The List of Christina Aguilera Albums in Order of Release

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Having sold over 43 million albums worldwide, including 19 million in the United States and 2 million in the United Kingdom, Christina Aguilera one of the best-selling female music artist of all time, and deemed her as one of the greatest artists in pop music. She has released nine studio albums, two extended plays (EPs), six compilation albums, one soundtrack album, 54 singles, and 17 promotional singles.

Christina Aguilera boasts a fierce four-octave vocal range, but it’s hardly the only thing that’s kept the superstar a dominant force in pop’s ever-changing landscape. The petite powerhouse, born on Staten Island on December 18, 1980, quickly rose from the Star Search stage to The Mickey Mouse Club to MTV with a high-flying, melismatic soprano and plenty of sass. Her 1999 self-titled debut album proved she could tease and tantalize with as much untouchable charm as fellow former Mouseketeer, Britney Spears, when “Genie in a Bottle,” “What a Girl Wants,” and “Come on Over Baby (All I Want Is You)” all hit No. 1 on the pop charts. Since then, she’s stayed steadfastly in the spotlight—not just by meticulously reinventing her image, but also by organically revealing more and more of herself, letting us peek into her own journey of self-discovery while remaining an inimitable artist.

In the process, she’s liberated herself more than once, starting with her metamorphosis into Xtina for 2002’s saucy R&B- and hip-hop-infused Stripped and its raunchy lead single “Dirrty (feat. Redman),” all the way to 2018’s genre-hopping Liberation and its feminist anthem “Fall In Line,” co-starring Demi Lovato. In between, she’s growled through brassy funk (“Ain’t No Other Man”) and heart-pumping electro-pop (“Not Myself Tonight”), trilled over intimate piano balladry (“Hurt”) and sizzling R&B (“Like I Do”), and collaborated with a wide spectrum of artists, songwriters, and producers, including Linda Perry, Lil’ Kim, A Great Big World, Maroon 5, Sia, Kanye West, Blake Shelton, and Burlesque co-star Cher. Through it all, Aguilera has used the power of her voice to empower listeners—to stand strong (“Fighter”), embrace their true essence (“Change”), and, ultimately, love themselves just a little bit more (“Beautiful”).So, if you are a die heart fan of Christina Aguilera Albums then check out here we have list of Christina Aguilera albums in order of release so far.

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All Christina Aguilera Albums in Order: Check Out The List of  Christina Aguilera Albums in Order of Release Here!

Here is the list of Christina Aguilera Album in Order of Release Date

  1. Christina Aguilera — August 24, 1999
  2. Mi Reflejo — September 12, 2000
  3. My Kind of Christmas — October 24, 2000
  4. Stripped — October 26, 2002
  5. Back to Basics — August 11, 2006
  6. Bionic — June 4, 2010
  7. Lotus — November 9, 2012
  8. Liberation — June 15, 2018
  9. Aguilera — May 31, 2022


All Christina Aguilera Albums List in Order

1. Christina Aguilera (1999)

Christina Aguilera Album Christina Aguilera image


  1. Genie in a Bottle
  2. What a Girl Wants
  3. I Turn to You
  4. So Emotional
  5. Come On Over (All I Want Is You)
  6. Reflection
  7. Love for All Seasons
  8. Somebody’s Somebody
  9. When You Put Your Hands on Me
  10. Blessed
  11. Love Will Find a Way
  12. Obvious


2. Mi Reflejo (2000)

Christina Aguilera Album Mi Reflejo image


  1. Genio Atrapado
  2. Falsas Esperanzas
  3. El Beso del Final
  4. Pero Me Acuerdo de Ti
  5. Ven Conmigo (Solamente Tú)
  6. Si No Te Hubiera Conocido
  7. Contigo en la Distancia
  8. Cuando No es Contigo
  9. Por Siempre Tú
  10. Una Mujer
  11. Mi Reflejo


3. My Kind of Christmas (2000)

Christina Aguilera Album My Kind of Christmas image


  1. Christmas Time
  2. This Year
  3. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  4. Angels We Have Heard on High
  5. Merry Christmas, Baby
  6. Oh Holy Night
  7. These Are the Special Times
  8. This Christmas
  9. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
  10. Xtina’s Xmas (Interlude)
  11. The Christmas Song (Holiday Remix)


4. Stripped (2002)

Christina Aguilera Album Stripped image


  1. Stripped Intro
  2. Can’t Hold Us Down
  3. Walk Away
  4. Fighter
  5. Primer Amor Interlude
  6. Infatuation
  7. Loves Embrace Interlude
  8. Loving Me 4 Me
  9. Impossible
  10. Underappreciated
  11. Beautiful
  12. Make Over
  13. Cruz
  14. Soar
  15. Get Mine, Get Yours
  16. Dirrty
  17. Stripped Pt. 2
  18. The Voice Within
  19. I’m OK
  20. Keep on Singin’ My Song


5. Back to Basics (2006)

Christina Aguilera Album Back to Basics image


  1. Intro (Back to Basics)
  2. Makes Me Wanna Pray
  3. Back in the Day
  4. Ain’t No Other Man
  5. Understand
  6. Slow Down Baby
  7. Oh Mother
  8. F.U.S.S.
  9. On Our Way
  10. Without You
  11. Still Dirrty
  12. Here to Stay
  13. Thank You (Dedication to Fans…)


6. Bionic (2010)

Christina Aguilera Album Bionic image


  1. Bionic
  2. Not Myself Tonight
  3. Woohoo
  4. Elastic Love
  5. Desnudate
  6. Love & Glamour
  7. Glam
  8. Prima Donna
  9. Morning Dessert
  10. Sex for Breakfast
  11. Lift Me Up
  12. My Heart
  13. All I Need
  14. I Am
  15. You Lost Me
  16. I Hate Boys
  17. My Girls
  18. Vanity


7. Lotus (2012)

Christina Aguilera Album Lotus image


  1. Lotus Intro
  2. Army of Me
  3. Red Hot Kinda Love
  4. Make the World Move
  5. Your Body
  6. Let There Be Love
  7. Sing for Me
  8. Blank Page
  9. Cease Fire
  10. Around the World
  11. Circles
  12. Best of Me
  13. Just a Fool


8. Liberation (2018)

Christina Aguilera Album Liberation image


  1. Liberation
  2. Searching for Maria
  3. Maria
  4. Sick of Sittin
  5. reamers
  6. Fall in Line
  7. Right Moves
  8. Like I Do
  9. Deserve
  10. Twice
  11. I Don’t Need It Anymore (Interlude)
  12. Accelerate
  13. Pipe
  14. Masochist
  15. Unless It’s with You


9. Aguilera (2022)

Christina Aguilera Album Aguilera image


  1. Ya Llegué
  2. Pa Mis Muchachas
  3. Somos Nada
  4. Santo
  5. Como Yo
  6. La Reina
  7. Suéltame
  8. Brujería
  9. Traguito
  10. Cuando Me Dé la Gana
  11. Te Deseo lo Mejor
  12. Cuando Me Dé la Gana
  13. Intro (La Luz)
  14. No Es Que Te Extrañe


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