as their masked personas. Infestissumam, their 2013 album, debuted at No. 1 in Sweden, earning the band their first Swedish Grammis Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Album. Meliora, the band’s 2015 album, debuted at No. 8 on the Billboard 200 and was certified Platinum in Sweden. In 2015, they made their US television debut with “Cirice” on a Halloween-themed episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The band has received three Grammy nominations, including one for Best Metal Performance (“Cirice”) in 2016. Ghost’s hit singles “Rats” and “Dance Macabre” both peaked at number one on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Songs chart in 2018. Prequelle, which peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200, debuted in the Top 5 in seven countries, including Sweden, Finland, and Norway, where it reached No. 1. Kerrang! named Ghost’s 2010 single “Ritual” one of the 50 Most Evil Songs Ever in 2019. In recognition of their global success, the Swedish government awarded the group the 2019 Music Export Prize. So, if you are a die heart fan of Ghost Albums then check out here we have list of Ghost albums in order of release so far.


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How many albums does Ghost have?

The discography of Ghost, a Swedish rock band, consists of five studio albums, one live album, three extended plays (EPs), thirteen singles and fourteen music videos.

All Ghost Albums in Order: Check Out The List of Ghost Albums in Order of Release Here!

Here is the list of Ghost Album in Order of Release Date:

  1. Opus Eponymous — 18 October 2010
  2. Infestissumam — 10 April 2013
  3. Meliora — 21 August 2015
  4. Prequelle — 1 June 2018
  5. Impera — 11 March 2022


All Ghost Albums List in Order

1. Opus Eponymous (2010)

Ghost Opus Eponymous Albums Images


  1. Deus Culpa
  2. Con Clavi Con Dio
  3. Ritual
  4. Elizabeth
  5. Stand by Him
  6. Satan Prayer
  7. Death Knell
  8. Prime Mover
  9. Genesis (instrumental)

Ghost’s debut album, “Opus Eponymous,” released in 2010, is a captivating and haunting masterpiece. With a fusion of classic heavy metal and occult rock influences, the band delivers a unique and atmospheric sound. The album showcases the talents of the Nameless Ghouls and the enigmatic frontman, Papa Emeritus, as they explore themes of Satanism, religion, and the macabre. Tracks like “Ritual,” “Elizabeth,” and “Con Clavi Con Dio” feature catchy melodies, powerful riffs, and theatrical vocals that draw listeners into a dark and mystical world. “Opus Eponymous” establishes Ghost as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of modern metal.

2. Infestissumam (2013)

Ghost Infestissumam Albums Images


  1. Infestissumam
  2. Per Aspera ad Inferi
  3. Secular Haze
  4. Jigolo Har Megiddo
  5. Ghuleh / Zombie Queen
  6. Year Zero
  7. Body and Blood
  8. Idolatrine
  9. Depth of Satan’s Eyes
  10. Monstrance Clock

Ghost’s second studio album, “Infestissumam,” released in 2013, is a captivating and atmospheric musical journey. It showcases the band’s unique blend of heavy metal, hard rock, and classic rock influences. With tracks like “Secular Haze” and “Year Zero,” the album delivers catchy hooks, infectious melodies, and an overall dark and theatrical atmosphere. “Infestissumam” continues Ghost’s exploration of themes related to Satanism and the occult, wrapped in a layer of irony and tongue-in-cheek lyricism. The album received critical acclaim for its songwriting, production, and the band’s ability to create a distinct identity within the metal genre. It solidified Ghost’s place as one of the most intriguing and musically innovative acts in modern rock.

3. Meliora (2015)

Ghost Meliora Images


  1. Spirit
  2. From the Pinnacle to the Pit
  3. Cirice
  4. Spöksonat
  5. He Is
  6. Mummy Dust
  7. Majesty
  8. Devil Church
  9. Absolution
  10. Deus in Absentia

Ghost’s “Meliora” is a critically acclaimed album released in 2015. It showcases the Swedish band’s unique blend of heavy metal and melodic rock, accompanied by captivating occult themes and theatrical performances. “Meliora” features standout tracks such as “Cirice,” which won a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance, and “Square Hammer,” a catchy and anthemic single. The album received widespread praise for its infectious hooks, memorable songwriting, and the mesmerizing vocals of the band’s frontman, Papa Emeritus III. With its haunting atmosphere and infectious melodies, “Meliora” solidified Ghost as a rising force in the world of metal and cemented their reputation as masters of their craft.

4. Prequelle (2018)

Ghost Prequelle Images


  1. Ashes
  2. Rats
  3. Faith
  4. See the Light
  5. Miasma (Instrumental)
  6. Dance Macabre
  7. Pro Memoria
  8. Witch Image
  9. Helvetesfönster (Instrumental)
  10. Life Eternal

Ghost’s album “Prequelle,” released in 2018, is a masterful blend of dark and melodic rock. With its thematic focus on the Black Death and the concept of death itself, the album showcases Ghost’s signature sound characterized by heavy guitars, infectious melodies, and haunting vocals. Tracks like “Rats” and “Dance Macabre” captivate listeners with their catchy hooks and memorable choruses, while songs like “Miasma” and “Helvetesfönster” display the band’s instrumental prowess and atmospheric elements. “Prequelle” is a testament to Ghost’s ability to create captivating and theatrical music that leaves a lasting impact on its listeners.

5. Impera (2022)

Ghost Impera Albums Images


  1. Imperium
  2. Kaisarion
  3. Spillways
  4. Call Me Little Sunshine
  5. Hunter’s Moon
  6. Watcher in the Sky
  7. Dominion
  8. Twenties
  9. Darkness at the Heart of My Love
  10. Griftwood
  11. Bite of Passage
  12. Respite on the Spitalfields

“Ghost Impera” is a compelling album released in 2022 that captivates listeners with its haunting melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. The album showcases a fusion of various musical genres, blending elements of rock, electronica, and classical music to create a unique sonic experience. The songs delve into themes of introspection, existentialism, and the human condition, inviting listeners to explore the depths of their emotions and contemplate the mysteries of life. With its evocative soundscapes and introspective storytelling, “Ghost Impera” establishes itself as a standout release, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who immerses themselves in its captivating sound.

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